HAOCOO Unicorn Clear Umbrella,Bubble Transparent Fashion Dome Auto Ope…

Inspired by the latest trends, HAOCOO proudly presents the "must have" fashion accessory of today: the transparent umbrella. This transparent umbrella is totally transparent and offers total visibility.
A significant benefit of a transparent umbrella is the color you wear, it will not conflict with your outfit. Whether shopping, going out with dogs or simply walking, this transparent PVC umbrella model is stylish.
light and practical. Ideal on special occasions where you want to be at your best (even if it's raining) or just for everyday use. This transparent PVC umbrella is really versatile!

HAOCOO Auto Open Bubble Umbrella goes a long way in providing you with protection and convenience. In case of light rain, wind or storm, HAOCOO offers you a real refuge.
Its automatic opening function ensures that the canopy opens with the push of a button. With a 32-inch diameter and a 44-inch bow when it's open, the umbrella offers you impressive protection against light wind and rain.
The canopy is made of a transparent POE waterproof fabric that allows a seamless experience even when it is raining.

Another transparent bubble umbrella that ranks among the best models today, High Fashion is par excellence. When using this umbrella, you can clearly see the path. Not even the rain
will distract your view. During this time, this ensures that neither the head nor the shoulders are wet. Its weight is a convenience that you can easily handle. It is also durable in both the canopy and the frame. Built with a sturdy awning,
Steel structure and 8 reinforced steel ribs, it is durable to protect you from the weather, it will become your favorite umbrella.

Fiberglass rib for added durability: The umbrella is supported by 8 wind-resistant fiberglass umbrella ribs, making it durable enough to withstand the wind and perfect for weddings and outdoor events.
Easy auto open operation: The easy auto open function means that the awning opens with the push of a button. The automatic opening feature ensures that there will be no delay to your comfort.
Transparent bubble shape: keep an eye on your environment while protecting yourself and protecting children from rain and wind. Feel the rain drops much closer and that goes with any outfit.
Fashionable and comfortable: cute dome bubble shape with color pad will cheer you up! And the plastic plastic handle makes it comfortable to hold.
Windproof Umbrella Construction: This bubble umbrella has a diameter of 32.68 ", an arc of 44.88", large enough to offer you excellent protection against rain or wind.


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