Britax B-Safe 35/B-Safe Elite Base

The additional Britax base provides ultimate travel flexibility in multiple vehicles. Thanks to the integrated design, it is easy to place the car seat in the base for easy and secure movement. The installation of the Safe-Center latch creates a peace of mind by facilitating the correct installation of the base. The shock absorbing base absorbs the energy of impact and our impact stabilizer steel structure gives strength where you want it the most. Premium features such as snap-in / spring-in snap connectors, spring-tilt and dual-level indicators make installation and adjustment of the angle easier and easier. appropriate installation. This product is compatible with the B-Safe 35 and B-Safe 35 Elite.The shock-resistant safety cell base reduces the risk of injury by squeezing to absorb the energy of the impact

L & B Installation of the security center latch allows a simple and convenient installation of the base of the car through the use of easy-to-pull straps at the center that attach quickly
Compatible with Seats & Docks Baby car Britax B-SAFE 35 and B-SAFE 35 Elite.


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2 years ago

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