Carseat Canopy with Pink Minky – Best Car Seat Canopy for Popular Baby Carseat Models. Covers All Popular Car Seats. Breathable Soft Pink Minky Fleece Fabric.

Maddie Moo Canopy Canopy With Minky RoseWho else wants the best car roof? Soft and soft cover well made for the car seat of your baby. Designed with care by parents to offer the best in protection, comfort and style.

Super cozy
This fashionable car seat canopy looks and feels great. this will protect your baby from inclement weather and unwanted attention.

A perfect holiday or a baby shower gift.

The Maddie Moo Car Seat canopy looks and feels good after many washes

Your baby will love him!
A soft, breathable fabric keeps wind, dust and germs away so babies can sleep.

We like to use it as a game blanket or a changing mat in a pinch.

Quality design
Our know-how, our materials and our high quality design guarantee superior comfort for your little one. The fabric is a beautiful black, gray and white make-up remover with Minky pink on the inside. ! 00% cotton on the outside – 100% real pink pea on the inside
Breathable fabric – lightweight and breathable
Protects your baby from the wind, insects, sunlight, germs
Make a good blanket to wrap your baby with a pinch. Beautiful pink interior design with universal cut


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