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What kind of children's backpack is worth buying?

1, the backpack must be lightweight

baby is still in the growth stage, his skeleton is growing and growing, the backpack can not be too heavy. The maximum weight can not exceed 15% of the weight of the children.

2, there should be a chest strap

In general, children are naughty, like to run, there is no shoulder strap on the backpack, it can be easy to drop the kids.

3, there must be a strap on this backpack

first to prevent the lost, then to prevent children from falling in a timely manner. Their safety is the most important.

4, beautiful shape

Because of the adorable and personalized shape, the baby, whether it is boys or girls, will love and will be happy to wear it, especially its little bear shape, which makes them closer to nature .

5, bright color

This helps parents to easily find their children even if they go very far.

6, independent exercise capacity

It's a good idea to keep good habits that take care of their own things since their childhood.

7, after-sales service is guaranteed

Any problem can be resolved quickly and satisfactorily.If you care about our after-sales service, you can immediately try to test us, we will not let you down.

Warm indication

If you want to fill a lot of children's clothes, bottles, snacks, cups or your wallet, a cell phone, paper towels, a lot of things, I do not think this bag fits you . First, do not allow children to gain too much weight, then if you are traveling or walking with children in parks, churches and beaches, let children choose a few snacks and favorite toys and the in their bag carry it by itself. They will feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness. The other heavy things parents can help to wear.

Size: 9.1 "* 5.1" * 9.8 "(L * W * H); Weight: ultralight design, only 0.39lb
COMFORT: The back of the backpack has three layers, the first layer is breathable, the second layer is enlarged and can relieve stress. The third layer is shock resistant. Material: Oxford fabric, soft water proof, wear-resistant, stain resistant, furniture wear, comfortable and environmentally friendly hand feeling.
CONSTRUCTION: Shoulder strap with a locking buckle (this will be a chest strap), it can prevent falling during intense exercise. There is also a leash preventing loss, you can use it to hang a ring that on the top of the bag, the other side can be attached to your body. This toddler backpack also has bright colors; it helps parents to easily find their children even if they go very far.
STYLE: This children's backpack is three-dimensional and has four colors: pink, red, dark blue, light blue, it looks like a pretty little teddy bear. school stuff for your kids, like book, pencil box and ipad, etc. If you are traveling or hiking, you can also take away objects belonging to your children:
Age and size of children: less than 36 months or less than 3.6 feet.


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