Brica Firefly Baby-In-Sight Car Mirror

Bring the magic of fireflies to your travels and keep your child happy with the Brica Firefly Baby In-Sight Mirror. Choose the entertainment mode and your baby is introduced to the light models dancing behind the mirror in time for the animated songs. Long day and a tired baby? Go into soothing mode and let your child fall asleep while the relaxing music plays and the lights twinkle and go soft. Crash-tested and simple to install, this magic mirror offers baby entertainment and peace of mind for you no matter where your day takes you. The product can be used from birth
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.25 x 12.50 x 13.75 inches. The LED lights behind the mirror light up and "dance" in entertaining mode and fade gently in soothing mode.
The Crash-Tested Clear-Sight Mirror Offers Superior Reflection and Distortion-free Image, Multiple Maintenance and Cleaning-Clean with Water and Soap
Choose an entertaining or soothing mode with up to 39% At 24 minutes of music available, the automatic shutdown saves battery life.Materials-nylon, polyester, plastic
The remote control allows you to control music, lights and volume from the driver's seat . Note-Make sure the mirror is securely attached to the headrest. This mirror has several mounting options for different types of vehicles


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