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Product Features

the My little baby bug The car seat cover cover is the perfect way to cover your baby with love. Each Canopy has a cute and fashionable design that you will be proud to show while providing comfort and protection to your newborn.

Your My little baby bug The car seat cover provides protection against:

Sun – The cool shade protects the skin from harsh UV rays. No sunburn.
Wind – Keeps baby warm and warm fresh breezes
Germs – Protects against flu, colds, angina and other viruses or bacteria
Airborne irritants – Prevents dirt, dust, pollen and sand
Insects – Protect your toddler from mosquitoes, mosquitoes, bees and flies
Friendly foreigners – Prevent those "What a cute baby!" stands out in public

Our customers like these advantages:

  • Larger size ensures that the baby and car seat are completely covered. Prevents exposed feet and wind from lifting corners.
  • Doubles as a blanket for the ground game or when you need a swadding.
  • Our velcro grip fasteners are widely spaced, so nothing covers the handle of the car seat. This ensures firm grip and no slippage of the hand.
  • Machine washable

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are sure that you and your Little Baby Bug will love our canopy. We are so sure that we guarantee it. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please let us know. If we can not do it, you get an unconditional and hassle free refund. ♥ PARENT WANTED AND TESTED ♥ – Every parent knows the difficulties of traveling with infants, babies and young children. (We know!) As parents too, we interviewed thousands of parents and designed this car cover, thinking of simplifying your life with your little insect!
♥ PROVIDE YOUR NEWBORN, INFANT AND BABY A SAFE AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT ♥ – Use it on your seat to protect your baby from sun, wind, sand, insects and unkind hands. Lightweight and easy to pack, store it on the car seat and is always available to create a safe space for your baby.
♥ CONFIDENTIALITY AND PROTECTION OF MATERNAL BREASTFEEDING ♥ – Tired of judgmental eyes of strangers? (We know!) A scared mother should not have to hunt down a hidden place to feed her crying and hungry child! Our baby nursing blanket provides a protected space for your child and peace of mind for your mothers.
♥ PROTECT YOUR TODDLER FROM SHOPPING CART GERMS ♥ – How many hands did you have on this basket? How often are your babies' hands in their mouths? Wrap this blanket of your basket after your child is seated and provide them with a clean play area for their toys and prevent you from countless toys. (We know!) ** Ideal for high chairs too!
♥ THE MOST STYLISH AND MOST SUSTAINABLE FABRICS WE CAN FIND ♥ This Universal Fit Baby Carseat baby cover features a 100% cotton outer shell with a navy blue Chevron pattern. The liner is a soft blue Minky Dot Liner. With regard to baby car seat accessories, it's a boon! Can be used as a car seat cover, breastfeeding seat, breastfeeding cover, shopping bag, high chair cover, stroller cover and much more.


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