Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan, Black w/Silver

Clip On fans offer soft baby foam fins and the flexible neck can be adjusted at the right angle for baby to break. Ideal to prevent your child from overheating in the stroller or in the amusement park on days when mercury rises. Totally portable and perfect for the beach, pool, picnics and parks. Tip to parents: You can hook one to the stroller to stay cool too! Can be hung on almost anything, including strollers, bassinet, game pens, picnic bench, lawn chairs, beach chairs, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and much more. Keep your baby cool and warm! in the stroller or park on hot and humid days. The Dreambaby stroller fan can also be used by adults. It can be cut on a beach chair for a sunny day near the shore or a treadmill during intense workouts.
SAFETY COMES FIRST – Do not worry about your curious toddler. The Dreambaby Stroller Ventilator features secure baby foam wings, eliminating the risk of harming one or two rogue fingers.
NECK AND FLEXIBLE FLEXIBLE – Whether it's a car seat, a moving stroller or a child's bed at home, the Dreambaby stroller's fan utilizes a flexible collar and staple, allowing the fan to keep your child cool no matter the surface or angle.
A SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT – Bright colors and moving blades will entertain your child while keeping them cool in their stroller.
BREEZE ON THE GO – Bring this Dreambaby stroller to the beach, pool, picnic or park! It is lightweight, portable and fits easily into your basic bag. Simply insert 2 AA batteries and put the fan next to your baby to watch them comfortably and comfortably sleep long days in the summer.


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2 years ago

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