5-in-1 Carseat Canopy & Nursing Cover by Matimati, Stretchy & Ultra Soft Breastfeeding, Car seat & Stroller, Shopping Cart Covers, Perfect Gift for Mom (Classic S…

Privacy is no longer a problem for lactating moms! Are you tired of looking for a hidden back corner to nurse your baby while you're out? The Matimati multipurpose breastfeeding blanket is the perfect solution for feeding baby on the move! It offers full coverage for mom, no matter when and where baby is hungry. Our nursing coverage allows you to feel safe and confident knowing that you have complete privacy while caring at all times, no matter where! Now, mom and baby can enjoy breastfeeding in public! More than just a breastfeeding blanket! Get the best value for money with the Matimati Multi-Use Nursing Bag. There are so many ways that mom will love to use it. Baby Blanket Stroller Blanket Nursing Blanket Carseat Canopy Infinity Scarf Changing Mat High Chair Cover Blanket Cart✔✔ 5-in-1 MULTI-PURPOSE COVERS – Our functional and extensible cover is more than just a blanket ! Use it as a breastfeeding blanket while breastfeeding in public, put it on the caddy, cover the high chair of the restaurant, use it as a canopy on the car seat and stroller during your moves, such as a light blanket or a changing mat, and even wear it like an infinite scarf or shawl!
✔ 360 ° COVERAGE AND CONFIDENTIALITY – Nurse your baby anytime, anywhere, with confidence and privacy using our breastfeeding blanket. Do not worry knowing that we have you covered! You no longer have to worry about strangers watching while looking out in public.
✔ ALL PROTECTIONS – Peace of mind knowing that our versatile, high quality, soft and stylish blanket will help protect your baby from the sun, wind, rain, mosquitoes, germs and pollen all outside. Easy to use and easy to put on and take off from your car seat!
✔ IMPRESSIVE BABY SHOWER GIFT – This is the perfect gift for a baby shower that any new mom will love! The neutral model is ideal for boys and girls.
✔ IMPRESSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY MATIMATI BABY – We really care about each of our clients. Not only are our multi-purpose covers made with love, but we go beyond and beyond with our customer service!


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