Planning the Perfect Surprise Baby Shower!

There is nothing more exciting than sharing the joy of a friend or family member waiting for a new baby! You want to be there for support, to help him in any way you can, and you want to throw him the perfect surprise baby shower. It can be frustrating when you try to make sure everything is fine and everything is secret. Here are some good tips to help you launch the perfect surprise baby shower.

Have a co-conspirator!

You should seek the help of someone close to the mother, as would dad, or maybe a grandmother. They can be invaluable when it comes to certain things. For example, they would know which day would be perfect for the shower, and who or who not to invite. They can also give you advice on what the mom might need for the baby, or what she already has. They will be able to help you get phone numbers and addresses to invite from both sides of the family.

Ask the help of some friends!

Keeping things organized and preparing everything can be boring, but a few girlfriends who help you will pay less attention to you and keep things fun. You could assign different tasks to each of you. For example, a person could be responsible for sending invitations and processing confirmations. They could assemble the final list of confirmed guests so that you know exactly how much food to buy, and how many seats to have, and what size of a place you will need for the shower.

Another friend could take care of shopping, buying dishes, napkins, food, cake, decorations and gifts for the winners of the shower sets. (Make sure you have some extra gifts in case of a tie!) This would leave you free for other tasks, like putting together the items you will need for games, packing the gifts, finding the right place for the shower, and all the other extras you want to include in the shower.
On the day of the shower, you could also ask these friends to help you prepare the food, prepare it and decorate it.


When you have a baby shower, you must have games. There are some favorites that you might want to include in the surprise baby shower that you throw.

Dirty diaper … Take enough towels for each guest, including mom, to be able to pick one. Fold the towels in half, then again. Squirt some mustard on one of the napkins and fold it. Place the towels in a basket and let each guest put his hand and take a towel. Whoever takes the dirty diaper & # 39; win a present!

Riddle Game … Buy lots of small baby items such as pacifiers or baby booties and place them in a pot after you. have them count. Ask the guests to try and guess how many are there. Whoever approaches the most wins a gift.

Do not tell baby … Inform the guests at the appropriate time that they can not tell baby. & # 39; At the end of the holiday, who remains who has not said that baby wins a prize!

The most important thing about a surprise baby shower is that you, the guests and the mom, are having a good time. These ideas will help you achieve a sweet, exciting and fun surprise shower!

Source by Kristi Patrice Carter

Going Gray the Sexy Way for Baby Boomer Women

I am often asked by customers if they should go gray or not. The question is yours. If you are willing to invest time and money to keep your hair colored and cut regularly to cover the gray, then go for it. However, if you know that you are the type of person who can not be bothered by seeing your colorist for two hours every 5 weeks, then you should think about becoming gray. If you've decided you're ready to kiss your gray like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, or Judi Dench, then follow these tips to make sure you stay chic with your new make.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

When hair is gray, it tends to look dry and brittle. Keep it silky and sensual with regular deep conditioning. When the hair is healthy, they keep their shape, they look better longer and they keep you beautiful all day long. Money is sexy, so make sure your hair makes people want to touch it because it's so healthy.

Get an interesting cut

Gray hair tends to make you invisible if you have a boring cut. With a good cut, you have to be careful. Try an asymmetrical cut or a blunt square to stop dead people in their tracks. A great way to see what styles look best is to visit a wig shop. Once there, you can let your imagination run wild with any style you like. I also suggest taking pictures of yourself in the wigs you like in order to show your hairdresser and help in the process of transformation.

Up your make up

The gray lightens your natural color, so it's important to wear makeup once you've turned gray. The Foundation is the key, that the eyes that burst and a little more blush. If you're not used to wearing a lot of makeup, this may seem like too much, but you'll find that once you start creating more drama with your makeup, you'll increase your presence and your perception to others. .

By following these quick tips, gray hair can be sexy. The key is not to let everything else go with your hair color. Gray hair still requires maintenance, a good cut and more makeup to succeed. Do not be afraid of gray. The sooner you adopt it, the sooner you will be able to channel your inner Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep and be that sexy, silver starlet.

Source by Erin Stafford

Basic Boa Constrictor Care

Boa constrictors are among the most rewarding of all snakes to keep in pets. Although they reach a large size in adulthood, they are generally easy to handle, docile and pleasant to hold.

All boas give birth to young people. The new boa constrictors will be about 15 to 20 inches in length. Adult females can reach 8 to 10 feet, with exceptionally large specimens being even larger, and males tend to be one or two feet shorter and less muscular. Although it's a snake easy to maintain without extremely demanding requirements, they are potentially a dangerous animal because of their size. For this reason, adults should only be handled when another person is at hand, and they should always receive the respect they deserve.

Boa Constrictor Care

These snakes are best preserved separately, in a glass-fronted vivarium. While young people will climb, and there is some height to their fence, adults tend to be quite earthly. An area of ​​about 5 x 3 feet is sufficient for a medium-sized adult.

An ambient temperature of about 82 to 90 F should be maintained through the use of heated mattresses and / or d & rsquo; Light bulbs controlled by a thermostat. A thermal gradient is required with a hovering zone of a few degrees warmer, and a cooler zone so that the boa can thermoregulate. The bulbs, whether they are ceramic or incandescent, should always be protected with a protector to prevent burns. As they are mainly nocturnal animals, no special lighting is required.

The vivarium floor may be covered with newspaper, paper towels or bark / wood chips. While a natural substrate such as bark is beautiful, it can be harder to keep clean, so paper towels are recommended, especially for juveniles. Precautions should also be taken when using non-adherent substrates to prevent them from being ingested with prey.

A bowl of water should be provided at all times and changed frequently. Boa constrictors will bathe occasionally, especially during the bestowal, so that a bowl that is large enough for your boa to roll up is advisable.

At least 2 skins should also be provided, one at the hottest end of the vivarium, and a cooler. The skins can be bark, hollow logs, artificial plastic caves or even cardboard boxes.

Feeding his boa

Juvenile boas should be fed weekly, larger specimens less frequently. A single object of prey so large that the circumference of the snake should be offered. Newborns are started on pinkie mice (aged one day) and work through mice, rats and even small to large rabbits for large adult boas. Most boa bred in captivity feed on frozen and thawed food. Make sure that prey items are completely thawed before offering them.

Handling Your Boa

One of the reasons why boa constrictors are so popular is that they are very tolerant to handling. Young snakes can take a little time to learn that a human hand is not a threat. Give a newly acquired snake a few days to settle in its new home before handling it. Start by gently holding the snake for a few minutes at a time. Over time, your boa will learn that you are not a threat, and most adult boas are very docile and will be very happy for you to handle them for long periods. Of course you must be careful not to let a big animal wrap around your neck because they are very strong and powerful constrictors. Always have another person nearby when handling a big snake.

Boa constrictors can live 20 to 30 years in captivity, so do some research before buying a boa. Ask about their habits and requirements before making the commitment to take care of an animal for so long, but if you decide to keep boas, you will find them a fascinating and rewarding snake to heal.

Source by Billy Deakin

Taking Care Of Your Boat's Canvas

Caring for your boat's canvas accessories does not have to be a long or difficult task. A little regular maintenance and attention to detail as you sail will make your canvas last for the life of your boat.

Normally, the canvas components of a boat are very few: a convertible roof, side curtains (which are usually not much canvas), boots and boat covers. Let's address each of these elements.

Convertible Top Most boats have a kind of hood. Whether it's a small fishing boat, a runabout, a sailboat or a family cruiser, all use the same basic principle. There is a metal frame (usually aluminum or stainless steel) that is attached to the gunwale by means of a swivel piece that allows the roof to retract or rise into a position that gives enough shade to the boat. ; s occupants. Once deployed, the hood can be attached to a permanent windshield or other boat structure by means of small snaps or percussion by means of a zipper. Precautions should always be taken when attaching or detaching the fabric to pull the snaps directly from an herb that is very close to breaking. Many tops have been ruined by crew members trying to catch the canvas at one end and, with one swipe, try to detach more than one press. When zippers are used, care must be taken that the zipper is properly engaged before attempting to close the zipper. You can facilitate this process by removing the pressure on the canvas by detaching the rear end of the top of its clips to start the zipper. You will find this to be easier. Marine zippers tend to dry up and hard to work. Applying a small stick along the zipper and opening it and closing it several times will tend to mitigate the zipper problems.

Whenever the convertible canvas roof is not deployed, it must be secured in its "seat". Boot & # 39; exclusive & # 39; (Usually, a small zippered cloth cover that securely covers the folded convertible roof in its closed position.) Or fixed so that it does not catch air. like the boat is moving in the water. When you close the top to place it in the boot, make sure that it is neatly folded and not just piled in the boot. , be sure to open it and let it air dry before leaving it in the boot for a long period of time.

Side Curtains Many times, there are small, custom-made pieces of clear plastic that close between an extended hood and the gunwale. This is to completely surround the area under the top of the meteorological elements. Usually, the side curtains are attached to the convertible top by means of a zipper or small metal snaps and also attached to the gunwale or windshield of the boat by snaps. Care should be taken when storing these curtains to ensure that the clear plastic material is rolled up and not pinched during storage, as this will cause cracks and tears in the plastic. Like the snaps on top, the buttons must be removed one at a time to make sure they do not tear or tear. The zippers must be periodically lubricated with wax or Chap Stick. When the side curtains are stowed, make sure that they are stored in a dry place and that no heavy objects are placed on them or on other objects likely to move and scratch the plastic. .

There may also be an opening curtain to completely surround the cockpit. Typically, these are mostly canvases and sometimes contain a clear plastic window. The same storage, folding and deployment techniques apply as for the side curtains.

Boat Lids When mooring, storing or towing the boat, it is advisable to cover the boat elements. When they are left outside and uncoated for a long period of time, the boats tend to be very weathered and lose a lot of their attractiveness and value. Boat lids tend to come in two varieties – the storage lids that completely surround the boat and are attached to the trailer to move along a road, and the lids that are intended for to cover the boat. Most mooring lids are not designed to be used when towing, as the wind can sometimes go under the lid and pull it off the boat. Having left some very expensive mooring covers along the highway, I strongly advise against pulling a boat at the speed of the highway with a mooring cover in place. Mooring covers are usually designed to attach to the gunwales (and perhaps the windshield) with the help of small metal knobs. When you attach a blanket, if you pull the canvas a wink or two ahead of the one you intend to attach, this will make the process much smoother. When removing the mooring cover, be sure to remove it at a time to avoid damaging the canvas or press stud


inexpensive repair kits and additional snaps so that damaged snaps can easily be repaired. It's worth it to do it before the need for coverage.

A little prevention, reflection and maintenance of the canvas of your boat will save you a lot of trouble and make your trip even more enjoyable! Have a good cruise!

Source by Don Seibert

Remain Sane When You Take Care Of Your Baby

Who would have thought that a small creature the size of a pack might have the ability to cause so much distress in an adult at least ten times his weight? Caring for a baby can be overwhelming.

As such, we have put together some simple tips to help you stay healthy minded:

Use toys during the period of change:

It is common for babies from 4 months of age to be extremely nervous during diaper changes. Try to distract them by putting a mobile on the changing mat or ask your partner to hang a brightly colored object on the changing mat so that the baby can coo on it and give you the precious seconds you need to do the exercise. !

Providing stimulation:

Providing visual and auditory stimulation will help increase the cognitive development of your babies. For example, choose colorful and noisy toys for young babies and encourage them to play with them. Or, if you do not have a mobile ready to use, make your own using brightly colored objects. Hang them from a frame made of hangers and of course, in this case, keep them out of baby's reach.

Babies Love Massages:

Babies can be soothed with a touch of sweetness. Lay your baby on a soft surface in a quiet room, preferably with soothing music in the background. Using a small baby oil, move your palms slowly and gently along the arms, legs, and back.

Say no to flowers:

For a newborn, it is just to get used to breathe air. Do not complicate the task if the air of the house is pollinated by a well known allergen. If you love your home, go with artificial plants for the moment.

Open a bank account for your baby:

It's a good idea to do this because you can deposit cash donations from the family and friends there and # 39, ll help you stay organized. In addition, you will give in the future an excellent example of the importance of saving for your child.

Source by Tani Lane

The Basics of Anti-Aging Skin Care

The first question that most people have when exploring the field of skin care is, "Which rejuvenation products of the skin have been proven to be effective "? What are the secrets for younger skin?

Accurate information regarding the multitude of anti-aging treatments that flood the market is the best way to make informed decisions to develop your own skin rejuvenation regime that incorporates the techniques, strategies and treatments that best meet your personal skin aging problems.

The basics of effective skin rejuvenation begin with the facts about anti-aging skin treatments . There are several active ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective skin rejuvenators.

One of the most effective treatments is Vitamin A derivatives such as retinol or retinyl palmitate

Retin Vitamin A Treatments A or Renova are the most powerful but most irritating treatments of vitamin A options and are only available on prescription. If your skin needs a significant rejuvenation, ask your doctor if you are a candidate for the treatment of Retina A or Renova by Vitamin A.

If no, one of the other alternatives to retinol in your skincare routine is: an excellent strategy. The concentration of retinol over the counter can go up to 1%. The rule of thumb is this: the higher the concentration, the stronger the treatment. Be warned however, read the instructions carefully because stronger retinol products can be very irritating to the skin. Starting slowly and progressively increasing to higher concentrations, you will be better able to adapt to treatments. The vitamin A derivative, Retinyl Palmitate, is the least irritating of vitamin A options and is considered to have very effective rejuvenating qualities.

The most beneficial anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment is a chemical exfoliant such as an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) or a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA).

The most popular of these acids is a glycolic AHA acid. Glycolic acid should be used in concentrations of 8% to 15% depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Start with a lower concentration and gradually increase to a concentration of 10% then 15% depending on the tolerance of your skin to avoid irritation.

The last consideration is to include an antioxidant to contain skin damaging free radicals as well as to encourage overall skin repair.

Products containing vitamin C ester, spin trap or CoQ10 are good options to explore. Then, of course, there are other viable anti-aging treatments that can be incorporated into your diet to suit your particular skin rejuvenation needs, including DMAE, Kinerase or Kinetin, and GHK Copper Peptides

The essential and essential aspect of any skin rejuvenation regime is sunscreen, at least once a day, every day!

Your skin will look younger, healthier when you start a simple, basic anti-aging skincare routine.

Source by Sue Cooper-Dolan

Why Parents are Always Involved?

Parents always ask what they will do to prevent their child from getting into trouble. Relationship building goes a long way towards this goal. Encouraging a sense of closeness and unity and building a strong relationship with your child can help you put them in trouble. Even if the school has primary responsibility for the learning of your children, as parents, you have to work with the school to get things moving.

Here are the different ways to do it as a parent:

1) S actively interested in your child's education. In this case, you must attend any conferences at the school that your child is active in or review your child's works that he brings from the school. You must also see if your child is working at his potential.

2) Support your child's teacher. We have all learned that teaching is a difficult task. Take the teacher's report seriously about your child's behavior. Teachers may not take the time to call you unless it is important. Always discipline your child while he is not keeping in good behavior. Remind your child that what you expect from her are also the expectations of her teachers. Discuss your concerns in a private place with the teacher and never show it to your child.

3) Agree to let the school do its duty. You and your child must follow the rules given by the school. We all know that it is also for the sake of our child. We must understand that the school provides a safe environment for all students, so they need your support as parents.

4) Cooperate and be active in the school of your child.As parents, there are many ways to participate in If you do not know what to do, try asking for advice in your school's office. Parents are very eager to attend their child's school as they grow up, but tend to lose interest when their child gets old. Children are more likely to succeed if their parents are actively interested in how they go to school.

Source by Jun Rey Saludo

Discus Fish

Discus fish are one of the most sought after freshwater fish on the market today. Discus fish are very intelligent fish and have very distinct personalities, and discus fish normally recognize their guardian and respond with a demonstration of affection as you enter the room. You can even feed a Discus fish from your hand! In this article, I will go over some points to consider when I'm busy with your own discus fish, and also some things you can expect from your new pet.

The first thing you need to do when you start your own Discus aquarium is to choose an appropriate aquarium. It's always a good idea to buy the largest aquarium that you can afford. Having a larger aquarium will allow you to have a little more margin when it comes to environmental conditions. A larger aquarium will generally tend to be a little more stable than the smaller ones. After getting your aquarium, you will need to choose the proper filters and equipment for your installation. Make sure to check the specific requirements of your Discus fish and adjust accordingly for your aquarium.

Discus fish are a little more difficult to treat than other species of freshwater fish, and are not usually not recommended for beginners. Discus fish tend to be more of an educated fish and do best when kept in an aquarium with many companions of the same species. Also, you should provide a lot of cover in the form of driftwood and rocks for your Discus fish. Discus fish also require water temperatures around 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. For food, you must feed your fish discus from a steady diet of frozen worms, salted shrimp and typical dumplings that flow. When your discus fish are young, you should feed them at least 3 times a day. As your fish ages, you can reduce the diet to once a day. Avoid overfeeding your discus fish as it can make them obese and cause health problems.

Once you get the hang of your Discus fish, you can start to reproduce them. Discus fish are very loving parents, both parents playing an active role in the life of their fries. It's really a sight to see, see your fish swimming with their own offspring and I highly recommend you try to raise your discus fish when you are comfortable in your ability to provide adequate care for them.

I hope you found this article useful for considering owning and caring for your own discus fish. There are many more in-depth guides on the web that can go into more detail about the different aspects of caregiving. I have just tried to give you a brief overview of some points to consider. As always, if you still have unanswered questions about fish discus, you can always contact a friendly sales representative to answer your questions.

Source by Jake Wilson

Basic Nail Art Tools for DIY Beginners

So, you want to try your hand at the art of DIY nails, but where do you start? The first thing you need to do is get your hands on some basic nail art tools. Here is a list of my 5 essential DIY nail art tools.

1) Nail polish

The essential elements are: a base layer (to prevent discoloration of the nails and allow your nail polish to slide well), nail polish, and a top coat (to ensure that your manicure lasts more than a day). I like to use a top coat that dries quickly and that is very convenient to use, but it is also good to have a natural topcoat or clear coat for some more complex nails. Having tried lots of different brands, I have found that it is so important to invest in good quality nail polish. These are more expensive but they are worth it because they last longer, dry faster and do not become lumpy. I've had such bad experiences with cheap nail polish that now I'm sticking to brands that I have used before (and similar) and reputable brands. Orly, OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hansen and Essie are some of the good ones. It is also a good idea to test the varnish of a brand that you have not tried before you buy it.

2) False dotters

Nails create dots and pattern circles I use them all the time to create simple dotted patterns. They come in a variety of sizes. Initially, it will be good to get your hands on one that has a medium sized round feather on one end and a small one on the other so you can choose the size of the stitches you want to create.

FASHION OF USE: Find a sheet of plastic and put a few drops of nail polish on it. I like to use business cards that are hard and feel a bit plastic for that because they are small and disposable. Dip the round feather of your dotter in the nail polish. Try to make some points on the sheet / name card until you get the right size and consistency you want. Do the same on the surface of your fingernail. Be careful not to use too much pressure, which can cause deformation of the points. Do not forget to clean them after use and dry them well. These tools are made of metal and are likely to rust.

MAKE YOUR OWN It's also easy to create your own landmark using things you have around your house. . Hairpins are a cheap and practical alternative. Stretch them straight and use the round ends at the end as regular dots. Because all you need is a rounded tip, you can use anything that looks like a point, like the back of a pencil eyeliner cap, for example

3) Striped nails

These, for me, are an absolute essential. They are nail polishes that come with a long, thin brush rather than the usual flat and wide. I use them to paint lines and add random color keys. They are so easy to use and very versatile. I recommend having two colors, white and black, when you start. Brands like LA Colors have a wide range of colors and are very inexpensive, so have fun!

If you do not want to have to buy a new polish every time you want to try another color, you could alternatively get a nail brush. However, not all brushes are good for nail polish. I've tried nail polish on a few and they completely ruined the bristles on the brush. Use water-based nail paint if you must. This makes cleaning the brushes a lot easier. If you used nail polish, use acetone, soapy water and a paper towel to clean your brush.

4) Stationery

Artists create super neat and straight lines and stripes? By using duct tape, you can create many geometric and striped patterns.

The ribbon for stationery is one of the best tools ever designed for nail art. Any type of normal tape is good, but you can experiment and see what gives you the best results. They are perfect for creating neat lines and geometric shapes. Simply cut the ribbon into the desired band / shape, paste it on your nail and paint on. It's easy like that!


  • Always make sure your nail polish is dry. Use a quick-drying topcoat such as Quick Dry if you do not want to wait.
  • Cut the ribbon before you start painting your nails to avoid smudging when you try to cut it with wet nails.
  • Stick the tape somewhere where it will be easily removable so you do not get it caught when you want to stick it on your nails.
  • Use tweezers to remove the tape to avoid accidentally spitting your nails.
  • If you make a mistake, you no longer need to start from scratch. Use a nail art brush and touch up if necessary. This is usually the case.

5) Nail Brushes

If you are really serious about the art of nails, you might consider d & rsquo; Invest in a good set of nail art brushes. The main types of nail art brushes are fan brushes, flat brushes, flat brushes, fine brushes (for details) and long strips. These brushes can be purchased conveniently (and rather inexpensively) in a set. The Monster Bundle New Pro 20pc Nail Art Design Brushes from Amazon is a very good deal and comes with a pointer.

MAKE YOUR OWN: You Do not Need To use nail art brushes for nail art, you can even use your usual brush. Just cut it to the shape you desire and use it as a nail art brush! It's practical and not to mention cheaper to start with a paintbrush.

Source by Audrey T

Is Pregnancy After Liposuction Risky?

Among women who have had liposuction at some point in their lives, there is one part that faces a very common problem. If you have had this procedure in the past, you may wonder how this could affect you during pregnancy. As the body is sure to change radically enough during pregnancy, many women are wondering what will happen to the results of their liposuction if they become pregnant afterwards. Fortunately, there is really nothing to fear. Having a baby after a liposuction procedure is quite common and carries no risk.

Although there is no potential risk, there are important things to keep in mind. If you have done liposuction in the area of ​​the abdomen, then you can consider that you will have a really cute baby belly throughout. When you have done liposuction here, a lot of fat cells have been removed from the area of ​​the abdomen. Therefore, it is so much easier to bring your belly back to its normal shape after the birth of baby. This means that you will look cute throughout your pregnancy because the fat will not accumulate excessively here, and you will be able to bounce back much faster.

There is something to consider when it comes to liposuction and pregnancy. Although you can not gain excessive weight in the abdomen, it can very well appear and congregate in other parts of the body such as the buttocks or thighs. You can even find that fat deposits in unusual areas such as hands and feet. This may not be desirable, but is a common problem for women who become pregnant after liposuction.

The woman's body is intended and predisposed to gaining weight during pregnancy. It's good for the baby throughout pregnancy and good for natural things such as breastfeeding after the baby is born. It is also biologically useful because taking care of a newborn baby takes a lot of a woman and therefore fat storage helps with that. Although you have to put on weight and you should during pregnancy, do not let yourself go crazy. You're sure to eat more, but just be smart about it. Talk to your doctor and understand what a healthy weight range is so you can be smart about what you put in your mouth throughout your pregnancy.

If you considered lipo to get your body in good shape, then maybe it's wise to wait until you've had a pregnancy and had your children. It can be much more beneficial to have the lipo after the baby arrives. Once your body has recovered from pregnancy and childbirth may be the perfect time to have liposuction. A very common procedure that is happening now is for women to request a tummy tuck at the same time as they have a scheduled cesarean section. It's better if you're sure you're done having children and know that your family is complete. So while liposuction before pregnancy will not cause any harm or risk, it is better to wait if you can before having children.

Source by C Flanagan