J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag, Black

Carrying comfort, comfort and choice! The Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag allows families to protect their child's car seat while traveling. The Ultimate is the only car seat travel bag that offers thick padding on all sides, padded interior wings and a custom fit to ensure the safety features of your car seats are protected. ; self. Ergonomic, harness-style back straps are fully padded, providing a comfortable, hands-free carry option for parents carrying luggage. The convenient strap handle and double zipper opening make it easy to insert and remove your car seat. The Ultimate also has an ID card and a clear ID card wallet and is made of rugged fabric for easy durability and maintenance. To make sure that this item is your seat, see the compatibility chart below.
Protective – Comfortable – Hands-free – Durable – Water Resistant – Easy to clean
Fully padded with padded inner wings to protect the headrest
Ergonomic Back Straps and Harnesses are Padded and Adjustable
] Lockable Double Zipper


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