ISOFIX Belt Latch, Latest Model Passenger Car Child Safety Seat General Isofix Interface Belt Latch (65 Inch)

✔ This is an ISOFIX interface belt latch for most child safety seats.

✔ Armed with this ISO interface belt latch, it helps secure child safety seats quickly and securely.

✔ He is strong and durable. Highly recommended for all parents, it can be used for all cars with ISOFIX connector or LATCH connector. ✔ Item Type: Car Seat Belt Latch, Comes With Our Own Eric & Leon Logo Plastic Bag
✔ Model Name: CARMIND BL01
✔ Belt Latch Type Safety: Adjustable
✔ Mounting Type: ISOFIX or LATCH
✔ Length: 165 cm (65 ") & Weight: 0.35 kg (0.77lbs)


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3 years ago

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