3 PCS Portable Baby Soft Face Body Cosmetic Powder Puff Sponge Box Cas…

Product Description

Note: This product does not contain talc. Please pay attention to when buying powdered ingredients. Puffer if hair removal is dirty, please pay attention to the update, please stay away from the fire, and avoid the floor , in order to avoid contamination.

Method of use: Will be a moderate amount of talc in the box, then to fluff the baby's skin. Be careful not to be near the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts, in case of inhalation of baby powder.

MATERIAL: Plastic and fabric.
SIZE: 3.74 x 2.75 (W x H).
APPLICATION: Combination for children and adults, especially for children in summer, the hot and humid weather is easy to harm for your child's skin, you can use this puff to apply talcum powder on your child's skin.
EASY TO USE: Ideal for home use and easy to use with one hand. Easily apply baby powder to baby's skin.
TIPS: This product does not contain talc.


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