Jinx Linx Mesh Laundry Bags, Set of 6 (2 small, 2 Medium, 2 Large), Fo…

First class net laundry bags

content: Set of 6 white mesh laundry bags

Equipment: 100% Polyester

2 large – 16×20 inches

2 medium – 12×16 inches

2 small ones – 8×8 inches

Here has Jinx Linx we believe that one should be able to wash one's clothes without having to pay for it …

In terms of payment, we mean with your clothes and your delicate ones. We have you covered! Our premium mesh bags are designed to protect your belongings!

We are also very attached to those who like to travel in an organized way. We think that we should be able to live a more enjoyable experience by packing his stuff in durable and breathable bags so that everything is organized and tidy when you unpack your vacation. In addition, unpacking an organized suitcase saves you time and money! This gives you more time to spend with your family on your Vaca … Oh yes!

Our mission: Provide excellent products and high-end services that enhance people's daily lives.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee that these mesh bags will improve your life, whether they are used to protect / separate your clothes when washing, for traveling or both. You, yes you take your precious time to read this 🙂 you are our number one priority.

HIGH QUALITY FINE MESH with zipper resistant and resistant to rust.
SMART ZIPPER PROTECTION. Tired of hearing that slamming of your washer and dryer? Tuck the zipper pulley for a quiet, smooth load.
The breathable polyester fiber material provides deep cleaning.
OH MANY USES: Separate Laundry / Grouping, Delicacy Safeguard, Travel Organization, Storage for the Home and Office and even Pack your swimsuit and towel for the summer camp!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! These mesh bags have been crafted thinking of you to add comfort and comfort to your everyday life.


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