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💖 At Keababies, we are proud to give modern parents only what is best. Our Premium Wrap Carrier baby carrier is made with love and dedication, we are committed to providing you with a flexible, easy to use, breathable and versatile package that will take your baby to a whole new level of experience.

in-1 Baby Carriers

  • Baby Carriers: Use as a baby carrier and sling holder.
  • Postpartum Belt: Helps you lose weight in your pregnancy belly! 19659004] Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding in public
  • Baby Swaddle & Blanket: Keep them warm and comfortable inside our baby carrier KeaBabies

More about KeaBabies Baby Wrap

  • Little Learners: Your baby learns by looking at your face and the way you speak, being in our super comfortable envelope puts them in the "best seat" to watch and learn from you up close!
  • Breastfeeding: Skin-to-skin contact releases hormones that help stimulate breast milk production in public with your baby nestled in our comfortable, breathable wrap.
  • Colic Relief: The gentle rocking of your body and the vertical position of your baby help naturally expel the wind without any extra effort!
  • Quality material: Premium breathable cotton spandex blend that keeps your baby safe and comfortable. 💖

💖 JUST THE RIGHT EXTENSION – Our baby carrier is specially designed with a stretchy and sturdy fabric so that baby's weight does not fatigue your tired back and shoulders after a long period of use. The right amount of elasticity also helps keep your baby safe and enclose it in the package without having to constantly readjust the package. Easy to use for new babies who wear moms!
💖 SINGLE SIZE FOR ALL – Our ergonomic baby carrier fits your body perfectly, no matter your size! For smaller moms, you can loop the envelope in front and attach it. For larger moms, you can attach the envelope to your back, depending on your comfort. Tried and tested by moms of all sizes! It is ergonomically designed to distribute the weight evenly while you keep your hands free.
💖 MORE BABY FUYANT AND CRYING – Suitable for newborn use up to 35lbs, our baby carrier helps you calm and soothe baby easily by being held close to you. No more tired arms and shoulders!
💖 IMPROVED COLLAGE – Keep your baby close to you against your chest and listen to your heartbeat so that it feels safe and comfortable with the KeaBabies Baby Carrier – this special moment creates a even stronger bond for you and your baby. It can also be used as a maternity and postpartum belt
GU 100% GUARANTEE OF LIFE MANUFACTURER – We want all our customers to be happy and satisfied. We offer a 100% risk-free customer satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. If our product does not suit you or if something is wrong with your Baby Wrap Carrier, you will get your refund in full, unconditionally and without hassle for you. Place your order now by clicking the Add to Cart button.


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