Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Safety Strap, Girls

The Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Safety Strap makes it easy to keep your loved ones' toys and lollipops close at hand and drop them on the floor or floor. Even though babies love to drop toys from high chairs, strollers and car seats to watch their parents bend over and pick them up, the secure toy allows babies to play this game without the risk of losing toys. or lollipops. in public. Keep toys and lollipops clean and clean by preventing them from coming in contact with dirty soil. The Secure-A-Toy is designed to easily attach to a toy, teething ring, snack bar, plush toy, pacifier, etc. and attach the other end to a car seat, to a high chair, to one is operated. Two adjustable lengths allow you to customize the distance between a toy or pacifier and a variety of color options allowing you to customize colors. The Secure-A-Toy is also completely machine washable in a mesh bag to make your life easier. Check out our other Baby Buddy products because every baby needs a Buddy. Keep your favorite toys or lollipops close at hand and on the floor or floor.
Just snap on strollers, high chairs, car seats, faucet, trolleys
2 adjustable lengths to keep toys at the right reach every time
Available in many colors for every look!
Machine washable in a mesh bag


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2 years ago

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