Gloveleya Bunny Rabbit Plush Kid’s Backpack Shoulder Bags Easter Gifts…

Gloveleya Fruit Series Plush Kid Shoulder Bag Rucksack for Kids Children 11 "& # 39; (pink strawberry) Gloveleya, the brand that is professional to produce the outstanding beautiful cartoon bag design.
Size: 18 * 9 * 23cm (7 * 3.5 * 9inches) in length * width * height.Makes high quality plush accessories and zipper.
Suitable for baby, children under 5 years. Enough space for children's things, such as toys, foods, fruits, small books, pencil bags and other stationery, and so on.
2 adjustable straps and a top handle for easy transport or comfort. The doll can be detached.
The best gifts for Easter gifts, children's school season, great for going to the zoo, playing at the park, going to kindergarten, traveling and all other outdoor activities


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2 years ago

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