Brica Deluxe Kick Mats, 2 Count

Kick Deluxe Brick Mat (2 pk) You may not be able to stop your kids from kicking the back seat, but you can keep their dirty feet from ruining your car's liner with these Deluxe Kick Mats. The Grime Guard fabric is easy to clean and protects against the inevitable water and dirt that accompany active children. At ten percent more than our previous model, you can be sure your seats have maximum coverage and protection. Your shopping, traveling and traveling are easier when you can relax knowing that your seats are protected from restless feet. Extra large size for maximum coverage; 10% larger than our previous version
Adjustable upper and lower loop adjustments
Fits most van seats, SUVs and sedans
Elastic webbing securely attaches kick mats to the backrest for a pace Universal
Grime Protective Fabric Protects Against Moisture and Dirt


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2 years ago

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