Evenflo Flipside Travel System, Glenbarr Gray

The Evenflo Flipside travel system with LiteMax car seat. The LiteMax Infant Car Seat has undergone rollover and side impact tests to ensure safety where your child needs it most. The base includes an integrated belt lock system that ensures the safety of the base installation. The LiteMax infant car seat has been designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately twice the standard ET federal crash test tested to simulate a side impact event. It includes a great luxury that is elegant and elegant for the modern parent. This unique stroller has two modes. Moms can keep an eye on their baby in transport mode, face parents OR tilt the seat in child mode. Just squeeze the handle and return to the other side. The canopy turns around too, like two strollers in one. Each mode allows for strong development and connections with the parent and the world around them. The way in front of the parents can help maintain the bond between the parent and the child, while the front allows kids to learn and explore their environment. for baby LiteMax has a full awning and a comfortable headrest for baby. Parents can easily install the base of the baby car seat with the belt tilt system and the 4-position tilt, which facilitates the installation of the seatbelt . Ready, set, go – car seat goes from base to stroller in one click. The unique ergonomic handle is designed for maximum comfort. Evenflo is dedicated to enriching children's lives – their safety, care and future. For nearly a century, Evenflo has been a leader in security, innovation and education. We have been alongside parents, gaining their trust by taking care of their newest and most valuable members. Complete Travel System: This stylish travel system comes with the LiteMax car seat and car base that accommodates babies and children from 4 to 35 pounds (the maximum weight of the stroller is 50 pounds)
Two modes for parents' peace of mind: This full-size luxury travel system includes a mode of transportation and parenting face that allows parents to monitor their baby or tilt the seat forward for that toddlers can enjoy their environment.
Padded ride for your baby or toddler: The Flipside is equipped with a front wheel suspension to give your child a supple and comfortable ride, while allowing you to push effortlessly
Car Seat Lightweight and Easy to Carry: The extremely lightweight design with a padded and ergonomic handle LiteMax baby car seat is uniquely designed for your baby or newborn be as comfortable as possible
Other Features: 1 folding stroller, easy transfer of baby car seat that moves from base to stroller with secure click, oversized storage, large three-panel awning, multiple tilt positions, tray-snack with cup holder and flexible parental cup


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