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Traveling with a small child is difficult under the best circumstances, but especially during the rigors of air travel. But, there are a few things that can make your trip a little easier:

First, while airlines allow kids to get on your lap up to the age two years, you should get an extra seat. If not, expect to unfold the air of being bullied by a hungry coyote.

Secondly, bring provisions because today 's trip means that the plane will probably have no food and will run out of water bottles. You need enough supplies to last a day. This includes a lot of wet wipes and a change of clothes for your child. Both help with the mess that a child can do at 30,000 feet.

Finally, we think that we have found something that will make your life a little easier:

The carriage car of the airport Holm.

Although the FAA does not require car seats on board, it strongly encourages their use until the age of 4 years. We also encourage him to save the mental health of parents. In addition to providing extra security, a car seat offers a natural headrest so your child can sleep during the flight. You will find your child a thousand times happier when he is attached to a familiar car seat than when he is allowed to swim in relative freedom from the seatbelt of the plane.

Our car seat cart will help you get across the airport with ease. It folds for easy storage, and goes through safety like a stroller. Our Dolly Car Seat folds so small, in fact, that you can slide it under your seat or in overhead with ease. In fact, it is the smallest car seat carrier available on the market today. But you do not have to sacrifice strength for a compact size. This airport car seat is sturdy enough to carry up to 70 pounds of weight, so that it will handle any size child and car seat. SMOOTH CARSEAT ROLLER – With our smooth silicone gel wheels, you will be able to easily walk the airport with child in tow. You do not need to lug a heavy stroller, and you will not have to worry about carrying an even heavier child. Buckle them in their child seat, attach the child seat to the Airport Roller and walk around the airport as you did before having children: with ease.
COMPACT FOLDING – Our compact design folds into a small square of 13 "x 10" x 4 "that will fit easily under your seat or in the upper compartment, and weighing 3 pounds, you will have no difficulty to lift it up A ridged platform provides a solid connection to the seat on the top, and the handle is not only foldable, but aluminum for maximum strength with minimum weight.
KID CONTROL – Keeping track of Kids at an airport can be a challenge, and larger airports are not geared to children. Why worry about your child walking around when you can buckle them in their trusted car seat and ride instead ? They will be happy to enjoy the chaotic view of the airport from the familiar security of their car seat and you will have the peace of mind to know that they will not go away as soon as you will leave them
COMPATIBILITY – The safest way for a child to travel is to sit in his own car seat. Our car seat roll eliminates the inconvenience of carrying a child seat with a wheeled trolley easy to maneuver. NOT compatible with: Britax IsoFix, Britax Pinnacle, Britax Parkway Booster, Combi, Evenflo Comfort Touch, Graco Smart All-in-One Seat or Booster or Contender, Maxi Cosi Tobi, Recaro, Intera Safety 1st, Snugli 2in1 Booster, European IsoFix Seats or car seats facing the back.
EASY SUSTAINABILITY TO USE – By pressing a button, the entire child seat roll collapses into a compact size, easy to move and store. The installation of the child seat on the trolley is as simple as placing the seat on the roller and pulling the seat belt (included) through the anchor point of the seat. ; self. You will be able to easily sit down and withdraw if necessary. The child seat carrier is also made from high quality plastics and aluminum that will support the rigors of the journey, while keeping


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