Hipiwe Baby Anti-lost Backpack Butterfly Walking Safety Belt Harness Toddler Reins Strap with Leash (Purple)

The description:

Anti-lost bags, parents can easily know what and where your kids want to go and go.
Offering convenience to you and your babies, some snacks can be put in the bag for your baby during outdoor activities.
Cute safety backpack, mini anti-lost bag to keep toddlers active to you.
Have a little explorer in your hands? It's hard to keep them nearby in crowded places, but the baby safety harness gives you a comfortable way to keep them safe. With attention to detail for the comfort of the child and the caregiver, the baby safety harness will give you the state of mind you need!
When you walk to the museum, the zoo, the fairground, or just outside with your kids, it's almost impossible to keep them away and next to you. This safety harness with leash keeps your little one close to you effortlessly!
Keep things that your child needs in the bag and give him the impression of being a big kid! And now little kids act like big kids with their own backpack!

Package Included:

1 x safety harness on foot.
CHILDREN CAN NOT WORK! – Baby backpack style design with leash for child safety. It's hard for parents to have fun in public places when they're worried about a lost child, but this safety harness closes at the front and the safety leash can keep kids nearby!
Cute little butterfly design and multifunctional backpack that your child will love to take. This is not just a regular boring harness, it's as if your kids were getting a little butterfly flying around. The strap can also be removed from the bag.
LONG DETACHABLE LEASH! -4 feet (1.25M) – Allows your toddlers to move freely while having complete control of their direction! Just drop down at Childcare or at school.
TODDLERS MUCH HAPPIER! – Many preschoolers just want to feel like a big kid and having a bag of their size gives them the impression that they've moved to the world!
ALL THE NEEDS OF TODDLER! – Diapers, wipes, lollipops, juice cups, toys, cuddles and more can be easily carried in the bag, so fewer bags that parents must follow!


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