4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier and Ring Sling by Kids N’ Such | Charcoal Gray Cotton | Use as a Postpartum Belt and Nursing Cover with Free Carrying Pouch | Best Baby S…

The Baby Wrap 4 in 1 Kids N 'Such is the perfect companion for you and your baby. Studies show that carrying your toddler with you just two more hours a day will reduce irritation and crying by up to 43% (Hunziker and Barr). This means that you spend more time being yourself and less time lulling a crying baby. Our envelope is specially designed to make your life easier by giving you the freedom to choose how your baby is cradled on your hip. When you wear it at the Basic Wrap position, your baby can rest against your body or front so that your curiosity can move in the wild. Allow your baby to interact with the world just as you have shown to improve his cognitive skills and also accelerate development by becoming a toddler. Using rings and your pack of joy in the Sling Carry position is a favorite for babies as they age, as they stay close to you but have more freedom to wear them. experience of their environment. It's also a great way to wear them once they start eating soft foods. VALUE – Rings with rings or baby carriers? And both? The Kids Wrap can be used with or without the rings so you decide what is most comfortable, leaving your hands free to be the super mom you are.
CONNECT: Wearing your newborn is a healthy way to strengthen the bond between you and baby. They will hear you, feel and comfort you with your closeness, which reduces irritation and makes the baby happier.
COMFORT: The Kids W Special Cotton Blend Such Wraps is soft, breathable and fully adjustable for both women and men. Men of all sizes and shapes can wear it comfortably. Plus, it can be thrown into the washer for easy cleaning.
MULTIPLE USE: Our customers love to carry their babies in the Kids Wrap, but also find that it's good for breastfeeding and keeping their tummies tight when they are worn
LOVE : We care about our family of Kids N "Such customers, that is why we honor a hassle free return policy and lifetime warranty so that you can add to the cart with confidence knowing that your purchase is always protected!


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