Baby Walking Safety Backpack Toddler Anti-Lost Backpack with Safety Le…

Product Details:
Material: high quality cotton and nylon harness rope for kids leash, strong and durable breathable
Style: Cute, Cartoon Penguin
Use age: 1-8 years
Color: red, blue, black
Size: safety buckle are adjustable
Weight: about 140g
Packing: 1 × Baby Safety Backpack

1.Brand new
2.Cute cartoon penguin pattern
3. Made of high quality cotton and nylon rope
4.Removable adjustment, adjustable safety buckle, straps maintain perfect position
5. Durable, stainless steel buckle link, durable
6.Use our anti-loss harness to prevent children from disappearing

1. Do not bleach
2. Due to the different monitors and lighting, the color of the actual may be slightly different with the above images
3. Please use under the supervision of an adult

To our dear customer:
Thank you for visiting or ordering from us, we are committed to continually improving our products to provide our customers with high quality products. If you think our products are not bad, welcome to give us a good comment. price if you want
Material: Made of high quality cotton fabric and nylon penguin pattern for kids, penguin pattern, durable and breathable, safe. Extremely durable traction belt for parents to connect with children
Adjustable Detachable: The safety buckle of the child's backpack can be adjusted and the backpack can be in perfect position. Non-slip buckle design prevents falling and makes your baby more comfortable
Durable: The loop of the connecting rope is made of stainless steel, with a smooth and durable appearance.Do not worry about this seat belt.Use it with confidence
Comfortable Soft: Double flexible double child harness, not easy to remove. The size of the belt can be adjusted according to your needs, convenient and fast
Multi-Function: This is a small baby safety backpack to help the baby learn to walk. It can also be used as a small backpack with a spacious compartment for easy storage, such as diapers, wet wipes, lollipops, etc. It's a good way to stay intimate and safe while traveling


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