Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

When you're a family on the move, kids and car seats can be tough on the upholstery of your car. The Seat Guardian helps you keep it looking new. The Easy clean Grime fabric keeps dirt and splashing on your seats and provides essential protection against the compression of fabric or leather. Cookies, crackers and fruit juices stay on your floor with the crumb and crumb recuperator. With its rugged and unique design and extra-wide rear panel, the Seat Guardian is built to last. You can use it with all your car seats as your baby gets older, from birth to eight years old. Security is our priority. Thus, Dual Grip Traction Technology, tested in case of an accident, helps prevent unwanted movements of the car seat to keep your child's seat in the right position. The rear-facing floor mats even help you follow best safety practices by protecting your seats so that your toddler stays in the back seat for longer. The product measures 45 "W x 20" W. The product measures 45 "W x 20" W
Color security does not bleed on the pad
Dual-grip traction technology on both sides helps reduce the unwanted movement of the safety seat
Rear protection mat provides full back cover. Vinyl Material
The unique one-piece design is compatible with all car seats
The easy-to-clean dirt-proof fabric protects your car


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