Car Sun Shade for Side and Rear Window (4 Pack) – Car Sunshade Protector – Protect your kids and pets in the back seat from sun glare and heat. Blocks over 98% of harmful UV Rays – Easy to Install

Here is the best umbrella that will offer SPF30 + protection and will block more than 98% of harmful UV rays!

Do you like to travel but dread the harmful rays of the sun?

Are you tired of putting on sunglasses that do not stay in place

There is a simple solution for that! Traveling becomes a kid's game with the help of our high quality sun visor!

Protect your children from the scorching sun while driving. It's totally handy! These pop-open instantly when you need it. With our Twist 2 Fold design and our Bonus Bag, it is small enough to be easily stowed in your travel bag.

The perfect investment to protect your kids and your pets!

Includes 4 sunshades. Two 20 "x 12" inches and two are sun shade 17 "x 19"
Strong static material glueing without residue behind
Fast, easy and easy to use – No need for cupping
Lightweight and compact – Can easily be repositioned – Stored easily in any automotive accessory
A Perfect Gift They'll Love – Show off some special that you love, with a practical and usable gift.


• Wipe the window with a paper towel or cloth
• Once the window is clean, place the car visor with the static material on the window
• Apply pressure to the entire sunshade until it is firmly seated on the window.

Veenev's sunshade proved that he was keeping your car cooler on sunny days. It can be used horizontally or vertically large variety of vehicles. The fabric material that adheres to static electricity facilitates attachment, removal, and reattachment. With the mesh that blocks the sun, the riders in the back seat are protected from the sun, but their view of the window is not. It's easy to install. Do not hesitate!. PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM UP TO 98% UV SUN RAYS – Our package, which includes two 20×12 car window sunshades, two large windows or 17×19 rear sunshades, dashboard mats , and storage pouch will protect your children from exposure to up to 98% of harmful UV rays.
EZ CLING SUNSHADES – When you're ready, take these sunglasses out of their handy storage pouch and press on the glass
SET UP QUICKLY AND EASILY – The fact that our sun visors pass quickly and easily means that you do not need to fumble around with bulky or bulky cardboard panels. Our twist-to-fold design makes it easy to fold and deploy these blinds and store them in your car's organizer when you're not using them.
PROMOTING SAFETY FIRST AND FIRST – Using our side and rear blinds will protect your child from glare and heat. Not only that, but we have done extensive research on our product to ensure that it exceeds even the highest standards of the industry.
PROTECT CHILDREN AND ANIMALS DURING LONG-CAR CIRCUITS – Our sun visors offer SPF 30+ protection even your four-legged) cool and comfortable, no matter how far away you travel. With our lifetime money back guarantee, it makes perfect sense to have a set on hand before you go on vacation.


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