Child Safety Harness Toddler Mini Backpack with detachable strap by Bo…

Beautifully designed backpack

This stylish children's backpack features a ladybug pattern. Superb backpack girl and boy because they will not only elegant but also trendy. Your toddler will also be safe with the features of the kid's harness that he provides, as he settles around his body while maintaining safety in a comfortable manner. This small children's backpack is multifunctional and cool.

  • Child harness with 40 "detachable strap
  • Adjustable around the belt straps; difficult for the child to remove
  • Water resistant nylon / PVC fabric
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Trendy and elegant ladybug design with bright colors

Ideal for traveling

This kid's backpack is not only safe, but small and compact, allowing you to travel easily with your toddler and keep it safe and secure. This is a mini and multifunctional backpack for kids.

A wonderful balance of peace of mind and pleasure

Cute Backpack for Kids offers parents peace of mind allowing for a better balance of the overwhelming feeling that a trip could create and a great treat for kids with its cute design. As a parent knowing that your child is at arm's length in open and busy spaces is reached with the walking tracker.

Great gift for mom

If you want a gift for mom and you want her to be sure her child is safe, this harness backpack would be the way to go. The backpack of this small child also serves as a harness backpack and children's mini backpack. Moms can be sure that their children will be tied up with the children's harness clip around the belt with the detachable strap. A well-designed and attractive backpack for toddlers of this nature will please your little boy or girl and his mother will focus on child safety. Boys and girls should be safe when they venture with their parents but are also comfortable.

✅ 2-in-1 CUTE BACKPACK FOR CHILDREN. Feel comfortable in open spaces as the detachable strap keeps a person close to you. Child Harness Backpack secures the child by the waist thanks to an adjustable buckle; it's hard to remove.
✅ BACKPACK FOR CHILD SAFETY. The kid's backpack fits comfortably at the waist; Adjustable buckle secures the child without harming sensitive skin. The harness straps are positioned for optimum safety.
✅ DURABLE AND SAFE MATERIAL. The backpack of this little child in nylon / PVC fabric is specially designed for children. it is water resistant and machine washable.
✅ TRENDY LOOK FOR YOUR STYLISH KID. Cool backpacks for kids are available at an affordable price with their trendy look. The Little Kid backpack is designed with a pattern of bedbugs for nature, making it a nice backpack for kids.
✅ SMALL & FUNCTIONAL. The kids mini backpack comes with a removable 40-inch strap. The adjustable harness makes it ideal for children 12 months and older, weighing up to 40 lbs. The size of 3.3 "x7.7" holds your child's favorite little toy.


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