Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier, Black Stretch Cotton (S)

Enjoy a hands-free, hassle-free, and loop-free carry, anytime and anywhere, with the Baby K Baby Carrier TAN ORIGINAL in soft cotton. The PATENTED double-loop design is the original WRAP WITHOUT ENVELOPMENT sized for YOU. Made of 100% natural soft cotton, it slips easily like a t-shirt to carry baby comfortably from birth to 35 lbs. FIVE ergonomic positions without buckling or excess fabric to confuse or frustrate the user; Breastfeed discreetly, bind modestly through skin-to-skin care, and cuddle the toddler on the move. Hands-free happiness that is machine washable, safe-dry and Hip Healthy approved. THE ORIGINAL ENVELOPE WITHOUT PACKING: Ready-to-wear out of the box, easily switch between five different transport positions without the confusion or frustration of traditional packaging. The patented double-loop design of Baby K's baby carrier, its natural cotton fabric and unique unidirectional stretch sneaks like a t-shirt and is comfortable and safe for premature infants, newborns, infants and toddlers. Safe for babies under 35 lbs.
ADJUSTMENT FOR YOU: From XXS to XL, the Baby K Baby Carrier is sized to fit the parent or adult wearing l & # 39; child; age or weight of the child is not a factor. USE THE DIMENSION TABLE. Each person has a different form. Like clothes, some people can fit in more than one size or fall between sizes. If you are between two sizes or if you are not sure of the size, DECREASE. Cotton fabric has more length than structured carriers. Use the pre-pregnancy waist to determine the size of your Baby K Baby Carrier.
HEALTHY AND SECURE HIP: The International Institute of Hip Dysplasia has recognized the Baby K Baby Carrier as being 'healthy for the hip'. The wide Baby K 'tan Baby Carrier fabric loops support ergonomic positioning for healthy hip development and provide supple head support for baby. The adjustable Baby K 'tan Baby Carrier connection loop provides optimal support to the back of parents or adults who carry the child.
EASY TO CLEAN, PRACTICAL: Made of 100% natural cotton knit, the ORIGINAL Baby K Baby Carrier is as comfortable as it's easy to keep clean. Machine washable, tumble dryer. All Baby K Baby Carriers are delivered in a matching carrying bag that converts into a belt that offers extra support for certain positions. Simply flip the transport bag and it turns into a frame with a practical pocket. When you have finished using the belt, flip it to the right and you have a carry bag for your Baby K baby carrier tan.
EASY AS 1-2-3: The Baby K Baby Carrier tan allows hands without clothes, without buckles, without problems, anytime, anywhere. Take out your Baby K baby carrier from the carrying bag, double the buckles like a necklace or scarf, place the baby carrier on the head with the connection loop behind the neck, place one arm in each loop, then lower the outer loop to your hip. You are now ready for one of the Baby K's five positions Baby Carrier.


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