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Why is Baby Wraps so # @! HOT? After having a baby, your body is subject to natural hormonal flow, which greatly increases body heat. Ordinary cotton baby wraps trap heat against the mother and baby, causing sweating and discomfort. The modal keeps you cool ÿ as cool as you can be during baby transportation! Modal is a soft, natural fabric that is 50% more breathable than cotton, keeping your baby drier and cooler. Simple. Our envelope can accommodate all babies from 5 to 35 pounds. It is quick and easy to put on and has no rigid straps, rings or loops. The front pocket is perfect for keeping simple necessities within easy reach. About modal fabric: Modal is a natural fabric made from recycled beech pulp. It's one of the softest fabrics in the world. It's cool to the touch. It uses a small fraction of water and arable land to make compared to organic cotton. Modal is: Breathable: 50% more breathable than cotton. Its superior airflow allows the heat to escape Soft: One of the world's softest fabrics Absorbent: 50% more absorbent than cottonDurable: Resists pilling and stays sturdyHypoallergenic: Does not irritate not sensitive skinShock resistant: Unlike cotton, Modal does not shrink after multiple washes Beechtree Baby was founded by a couple of moms and dads who also have years of experience in fashion design and manufacturing. 50% MORE BREATHABLE – Modal is 50% more breathable than cotton, which solves the problem of babies: they get too hot. Modal is also an ecological natural fabric made from recycled beech pulp. Beech trees require a fraction of the water and arable land used for organic cotton
2x SOFT AND STRETCHIER THAT COTTON – Our baby carrier is soft and a little stretchy (5% spandex), but not too stretchy – making it the most comfortable and most favorable package you can buy. Designed for cooler transport, our fabric is as durable as others, but thinner, making it more elastic than other wraps. If you tie tighter, your baby can roll up and stretch adds comfort to your baby.
Baby Wrap Convenience – With the baby carrier, you're hands free! You can wash the dishes, go for walks, go shopping or walk your dog while calming a restless baby. Mom and baby are happy!
Cooler Private Breastfeeding: Our Breathale Modal Wrap is the perfect breastfeeding blanket: cool, soft, private and mobile. Unlike any other film on the market, we have a practical front pocket for all your baby's necessities like diapers, wet wipes, breastfeeding towels, bibs and burp cloths
MACHINE WASHABLE – Our 177 "x 21" Modal film (4.5m x 0.5m) shrinks less and retains color better than cotton tapes. Our Modal envelope is free of harmful chemicals, formaldehyde and azo dyes; and it does not contain any material, plastic or metal. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY because we manufacture and support our excellent 100% products. You can buy our product safely. You can email us with any questions at any time! We are not satisfied until everyone enjoys the intimacy and comfort of babycarrying


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