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The ideal travel accessory for you to get around the airport with your baby, your car seat and your luggage! It is the ideal travel accessory that will make your trip a lot easier. It takes 10 seconds and turn your luggage into an airport stroller using the ADS Kids Car Seat Bag Strap. Simply attach your car seat (which has a top tether) to your rolling luggage! Traveling with your babies and toddlers will be a lot easier and easier. This handy and portable car seat luggage strap works with all car seats. It is ultra light and easy to store when it is not used. Adjust the length of the strap to attach the car seat to the luggage. The ADS Kids car seat cases use the highest buckle (identical to that used for Sky boots) to secure them, unlike other competitors who use cheap and easy-to-use plastic buckles. break. We also increase the strength of the connection by the reinforced seam sewing method and the triple layer strap for the upper lock strap to ensure the safety of the car seat. The ADS Kids Car Seat Luggage Strap transforms your wheeled luggage (purse or suitcase) into an ultra-portable travel solution that suits all car seats with a built-in upper strap. No need to spend a lot of money on a car seat.
2. Metal buckle (same as ski boots / snowboard) to ensure the safest car seat to luggage. Unlike other competitors used plastic buckle that is easy to break and unsecured.
3.Triple layer belt for superior LATCH, reinforced stitched sewing method, and industrial grade buckle ensures safety and lasts for years.
4. Compatible with most 13 "- 56" roll handbags and suitcases
5. Extremely easy to attach or remove car seat in seconds. Bonus with the video instruction how to use it !!!!!


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