Diaper Bag Backpack Large Capacity, Multi-Function Waterproof Organizer for Baby Travel. W/ Stroller straps, Insulated Pockets, Stylish and Durable, Unisex – Gray

The perfect blend of practicality, comfort and style

As parents, we are constantly on the move. Whether at the store, go shopping or simply go hiking in the park. And like most parents, you feel more comfortable taking your little one with you.
The problem is that you can not just take the kids – you almost have to take a miniature version of your house with you.
It means diapers, goblets, snacks, towels, bottles and maybe books, a tablet or a laptop for you.

Wearing all these things can be a real chore, and using a travel bag is not practical if you want to have your hands free.

This is where Buttercup4u's Diaper Bag diaper comes in. We've designed a bag that you can:

✿ Take anywhere – stylish gray unisex design suitable for moms and dads
✿ Store everything you need – many pockets and compartments
It carries it without hurting your back – padded straps prevent sores and straps from the stroller
✿ Use it for school, work and more – multifunctional desig

With several pockets of different sizes, our backpack has a compartment for everything.
And most importantly, it's made of the highest quality durable, soft polyester, with zippers, straps and pockets firmly sewn to withstand your active lifestyle.
What sets it apart from other backpacks is the inclusion of 2 insulated pockets designed to keep hot items warm and objects cold-cold –
ideal when you have to take a formula for your baby or want to bring a bottle of fresh water or juice with yourself.

The comfortable and well padded shoulder straps make traveling easier throughout the day. stroller straps for when you want to remove a load.

Never leave the house with an army of bags, everything you need, get one today!✿ HIGH QUALITY RELIABLE BAG – The Buttercup4u diapered backpack features a waterproof, soft, and durable, two-tone polyester fabric that ensures the contents stay dry when Mother Nature has more projects. Pockets, zippers and straps are sewn to last week after week.
✿ THICK PADDING – ALL DAY WITHOUT FATIGUE – Our back and shoulder straps are padded thick, comfortable and allow you to spend all day without tiring. In case you would like to remove the load from your back, the Buttercup4u Diaper Bag has stroller straps that easily attach to your stroller to travel easily.
ACK MULTI-FUNCTION BACKPACK – We are mothers and fathers ourselves and, like you, we are always on the move. Buttercup4u designs maternity backpacks with a style that suits men as well as women. Whether you go for a walk in the park, a weekend, camping or even hiking, all you need is our reliable backpack, large capacity and perfect for traveling. The gray color makes it a perfect gift for babies and girls.
✿ CHANGE CARPET WITHOUT BONUS – Let's face it, when you take your baby out for a walk, you should bring disposable diapers, as changing them is a no-brainer. The Buttercup4u bag comes with a changing mat for easy change while on the move, and the wipe dispenser pocket on the side makes it even easier.
✿ GREAT CAPACITY – SAVE ALL YOUR BABY'S NEEDS EASILY – When you go out with a baby in tow, you have a lot to do. The Buttercup4u organizer bag is large and spacious, with plenty of pockets, compartments and pockets for easy access to carry everything your baby needs: diapers, change of clothes, bottles, food and toys. We made two insulated pockets to keep your baby's formula warm or the bottle of cold water. You also have a secret pocket to keep your phone and keys


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