Be Mindful Retro Scout Baby Carrier Backpack in Jungle Green

the Conscious engineering ethos is about making low-tech, down-to-earth products that improve the lives of children and their families. Our vision is to build everyday products for children, products that encourage work with the hands and spend time outdoors. In general, our product line is composed of low environmental impact, thoughtful design and attractive games, toys and tools. If using our products, it improves the life experience of any young child, we will have succeeded our mission. Being a thoughtful, behind the scenes part of a child's life is what motivates our engineers, manufacturers and designers in their daily endeavors.

The ability to design an attractive and thoughtful backpack was very exciting for our team. This tool is the ideal assistant for a busy parent who wants to show his son or daughter outdoors. This is the perfect compliment for a child as he is gentle and cuddly when they need to take a nap and yet comfortable when they look over your father, your mother or your grandparents to venture into nature. For the parent, it was important for us to develop a comfortable and ergonomic product for long-term use on extensive land.

We sincerely hope that our RETRO SCOUT The hiking baby carrier is the ultimate tool for your comfort and safety of your babies while enjoying the great outdoors! If you have any questions about our product or our company, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.RETRO SCOUT HIKING AND WALKING BABY CARRIER: Features a light weight (6.9 LBS – net weight includes all extras except storage bag) external aluminum frame. The frame evenly distributes up to 40 lbs of baby / infant weight.
Comes with TRAVEL BAG + MOISTURE PACK + REMOVABLE TODDLER BACKPACK: Our simple travel bag protects and stores the carrier at home or while traveling. Retro Scout ranks in the upper compartment of most commercial aircraft. The Retro Scout Hydration Bag fits perfectly in the backpack and is ergonomic. Retro Scout offers a zippered and removable backpack suitable for toddlers (ages 3 to 10).
HOW YOU PLEASE AND FEEL MODEL SIZES: As shown in the model (mom) size 8 with size 28 jeans. (Retro Scout will go with a waist 27 – 40). The baby model is 2 years old and 28 lbs. Retro Scout is suitable for babies from 6 months (must be able to hold the head by themselves) to 4 years (not more than 40 lbs).
VERY ADJUSTABLE – ERGONOMIC BY NATURE: Parent: Fit to size; chest; braces; adjustment of the length of the torso. BABY: height of the seat; depth; length of the stirrup; 5-point harness (waist, shoulders). SAFETY: A backpack has been the subject of a safety test for fall hazards, fire hazards, lead and other safety issues related to the carrier. baby by a CPSA certified laboratory.
RISK FREE – if you are not absolutely IN LOVE with your Retro Scout Backpack, return it for a full refund, including shipping.


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