CAR SEAT TRAVEL BAG Cover – DURABLE Polyester with SHOULDER STRAP, Water Resistant, Lightweight – Great for Airport Gate Check and Storage – Fits Carseats, Booste…

LONG SEARCH for the perfect car seat travel bag is over!

When you buy, you will notice that you get exactly what you paid for.

Take the Angel Baby Red CarSeat travel and storage bag and see its packaging. Now open it and you will feel the DURABLE DOUBLE STRENGTH Polyester and a small zipper pocket in which it slips. This is not NYLON like the others!

View the convenient carrying handle and adjustable drawcord latch for easy opening / closing with an identification tag for identification.

This is UNIVERSAL and will fit most car seats, booster seats, baby carriers, and more!

So, what separates Angel Baby from the others? It's really simple! The quality and convenience of this transport bag that will last a lifetime!

I bought the cheap nylon bags and tore them or tore them up after a few uses, so I did my own and I did it STRONGER MORE SUSTAINABLE and DOUBLE the FABRIC of any other on the market!

To this end, it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY !!!

So go ahead and ORDER NOW and get an umbrella stroller travel bag as well for 10% off at checkout.Made carefully with DOUBLE-STRENGTH POLYESTER FABRIC that resists cracking, tearing and tearing. Lightweight, water-resistant fabric gives you an elegant design without all the mass of other travel bags. DIMENSIONS are 34in. x 18 inches x 18 inches (86.4cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm)
REINFORCED BRACELET that wears comfortably on the shoulder. The oversized identification tag and the bright red color make this bag easy to spot!
ROBUST STORAGE CLOSURE STORAGE pouch that opens and closes without splitting or jamming. CLOSING WATERING gives you a good snug fit. ADJUSTABLE LOCK is easy to open and close.
We want you to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT against dirt and wear, whether traveling by plane or car, or storing your car seat at home
BY MAINTAINING YOUR SEAT CAR CLEAN AND SAFE for many years to come. Money Back Guarantee


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