Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling – by Sleepy Wrap – Available in 2 Colors – Baby Sling, Baby Carrier Wrap, Cuddle Up Baby Wrap – Specialized Baby Slings and Wraps for…

The Sleepy Wrap Baby Wrap is designed with just the right amount of elasticity, conforming perfectly to your body without the need for constant readjustment unlike less elastic baby bottles. When you use the Sleepy Wrap to carry your newborn, toddler or even a premature baby, the nearness and lull of your heartbeat will set and calm your baby. Use this envelope from NEWBORN until you reach the end of the day. at 35lbs.
Expandable Material Allows You to Easily Tie Your
Keep Your Baby Close By Keeping Your Hands Free, The Scarf is ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TO DISTRIBUTE THE WEIGHT OF YOUR BABY SO THAT IT CAN NOT you do not tire your back.
With your baby on your chest, you can easily BREAKFAST while carrying your baby.
Made with a soft blend of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, this wrap is WASHABLE MACHINE.


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