Baby Document Organizer with Health Record Book – Briefcase Document O…

This briefcase and health booklet allows you to keep all important information in one place. It comes with 9 folders and self-adhesive labels so you can organize your baby's documents and memories as you wish. The health book is a notebook that you can carry to your doctor's appointment and contains all the important information you will always be grateful to have. He has records of immunizations, months to months, checks up to 18 months and then failures, grotesque cards and much more !! As a mother, it's all that I need to organize information for my children. HALALTH RECORD BOOK: Inside the folder you will find this notebook containing all the information you must consider. Graphs, immunizations, a monthly visit from doctors and much more! So you can take it from your briefcase in your bag whenever you need it.
BRIEFCASE: Frosted plastic briefcase that you can keep in your drawer for easy storage of all your baby's important documents.
FOLDERS: Includes 9 folders with a sticker label page so you organize your briefcase wn.


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