IdealPlast Cute Rain Coat UFO Children Umbrella Hat Magical Hands Free…

Material: PVC
Function: folding
Size selection please refer to the height:
Trumpet (S) is suitable for height 90-130cm
Medium (M) suitable for height 130-155cm
Large (L) suitable for height 155-180 cm

The hands-free umbrella made of durable PEVA / EVA, soft, comfortable, odor-free, nontoxic, on board for thousands of times.
The shape of the UFOs and mushrooms makes children look better in the rain. Very good waterproof effect to prevent the child from being soaked, stay out of the humidity and cold
Beautiful breathable, easy and safe, with saucer-shaped stainless steel bracket, solve the waterproof umbrella warm and inconvenient.
Due to its lightweight and foldable design, easy to store and carry, it can be used as a perfect hat for fishing, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. problem, like a raincoat as in the hand, very practical.
Good waterproof effect
Put the umbrella light, foldable and easy to carry in your child's backpack.
Unique design: UFO-shaped portable design.
S is suitable for 90cm-130cm; M suitable for 130cm-155cm; L suitable for 155cm-180cm


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