Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety Wrist Link for Toddlers, Babies & Kids (Blue) by Blisstime

Some people may not like the idea of ​​being attached to their child, but for a little one who runs away quickly and often, this harness can save lives. A good choice for parents with their baby when traveling or shopping.
Package includes: 1 * Anti-lost baby harness
Appropriate age: Suggest for children aged 4 and over
Depending on different tensile stresses, the item may s' extend to 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters. Warning:
1. This antistatic tie is only used to prevent children from losing, it can not prevent children from falling to the ground and can not be used to train to walk.
2. This harness has elasticity, it will have a mutual traction between children and parents by wearing it. So when they go out, parents must continue to follow the children closely to prevent the children from losing balance and falling.
3. We suggest that parents wear the article first, then the children wear it, to prevent children from escaping in front of you, and then you can go together. Keep toddlers near you and at the same time give them independence during indoor or outdoor activities.
Easy to use: All you need to do is connect the wristbands to the hands of adults and children respectively. The retractable chain can extend up to 1.5 meters and the circumference of the children's side strap (the smaller side) can be adjusted up to 14CM
Soft and comfortable: Soft soft crochet and loop layers for children's hands, not easy to remove on their own. The size of the wrist strap can be adjusted to suit your needs, the foam sponge in the wrist strap makes it comfortable to wear for adults and children.
Durable: The connecting rope is made of stainless steel and wrapped in plastic, Do not worry, this safety harness will be cut with a knife. It is connected to the wrist straps with metal connectors that can rotate freely 360 degrees.
Anti-lost: Used only to prevent children from losing when they go out, but does not prevent children from falling and can not be used as a walking training equipment. Suggest for children aged 4 and over.


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