HuBaby Infant Head and Back Protector Backpack Wear (Iron Man)

Multi-function protection: When the baby learns to walk, run and crawl. This cute character pattern protector will help protect your babies. Diameter of the head 6 ", the head of the inner diameter of the circle diameter: 1.5", the overall top 12 ", wide 8". Suitable for 5-36 months of baby, accompanied by children grow up. Cotton, inner padding: 100% PP cotton, soft and breathable.THE ABSORBERS AND SWEAT ABSORBENT – Will absorb sweat and dry quickly
LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE AND FLEXIBLE TEXTURE – Very light and breathable material. It is soft to the touch, safe and suitable for babies!
ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER BELT AND STRETCHING STRAP – Adjustable depending on size, the strap fits the age of 4 to 36 months. It is comfortable to maneuver.
COTTON PP SOFT, THICK AND FULL – The protection of the baby's head is made with the best cotton. It will effectively protect your babies from injury when they fall.
*** An ideal gift for family and friends who want to protect their baby from falls. Security is always number 1. ***


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2 years ago

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