Bamboo Quilted Thicker Longer Waterproof Changing Pad Liners for babies 3 Count (white gourd pattern) by BlueSnail

1. you can machine wash and machine dry without damage or leaks.

2. Unsurpassed durability thanks to efficient seams and our own exclusive heat protection layer

3. Gentle softness, tight fit, breathability and more!

Size: 13 "* 27"

4 VERY ABSORBENT FLEXIBLE LAYERS AND PADDING – The quilted design of these white toppers ensures that the air is trapped a soft, comfortable feel. Organic bamboo fiber is naturally round and smooth, hence there is NO HIGH THICKNESS TO IRRITATE THE BABY'S SKIN. This makes our modern linings an ideal partner for your baby with sensitive skin. Bamboo is naturally ANTIBACTERIAL and HYPOALLERGENIC.
REUSABLE AND DURABLE – WASHABLE MACHINE & FRIENDLY DRYER. It is more economical and environmentally friendly than buying disposable liners.
EXTRA-Liner PROTECTION helps with messy changes, providing extra protection
LONGER FOR BABY TO DOUBLE LINERS – Our liners are at a very generous size of 13 "x 27", This protector covers your carpets at change, which fits all standard size changing mattresses.
ECO & WATERPROOF-, The breathable waterproof layer is made of NON-TOXIC TPU and without VINYL.


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