Cute Bear Small Toddler Backpack With Leash Children Kids Backpack Bag…

1. The backpack is suitable for children from 1 to 2 years old. Parents can easily find out what and where your children want to go and go, lessening parents' worries.
2. The back of the backpack has three layers, the first layer is breathable, the second layer is enlarged and can relieve stress. The third layer is shock resistant. Material of quality feeling comfortable from the hand and respectful of the environment.
3. It looks like a pretty little cub, its capacity is high as a school bag and enough to store all school things for your children, such as book, pencil box and ipad, etc. can also pack things that belong to your kids, such as mug, snacks, toys and lunch boxes, etc.
4. Do not use hot water or alkaline detergent to wash it. Be sure to dry and store in a ventilated place rather than in sun exposure.

Color: pink / red / dark blue / light blue
Cut: 20 * 12 * 26cm / 7.8 * 4.7 * 10in
Shell fabric: Nylon
Lining: Polyester
Package Included: 1 * cute bag, 1 * leash

Please refer to the measurement. A small measurement error is allowed in the normal range.
There may be a slight color difference due to the monitor, the camera or other factors, please refer to the physical element.
Leaves backpack super cute toddler. Beautiful and cool bear backpacks, an ideal gift for little kids with a lovely attractive animal design, perfect for kids who go out for hiking, traveling and daycare.
Long detachable leash. Allow your cute little toddlers to move freely while having full control of their direction! Remove the leash to turn their harness into a cute and regular backpack.
Size: 20 * 12 * 26cm / 7.8 * 4.7 * 10in. Weight: 0.2kg / 0.4lb.
This toddler backpack is suitable for children 1-2 years old or less than 3.2 feet tall. Super light, more comfortable for your children.
Warm Tips: If you want to fill a lot of things like kids clothes, bottles, snacks, mugs or other items, I do not think this bag is right for you. First, do not let children gain too much weight. And then, if you're traveling or hiking with kids in the parks, beaches, you can let them pick a few snacks and toys and put them in their own backpacks and carry them themselves. They will feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness. The other heavy things parents can wear.


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