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Raschify, LLC specializes in plastic, rubber and EVA safety products for children and babies, including toddlers' leashes, baby harnesses, baby harnesses, and Other anti-security lost.

Raschify, LLC ADURABLE LINKS are safe, durable and skin-friendly.

WHY CHOOSE US? ADURABLE LINKS are made of superior breathable cotton. Cotton has great flexibility and good gas permeability, which is more comfortable than polyester straps for you and your child.

COMFORT AND CONCEPTION Raschify, LLC ADJUSTABLE LINKS use an anti-tingle Velcro that will never hurt you or your child's wrist. These wrist ties are great for use in crowded places like the super market, mall, or travel.

DURABILITY Exquisite workmanship. We sew our straps twice for added security and durability. We use stainless steel for added strength, which allows our product to last longer than the competition. We use 360-degree metal connectors to connect to the wrist strap for added durability and to allow the cable to move with you and your child without getting tangled.

NO RISK PURCHASE You are safe with the purchase of Raschify, LLC: 30 Day Money Back and Lifetime Warranty for ADURABLE LINKS Child Anti Lost Links! HOW WE DIFFER FROM COMPETITION At Raschify, LLC, we are constantly improving our products after reading previous customer reviews. We devote time and attention to the production of all our products.

ECO FRIENDLY We only use natural cotton, with pollution-free pigments and environmental protection treatment, to ensure total safety. From Raschify, LLC, the Rising Brand of Amazon – Best Price with Enhanced Quality Wrist Bands – Professional After Sales Service and Fast After-Sale – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – and Lifetime Warranty.

PRODUCT GUARANTEE | Each @Raschify child leash comes with a brand new lifetime warranty. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are having problems with the ADURABLE LINKS child safety wrist links. We promise to do our best to do something for you
DESIGN SUPERIOR | @Raschify Kids Leashes are made with a soft, double-layer Velcro for you and your child's wrists. We use extra strong Velcro so that your child can not easily remove the link. These leashes are easy to attach and comfortable to wear for adults and children. The soft, breathable cotton material keeps your wrist comfortable during warm days at the park playing with your kids. Peace of mind knowing that your wrist will stay comfortable even during the hottest days
DIMENSIONS AND LENGTH | @Raschify anti-lost leashes are made with 6.56 foot (2 m) coated polyurethane ropes, stainless steel, anti-tingle Velcro and soft breathable cotton. Leashes of 1.5 meters are too short, leaving little room for you and your toddler, and 2.5 meter leashes are too long, leaving too much room for your baby. amaze you. 2 meters is the perfect length that gives your child enough room, but not too long to allow him to marvel too far
COMFORT AND STYLE | @Raschify Baby Leash Travel Backpack Leash is a comfortable and pleasing material for the skin for you and your child. Durable and flexible stainless steel cable design, wrapped in plastic, that will protect you and your child's wrist. 360 degree rotation prevents the leash from tangling and leaves the leash free and easy to use
KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE | @ Fold the leash for toddlers to walk your baby safely. Safer alternative to the backpack leash. This lost anti-wrist tie is great for a toddler who loves to run. It gives the room to toddlers, but keeps them safe around you in crowded public places. Use it at the mall, grocery store, park, travel and where you take the family for a vacation, like Disney


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