Natural Dog Food, Why My Dog Likes to Eat Porridge? – Have Shiny Black Coat

A bowl of comforting porridge or congee brought back childhood memories because I remember my dog ​​likes to eat porridge at home. And I'll tell you why.

I used to have this dog that is a cross breed. I had the dog when I was about 13 years old. Our friend of the family advised us that in order for the dog's skin to resemble thickness and thickness, we must give it a natural "gula melaka" (a kind of traditional palm sugar in Malaysia) mixed with porridge. This really makes her fur thick and shiny black. Even some of my neighbors have asked us what special food we have given it, which makes it very beautiful and healthy. Chinese porridge (or Otherwise called congee ) is a liquid or liquefied version of boiled rice. Chinese ancient food – Porridge

Once upon a time, the poor in China made porridge to prolong the domestic consumption of rice cereals; Because it uses much less rice for each meal. However, because of its soft texture, it is also a traditional Chinese food for babies. The fact that it is easy to digest and curative effects on the body, those who recover from the disease could use it as a major food intake.

Pig is good for humans. What about dogs?

Mash alone can be easy to digest but may not have certain nutritional values ​​essential to maintaining your dog. To make the porridge diet for your dog more balanced, it is important to include a combination of fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and water in a balanced diet that provides calories

"Gula Melaka" is the name given to the " (Palm sugar) was originally made from the sweet sap of Palmyra palm or the date palm. Now it is also made from the sap of sago and coconut palms and can be sold as "coconut sugar". Sugar is a golden paste, sold in tubes, blocks or cans. It can be light-colored or dark, soft, goose or hard. As a slightly processed product of the craft industry, it varies considerably from one lot to the other. In Indonesia, sugar made from Borassus (Palmyra palm) is known as Gula Jawa ("Javanese sugar") or gula merah (red sugar). Sago Gula Melaka is a sweet dessert very popular in Malaysia. You can see it in almost all the traditional functions, such as parties, wedding reception, gathering or school parties .

We never feed our dog a lot of meat. My mother will cook porridge mixed with a little "gula Melaka", "ikan bilis" (Malay word for a family ( Engraulidae ) small common salted fish or small amount of beef. Brown rice of high quality (at that time we do not know that it is actually organic rice and that no one ever heard of organic food at that time )

Avoid products that use meat by-products such as bones, feet, and intestines, chemical preservatives such as BHA and BHT, and hard-to-digest grains such as corn, Wheat, gluten, and soybeans.These grains are sometimes listed as a source of protein in place of meat in commercial dog food.

Many health problems, such as allergies that cause itching , Are simply caused by a bad Inappropriate allocations of the wrong types of food. It is recommended to start taking note of the ingredients until you notice an improvement.

My dog ​​was so used to eating porridge that he would refuse to eat if it was rice. Porridge smells good even for people. This is why I believe in the natural food home that is best for man is guaranteed for your dog.

Protect your dog's health

Your dog's health is very important and depends on good nutrition and many exercises. The owner of the animal that feeds his dogs a good balanced diet consisting of special dog food will save a lot of money and will have a healthy pet.

If your dog has a healthy skin and coat, is energetic and gets good veterinarian notes on the annual check, you can continue to feed the same natural diet, no matter what choice, they have chosen. If the dog has problems, it is important to investigate if its food could be a contributing factor and take action to repair things by adding a supplement, switching to another food or asking the veterinarian to " 39 perform diagnostic tests.

Shocking News

On March 15, 2007, the US Food and Drug Administration learned that certain animal feed was disgusted and killed cats and dogs . The FDA found contaminants in vegetable proteins imported into the US from China and used as ingredients in pet food. The FDA's Criminal Investigation Bureau announced that two Chinese nationals and the companies they operated, as well as a US company and its President and CEO, were charged by a federal grand jury on 6 February 2008. The indictments are for their role in an import regime to American products that they claimed was wheat gluten. The products were contaminated with melamine and used to make pet food. "

How can we protect our pet companions? Make your dog healthy and happy by feeding it healthy natural dog food Now!

Source by Jerry Yapkh

Orphaned Fawns, Pet Deer, and the Right Thing to Do

"Hey baby, come and watch this," my wife said from the back patio.

As I approached, I saw a small spotted creature with huge ears. About the size of a medium-sized dog, but perched on sharp legs, I looked into the eyes of the fawn poking around the property line.

"Hmm", I say, "little beast". "

My wife, always a person who has to walk in a street and must be promoted beyond the tail boots with free puppies at Wal-Mart, looked at me with the same eyes As the fawn. "He looked lost, can we keep it?"

I sipped my coffee and went back to the kitchen, "that's fine . It is not lost, walking around. "

She had heart broken And asked to know how I could say in a glance.

Identification of an orphaned fawn

White-tailed deer, such as those found in abundance throughout Mississippi, Autumn and winter, which leads to thousands of cute little kites born from late April to about mid-July of the following year. When they were born, these Fawns will have a more reddish mantle than their parents, and are covered with hundreds of small white spots.These spots help the fawn to melt with the myriad of wildflowers and weeds in spring and summer when it is born. Protection of the good nature mother, fawns have not sent, which prevents predators from feeling them. As such, mothers of These nurturing followers try to stay away from their young as much as possible not to rub their own perfume. In October, young fawns normally lose their spots and at the time are feeding rather than breastfeeding, well on their way to adulthood.

With this in mind, if you see a spotty fawn in spring and summer, chances will it not be with his mother next door? Mum is probably hidden in a nearby grove, while children explore the world. Alternatively, Mom Doe may have left junior behind so she can go for grub because she still eats for two.

One of the best signs to see if a fawn is orphaned and in difficulty is dehydrated. A deer deer is a deer who is unable to breastfeed for any reason. Maybe mom is dead, or maybe she's sick and does not produce milk. Whatever it is, these dehydrated fawns can easily be identified by the position of their ears. A dehydrated fawn will have its large ears curved at the tips, or, in the later stages, will be collapsed and not reactive to the stimuli. If a fawn has narrow and narrow ears and walks, it is most likely not an orphan. Let's do it. Mom will be very attentive to the human odors on her baby, and maybe he will not want anything to do if you try to play the hug. Worse, if you direct the fawn, the beer's milk will begin to dry in less than 24 hours.

As the old timers say: "The ears are straight, the fawn is formidable. The ears are wrapped, that is alone in the world. "

What do you do if you find one?

So you have an orphaned deer on your hands, your baby is sick, Is simply pathetic.You have watched the fawn for hours and it is not far away, nor has a mother come to deal with it.Confirmation, you may have even found a nursing basket killed by a car A few blocks away.What do you do now?

The best and most correct answer is to find a local wildlife rehabilitation group that can take away the animal Although they do not advertise because of lack of funds, these little known heroes of wildlife are wildlife restorers, natural caregivers or veterinarians licensed by the state and the federal government, Located across the state. A good resource for finding a local St MS Wild Life If you come in short, call your local conservation office as soon as possible.

Until the animal can be picked up or taken to a heater, keep it warm and dry and do not try to feed it. Foods other than water ordinary.

Can you keep it as a pet?

The simple answer is no. Now reread this sentence if you have any questions. In Mississippi, it is illegal to keep a deer as a pet. If you are injured, you are faced with a minimum of a Class 3 offense, and you might consider up to a $ 1000 bonus (plus fees) and / or up to 6 Months in prison. It is also illegal to import white deer in Mississippi. This is for the good of the animal.

Wild animals taken as pets are no longer wild, but are never really pets. Once the steps of this road are taken, the animal is in a strange catching situation 22. It can never be released into the wild as it becomes so dependent on humans that it can never learn To take care of himself. Yet it can not be properly vaccinated and taken care of enough to be anything but an easy target for the passage of poachers.

Kites have recently been banned in Arkansas. In neighboring Tennessee, it has long been illegal to house wild deer pets.

So, remember all this when your wife calls you to deck with stag eyes.

I need to make this woman a dog.

Source by Chris Eger

ClickBank – Best Online Computer Training Course

Do you want to know the world of computers better? Want to start earning money with your computer from your own chair, be your own leader and work yourself whenever you want. If the answer is yes, believe me, you are not the only one.

First, when I started working with computers, I did not know what they offer. I was like a baby trying to make my first step, falling before learning how to walk. I've done a lot of research, trying to find the best computer training courses online, but without success. I spent a lot of money for what I thought I needed to learn these skills, but hey!

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1. Fact number one: you do not need previous skills

You can be an absolute beginner, you just need to be able to start the computer and put you in line. On ClickBank, they will guide you through every step of the beginning that will explain the facts about affiliate marketing and explain exactly how to start, explain yourself the basics of affiliate marketing. Take these online training courses ClickBank online will allow you to start working online in a few days.

2. Fact number two: It is cheaper and easier to learn about other people's faults than yours

The fact is that when you start with Something new, you are always making mistakes that usually cost you money and time. When I started, I made a lot of mistakes and I was ready to leave. I was desperate. I thought I was pretty good with the computer and I did not want any help. When I discovered ClickBank that offers online computer training courses, I learned a lot more in a week than I did before in a year.

3. Third: Experience is what counts

ClickBank has more than 10 years experience with affiliate marketing and during these Years, they have developed one of the best online training courses online that will make you an expert in a few weeks. They will show you how to start early to become an affiliate expert. And that 's what counts!

4. Fact number four: Only investment that generates money is good

Taking these online training courses online is absolutely free, will cost you As your time you need to follow these online training courses. This program is free and you can start to generate money with zero investment. What more?

5. Fact number five: You can get help on the ClickBank forum

If you have any questions while taking these courses online you can always consult The ClickBank forum that offers a lot of information from their members exactly the same situation when they started and you can learn from their experience.

The best decision of my life was, when I started with online ClickBank training courses online, and believe me, I was not an IT expert. With ClickBank online training courses online, anyone can do it, even you, you just need to take action and start.

Good luck to all the old computer freaks out there.

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Numerology Compatibility For Love and Sex

La compatibilité décide le succès

La compatibilité de la numérisation dans l'amour est plus importante que votre fidélité! Quoi qu'il en soit, votre amour devrait s'intensifier comme un feu ardent! Ensuite, seul, vous aurez du succès dans votre amour et votre sexe. Comment pouvez-vous faire que quelqu'un vous aime férocement, malgré vos faiblesses? Voici les Secrets!

Si vous aimez un peu aveuglément, à première vue, vous avez peut-être négligé cet angle de compatibilité. Les relations deviennent amères sur les choses banales. Une remarque temporisée, ou un appel téléphonique anonyme peut ruiner la confiance sur des mois de rencontres et de travail acharné. Et le résultat? C'est les rideaux pour votre amour!

La stratégie en numérisation

Lorsque vous jouez aux échecs, vous faites un mouvement séduisant pour attirer votre adversaire, mais c'est vraiment un piège. Beaucoup d'animaux supprime les vibrations sexuelles, attirent, piègent et séduisent leurs compagnons d'amour choisis. L'homme seul est si aveugle dans l'amour, qu'il pique sur de la glace fine, quand il aime quelqu'un aveuglément.

Combien serait-il si la compatibilité numerologique existe entre vous et votre partenaire d'amour? Et aussi, si vous le savez, avant de commencer votre aventure d'amour? Cet article vous aide à connaître ce secret.

Cette connaissance fait que vos efforts d'amour culminent dans le succès. Lorsque vous vous assurez cela, votre partenaire d'amour vous appelle, indépendamment de vos mérites et de vos défauts. Elle ou lui, vous aime si vous êtes noir ou blanc, grand ou court, et bon ou mauvais. C'est la magie de la compatibilité dans votre numérologie …

Êtes-vous gouverné par 2

Compatibilité de numérisation Règle que si vous avez un nombre de jours de 2, vous aurez du succès dans les amours avec 7 personnes . Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire? Ceux qui sont nés les 7, 16 et 25 de tout mois sont régis par le numéro 7. En tant que tel, ces camarades d'amour gouvernés par 7, vous aimeront aveuglément. Ils vont danser dans vos airs!

Leur numérologie les rend esclaves de votre amour. Même si vous ne faites pas une promesse, lorsque vous avez des affaires multiples, et même lorsque vous les exploitez au-delà des limites, ces 7 personnes gouvernées ne peuvent pas vous haïr ou vous opposer. Ils ne peuvent jamais se tenir dans une cour de justice pour témoigner contre vous.

C'est le pouvoir de la numérologie et de sa compatibilité!

Ne pas exploiter l'amour pur

Compatibilité numérique pour 2, garantit votre réussite en mariage, lorsque vous vous mariez avec une personne gouvernée par 7. Elle vous aimera, que vous soyez beau ou moche. Et gentil ou cruel. Cela ne signifie pas que vous devriez exploiter son amour pur. Cette information est donnée de bonne foi, pour vous, seulement pour l'utiliser avec sagesse.

Suivez la compatibilité ou souffrez

Tant de personnes souffrent dans la vie réelle après le mariage. La relation devient aigre et se termine par un divorce. C'est parce qu'ils manquent de compatibilité selon la numérologie. Votre copain ne peut avoir aucun droit sur vous. Mais votre femme a tous les droits légaux! Même si elle est votre femme pour une seule journée, elle a des droits énormes sur vos propriétés. Elle peut réclamer votre richesse. Elle peut ruiner votre paix s'il n'y a pas de compatibilité …

Si vous êtes 7 nés

Si vous êtes gouverné par 7, la compatibilité numerologique vous assure le succès, lorsque vous aimez ou vous mariez, ceux nés Dessous de 2. Vous êtes régi par le non. 7, si vous êtes né le 7, 16 ou le 25. Vous pouvez identifier les 2 nés, à partir de leur date de naissance. Si votre amoureux est né le 2, 11, 20 ou 29, alors son numéro est 2. Entre vous et lui, il existe une parfaite compatibilité. Selon la numérologie, vous pouvez l'aimer ou l'épouser heureusement.

Ce qui a été dit pour non. 2 né s'applique à vous aussi. Si vous êtes né, affectueux et aimant, les 2 nés vous manqueront en ignorant vos défauts. Rappelez-vous que votre jeunesse et votre beauté ne dureront jamais. Mais votre volonté d'amour. Ces 2 nés seront tellement dévoués à vous, que, bien qu'ils vous traitent initialement comme esclaves, plus tard commenceront à danser dans vos airs! Prenez soin de ne pas exploiter leur amour divin!

Que faire si vous abusez?

La numérologie est un cadeau divin des étoiles et des cieux. Vous ne devez pas abuser ou exploiter la compatibilité numériques. Vous devrez répondre à votre connaissance le jour de votre jugement. Obéissez aux lois de la nature. Donnez plus et recevez plus! Rappelez-vous cela dans vos relations amoureuses, sexuelles ou conjugales.

Voulez-vous en savoir plus sur vous-même? Si vous êtes né les autres jours. Vous serez dominé par d'autres numéros. Maintenant que vous en connaissez tellement 2 et 7, vous voudrez peut-être en savoir plus sur votre compatibilité avec votre compagnon d'amour. Si c'est votre souhait, vous pouvez aller plus loin en visitant ce site Web le plus populaire

Source by Kannan M

Common Household Items Can Be a Threat to Your Dog!

Even in the cleanest and seemingly the safest house an apartment can hide a threat to your dog. There are many common household items that we all keep, which can be a threat to your dog, either making it sick or causing death,

Did you know that an environmental toxin could be any Substance that is outside the body of an animal and is ingested or otherwise exposed to – can cause harmful biological changes.

We live in a world we are trying to become "green", yet many of our homes are full of things that can cause damage to our dogs.

Did you know that second-hand cigarette smoke could cause cancer in dogs?

Substances found in a home that can become a deadly threat vary from insecticides and contaminated water that pollutes the environment to a

This article, I hope to a small extent will open the eyes of readers and perhaps prevent a dog or other animal from having to suffer from an illness or die.

Dogs, as you know, are one of the most curious domestic pets, a monkey may have more curiosity, but when it comes to putting things in their mouth , I believe that dogs have all other beating creatures

Since a dog does not have hands to understand things with, his first choice is his mouth and whether it tastes good or not, In his mouth it goes. I have never read that dogs are gourmet eaters. It seems that their philosophy is, if it fits, it can be chewed and / or swallowed. The problem with this philosophy is that toxins in objects can cause disease and / or objects can cause serious obstructions in the dog's body.

So, what is a dog owner to do? First of all there are some simple rules to follow that will prevent some accidents from occurring. Especially if you have a puppy or a dog that likes to chew, keep the little things out of your dog's reach. Things such as small rubber balls, jewelery, medicine bottles of all kinds (glass or plastic), ant or mouse poison containers, household cleaners, living yarns on the floor that can Containers containing insecticides, power steering fluid and the like. Anything you do not think you'd like to swallow, consider it a "no-no" for your dog.

There are many foods that can cause a toxic reaction in a dog:

– Alcohol can cause coma or even be fatal.

– Avocados – a fatty acid found in avocado leaves, fruits, seeds and bark called "persin" can cause breathing difficulties, abnormal fluid accumulations in the chest, The abdomen and the bag around the heart.

– Chocolate – this and any product related to chocolate such as cocoa powder, cocoa beans, cocoa mulch are very dangerous for dogs. These products contain caffeine and theobromine, both of which are stimulants of the nervous system and since dogs metabolize theobromine more slowly than humans, it can cause a multitude of problems, including death. Dark chocolate has the highest concentration.

– Coffee, tea and cola – contain caffeine and can cause toxicity to caffeine, plus tea and colas contain theobromine.

– Grapes and raisins – are very toxic to dogs – we do not know the toxic component, but eating large amounts can cause kidney damage or failure.

– Macadamia nut – another toxic mystery, but a food dangerous to dogs, it can cause depression, hyperthermia, weakness, muscle stiffness, tremors and increased heart rate.

– Mushrooms – contain toxins that can be fatal if consumed by a dog.

– Nutmeg – I did not know it would affect a dog, but it is on the list of very dangerous foods for dogs, and if a dog eats enough, it can be deadly. I do not know what else there is – so keep it away from your dog.

– Onions and garlic – it is not known how much onion or garlic should be consumed by a dog (or cat), but they are considered dangerous because they contain Sulfoxides and disulfides, which can break red blood cells and cause anemia. Depending on what I have read consumed in large amounts can result in severe anemia and even death, if it is not treated by your veterinarian.

– Xylitol – it is a sugar substitute in certain gums and in sugarless sweets that is extremely harmful to dogs. If a dog eats enough sweets, it can cause a deadly blood sugar drop, loss of coordination, depression, liver damage, collapse and convulsions.

– Yeast paste – rising yeast paste can cause the formation of gas in the digestive system of a pet causing its stomach or intestines to rupture. Do not feed your dog any raw dough that has yeast in it. Once it is cooked a small amount of bread or rolls are good for your pet.

Some plants are also very toxic to dogs. Puppies are usually the ones that are most curious, but dogs that like to dig can encounter problems, too.

The following plants usually cause the same amount of problems and these are the symptoms: Vomiting, diarrhea, depression, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, lethargy, drooling, tremors, Stomach

Amaryllis, Azaleas, Crocus of the autumn. Christmas pine needles, chrysanthemum, cyclamen, daffodils, some lilies, holly, Kalanchoe and Lillies, Sago palms, olive trees, Poinsettia, tulips and narcissus are the most common in our gardens. However, the castor oil factory contains a very toxic protein and a bean can kill a human and four beans can kill a horse, so I would rid my yard of such a plant just to be sure.

Also the new thing in the garden circle is the mulch of cocoa beans that do not smell like chocolate, dogs are attracted to it and will eat it.

Do not let your dog swim in standing water or in water that you are unsure if it is free from contamination.

Dogs are like children, they are very curious and are attracted to things because it feels good.

All dogs are at risk when it is chewing or swallowing a toxic or obstructive object, especially old dogs and young puppies. It is a good idea to "baby proof" your house by keeping things out of the reach of your dog and when outdoors, a vigilant eye can prevent mishaps.

Invest in an emergency first aid kit for your dog. It must contain:

– a new bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%) to induce vomiting

– a large turkey or syringe to administer the peroxide in the dog's mouth

– saline eye solution

– artificial tear gel to lubricate the eyes after rinsing

– tweezers to remove tingling

– a muzzle to protect you from fear or excitement induced bite

– light liquid to wash dishes to clean the skin after any contamination

– a favorite food box of your favorite pet

– a pet carrier

Keep your veterinarian's phone number displayed near your phone and also keep the ASPCA poison control number listed at 888-426-4435 (there is one Charge for this service

If at any time you think that your pet has ingested a toxic substance, call your veterinarian at once.Time is essential and the life you save will be that of your pet.

Source by Audrey Frederick

Fennel Tea and Herbal Tea Remedies

Fennel tea is one of the herbal remedies that have been used by women for centuries. This beautiful plant produces seeds of fennel that brew a tasty licorice tisane. Drinking this tea is an experience for the senses.

First, the fennel as a plant is very pleasing to the eye. It has a bright green color and the consistency of celery. As hot boiling water covers the seeds of this plant for a cup of tea, your senses are filled with the pleasant scent for licorice. The taste buds are also treated with light and pleasant taste.

Fennel seed tea is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and contains phytoestrogens. These compounds belong to a large group known as flavonoids. Known as dietary estrogens, these components of fennel are derived from a diverse group of naturally occurring nonsteroidal plant compounds. These compounds have structural similarity to estradiol.

Researchers are studying the nutritional role of these substances in regulating cholesterol and maintaining appropriate bone density postmenopausal. There is evidence that phytoestrogens can have a protective action against various health disorders such as breast cancer, bowel cancer and menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis.

The International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics has published research studies that have shown that fennel tea can provide moderate relief from the symptoms associated with painful menstrual periods.

Tea has been shown to be an effective natural alternative in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Learn more about fennel tea and herbal remedies

Phytoestrogens in Fennel is thought to have the same impact as the 39 Estrogen on the body. Woman for centuries, in many cultures have consumed fennel tea to stimulate milk production (lactation). This is a practice and one of the old herbal remedies that has been passed down since the Hippocrates. Of course, you should check with your health care professional to make sure it is okay to drink fennel tea while you are breastfeeding.

If you have a baby colic, you know the helpless feelings that you experience when the baby will not stop crying. Fennel tea may be the solution.

Oil in fennel seeds has been shown to decrease intestinal cramps and increase the rate at which the small intestine moves food through the body. It is considered to be gentle enough to be used to treat infants with colic. It also decreases gas and bloating and helps to upset the stomach.

Fennel has been used for centuries by women in the treatment of premenstrual and menopausal systems. Some have found it effective to help a decrease in libido.

Drink fennel tea to promote weight loss. Fennel has properties that are similar to amphetamines. These properties are known to stimulate the human nervous system. Puritans in colonial times were known to drink fennel tea during religious fasting periods because it was found to suppress their appetite. It was also used to help them stay awake and alert.

If you are a woman who experiences swollen eyes, fennel tea, in a tea bag, can help you decrease inflammation. Take the time to find some quiet moments and use a soft cloth. Soak in cooled fennel tea. Place it on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Fennel tea is one of the herbal medicinal remedies women have found beneficial to them for centuries. Take the time to discover these health benefits today.

Source by Connie Bednar

Should You Choose a Shih Tzu? Pros and Cons

Shih Tzus can be a joy or a pain depending on your situation, and as any breed there are pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider:

Pro: They have the ideal temperament for singles or couples with older children are dogs – outgoing, confident and alert. Although they may seem a bit arrogant to sight, the breed generally has a mild-natured temperament. Can go to be the ultimate TV-potato companion watching the playful companion at the dangling of a toy or a throwing of a feast. These little guys seem to know that they are irresistible and like to be treated like kings.

Con: They are not always good for babies or young children

Because they are used to being the focus of attention, they can get jealous of babies or young children who constantly need supervision by adults. And an older Shih Tzu can snap so disturbed by noisy children who are not respectful of his space. But some are more tolerant, and if the puppy and the child are introduced correctly at an early stage, they can hear themselves swimming.

Pro: The race requires a minimum of exercise

Unlike other breeds that love action, usually only takes a short walk around the block or indoor play sessions. If you have a yard, leaving your out for short periods during the day will shudder, but this breed is also well suited for apartment dwellers.

Con: high maintenance when it comes to grooming

The is a long-haired breed, and without regular brushing, it can become a mess tangled, knotted. If you can not commit yourself to set the time each day to comb your dog's fur, you will need to make regular appointments with the local dog groomer for frequent toppings to keep his coat short and clean. Also require a weekly bath and nails with nails.

Pro: A History of History

If you want a piece of ambling history on your home, look no further than the. Based on the appearances of the breed in ancient Chinese paintings, it is thought that have been around since 624 AD and while the origin of the breed is a subject of much debate they have been known to be the part Of the Chinese court

Con: History of health problems

Although generally healthy creatures, Shih Tzus are prone to kidney disease called renal dysplasia. In addition, because of their short faces, this breed must be handled more carefully than some other breeds – a Shih Tzu respiratory system is compromised by its short nose, so do not smoke or use powerful chemical cleansers around him. Also, short – faced dogs have a high risk of heat stroke, so minimizing your dog 's outdoor activity during the summer is essential.

Pro: All the cool kids have

Because they are impressive, they have been a staple in the American Kennel Club Top 10 of the most popular breeds since 2004.

Con: All cool kids have Shih Tzus

The burden of any popular breed is the & # 39; abuse by puppy millers and farmers d & # 39; backyard, damaging the gene pool by the evil-dog breeding ground for profit and not for & # 39; improvement of the breed

a Shitzu is for you, s & # 39; please start your search with a breeder reference the & # 39; AKC or a specific breed club (in this Case, the American Shih Tzu Club) – these resources point you in the right direction. Never buy a puppy on the Internet with a "Buy Now" tab. The instant gratification is all good and well until you find your puppy is filled with poor selection health problems.

Source by Katrina Wagner

Basic Ways To Avoid Being A Fraud

Some of you could remember the wild west of the Internet, where you could make ANY income claim and pretty much never worry about the feds coming after you.

"Bank 10 Gazzillion Bajillion dollars in 2.3 Seconds!"

Yeah, in some ways those were really the wild west days …

… and then disappearing down the rabbit hole from which they cam.

No, we donate to the tune of hundreds of dollars apiece …

[Get a free estimate for this lulu of a shocker]

… advertisers have to be HONEST.

Gasp! Shock! Oh, the horror !!

Wait a minute – is not that a GOOD thing?

So many times I have heard people moan and groan about the Federal Trade Commission

For example, legendary marketer Frank Kern was sued by the FTC because he advertised specific income results.

To be fair, I'm sure there are cases where the FTC gets over-zealous

FTC regulations in the United States of America and the United States of America.

a claim to make a millionaires out of paupers at the press of a Button.

Now then, if you're new to marketing or you have not been paying attention to what you can do in your advertising, here are some guidelines to keep you out of hot water with the FTC.

And please note: I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on Netflix. This is not legal advice.

Let 's get started:

1. It' s easy to get started.

2. In the case of the United States of America, If you are making a claim, then this is the only way to make sure that you have a good reputation.

3. It 's not just a matter of time, but it' It's okay – and even a most excellent idea – to let people know that you will absolutely nothing with your system. After all, there is work involved, and if someone does not consume your product and put it to work, they're not going to make anything. This is common sense and yes, your reader already knows this. Expressing this demonstrates your honesty and makes everything else you say more believable. Plus, it's true. And near as I can tell, the FTC likes truth in advertising. A lot.

4. If there are expenses related to making this money, clearly state what those are. For example, did you earn $ 10,000 but you paid affiliates $ 5,000? Then do not say you earned $ 10,000 without immediately revealing you paid half of that to affiliates. Or simply say you cleared $ 5000 after paying affiliates.

5. Reassure your prospects that your money making method takes WORK. Believe it or not, this will increase your conversion rate, because people believe it takes work to make money. If you make it sound too easy (even if it is easy) they will not believe you.

6. The FTC is the only way to get the best out of the FTC. Be brutally honest about how long it took you to achieve your results. Oddly enough, this not only keeps you honest, but it can also be a great selling point. "I had to try 27 different techniques before I got it right and I made my first dollar.

7. With everything you write or say, ask yourself if you are telling the whole story, because The FTC website (bolding is mine): The Federal Trade Commission Act allows the FTC to act in the interest of all declarative and interpretive or a statement or statement about the product or service is deceptive if it is likely to: mislead consumers and affect consumers

8. Assume the FTC is going to read your co Py or watch your sales video. Yup. That puts things in perspective, does not it?

9. Whenever possible, do not make an income claim your primary benefit. Let's say you teach a course on how to do business for offline businesses. Hopefully that is your BIG benefit – teaching offline marketing.

10. The Government of the United States of America. Can you sell your product without making income claims at all? That 's terrific – do it. Very few products MUST contain income claims.

Okay, I need to talk about # 10 – back in the day if you want to sell an internet marketing

As marketers we got complacent.

Bottom line – we got lazy and we forgot how to sell without income claims.

So let's say Bob has a nice little method to earn $ 1,000 a week. And that's what he's earning, too. He writes up the process he uses and makes a product out of it. So far, so good.

One method he could use to tell his story while never revealing how much money he makes. "I had a good job with a copy company, but I was not happy, so I tried this and that, and finally found a method that worked. Goodbye forever, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to do it, How I Do It Exit to Investing 10 hours a week doing this is a learning curve – it took me 8 weeks to get up to the income. 'M kind of lazy so I have not done that yet, and I do not know how much that would earn you. Etc. "

You get the idea. You're being REAL. No wild claims.

Will you get this many way this way? It depends.

This site is a preview generated by the web here and it is copyright on this site. Disclaimers and disclosures must be clear and conspicuous. That is, consumers must be able to notice, read or hear, and understand the information.

Demonstrations must show how the product

AddThis Social Bookmark Button By the way, Advertising directed to children special issues issues. That's because children may have greater difficulty evaluating the claims and understanding the nature of the information you provide. Sellers should take special care when it comes to advertising.

A good rule of thumb – when in doubt, leave it out .

One last thought – what if you were known to the painfully, brutally honest marketer who always told the 100% truth? What would happen?

My guess is two things: First of all you would make fewer sales, but you would also get far fewer refund requests.

I think you'll agree

And the FTC would have no need to knock on your door with one of those nasty warrants.

This is a very interesting article,

Source by Nick James

Shih Tzu Care – Five Tips to Take Care of the Senior Dog

If you have had your Shih Tzu from the very beginning you will notice him getting older and Follows his needs. You do not need to be a veterinarian to know that older pets need different nutrition and can not be bound for hours on end.

The Shih Tzu is a small family owned and operated family owned and operated, Shih Tzu will vary from one dog to another.

1. In this paper, we present the results of the study. Exercise

Let your Shih Tzu tell you what pace he wants to set. If you know your pet you will know when he gets tired. As dogs get older they develop joint problems and other ages just like humans. You would not expect a seventy year old man to jog up the road every day, so do not expect it from your pet. It is however vital to keep up some form of exercise but keep this to a gentle walk.

When your faithful companion gets too weak to walk for more than a couple of minutes, carry it or get some sort of carry cot.

2. In order to obtain the best results, we recommend that you use the following methods: Nutrition

There are so many excellent food products available that are specially balanced to take care of an older dog's needs. Normal adult dog foods are no longer suitable. Your older pet needs different vitamins and minerals from his diet. Remember that he is using the energy so you must resist the temptation to over feed. Shih Tzu is a small group of people who have been living in the United States for many years. Look at supplements especially glucosamine for stiff joints. Either reduce his feeding to once a day or give him very small amounts regularly.

Make sure that you have the best of both worlds. Old digestions can not cope with rich food and the weaker a dog is the more distressful an upset tummy will be. (19459002)

3. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Keep older dogs snug and warm

If you notice him shivering or the temperature drops, invest in a coat or even boots. Make sure his mattress is soft and fluffy. Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Shahe Tzu Shih Tzu.

This is the first place in the history of humanity,

A Shih Tzu's long hair makes these parasites harder to spot and more dogs are more likely to infestation.

Make sure you know how to make the most of your pet.

This is the first time I have ever seen a house,

Source by Chris Boshoff

Quick and Easy Recipes For Healthy Pug Food

Healthy cooking for your pug does not have to be a complicated task. The key is to keep the preparation quick and simple. The easier you do things for yourself, the more you will be able to handle healthy cooking for your pug.

Here are some nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes that you can regularly whisk for your pet.

Health without Fuss Sweet potato dog Chew

Sweet potatoes can be a healthy alternative to dog chew. It is rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber. It has twice the recommended daily dose of vitamin A, and 42 percent of the recommended dose of vitamin C plus four times the recommended daily dose for beta-carotene.

1 large sweet potato, cut into 1/3 "or 1/4" slices. Ingredients

1 Large potato, cut into 1/3 "or 1/4" slices.

Bake the sliced ​​pieces at 250 degrees for 3 hours, turn it halfway, then let it cool completely before feeding it to your foal.

Brown rice with vegetables and meat

The removal of the hull of the rice grain produces brown rice which is an excellent Source of selenium and magnesium minerals. When it is fully crushed and polished, brown rice is processed into white rice, and during this process, about 80% of its vitamins and minerals are eliminated. This includes vitamins B3, B1 and B6, manganese, phosphorus, iron and most dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.

Brown rice is indeed a healthy carbohydrate and here is a recipe that you can easily prepare for your pug



  • 3 cups chicken broth
  • 1 cup brown rice
  • ½ pound ground turkey
  • pack of 8 ounces broccoli and frozen carrots
  • Directions

    Place the chopped turkey, frozen vegetables, brown rice and chicken stock in a large saucepan.

    Bring the mixture to a boil, while stirring constantly. Cook until the rice is tender and all or most of the liquid is absorbed. Ingredients Ingredients Ingredients Ingredients Ingredients Ingredients

  • ½ pound of meat hamburger
  • 1 pot of baby bottle green beans
  • 1 pot jarre food carrots
  • 2 tbsp. Cheese table cottage
  • Directions

  • Sauté hamburger meat with canola oil
  • Combine with other ingredients
  • Cool and serve.

  • Source by Jennifer Maxwell Wezensky