Shih Tzu House Training – How to Change Your Puppy’s Shy, Timid Behavior

If you are a new dad proud or mum of a shih tzu puppy extremely shy, do not worry! This is a behavioral feature is based on fear and is very common for a puppy. It is a well known fact that in every litter there will be at least one shih-tzu shy puppy and it needs a little more care than the normal puppy. However, you do not have to worry as shih tzu home training is not difficult at all!

First, we must understand the cause of this fear. When the shih tzu shy puppy grow up, he can develop unwanted behavior as the need and always look to his owners in any situation he may be. This may sound harmless, but do you know that this need to "run to mom or dad" whenever he's afraid, your puppy may start triggering the assault if it does not get the job. Soothing attention. What is called aggression caused by fear.

Do you know that if you constantly pet and soothe your puppy shih tzu whenever it shows extreme shyness or if it gets frightened, are you actually reinforcing that behavior? Of course it is difficult and difficult to ignore your scared puppy when he needs you … it is like your own baby crying to help and how can you not rush to pet the helpless baby ? But know that if you want to change the behavior of your puppy and help your puppy grow up to become a bold and social animal, you must let your puppy know that it is "ok" to be afraid.

How to help your Shi Shih-Tzu puppy change

When you have your puppy, you must watch your puppy. If your puppy shows signs of fear and shyness, then patience is needed when you help your puppy to adapt. Coax your puppy along, but you have to let your puppy realize that you are not his protector anymore. First of all, you must start stopping the behaviors of your puppy that he is used to doing when he is scared. For example, behaviors such as barking while hiding behind your legs when they are frightened, move away when you see a normal part of the outside, like a walking person or a swaying bush By the wind, etc.


Tip 1. If your puppy often barking or crying whenever people approach it you Need your puppy Shih Tzu to become less shy Correct this behavior by informing and explaining to your family and friends to ignore your puppy barking or crying induced by fear. So when these people naturally ignore your puppy barking or crying and not stopping the approach, your puppy will learn that this behavior does not work in his favor.

Tip 2. In a situation where your puppy should interact with guests, you should always secure your puppy with a lead. Drag your puppy along as you approach the guests. So, whenever your puppy gets frightened and starts to cry, barking or even hiding behind your legs, you need to act in a confident manner, without any animal attempts or appease your puppy. In other words, you ignore the cry of your puppy to be comforted. This will help your puppy become more courageous while letting him know that such behaviors will no longer work.

These simple home training tips shih tzu can help you train and correct your puppy's behavior before the situation comes out of Main.

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Small Dog Syndrome – How to Stop a Small Dog Behaving Badly

Small dogs or lap dogs or comforters as they were once have a very extensive history, encompassing several thousand years. Small breeds are often kept by nobility and given to the royal figures. It was also good for the health.

Many dogs have a preference for small dogs over large breeds, and for many different reasons.

Many owners of larger dogs, and many other dogs, and many other dogs. A little dogs, because of the perceived differences in their behavior, in relation to larger dogs.

If this assumption is not true, then why do so many?

To get an understanding of the problem, we need to begin with the beginning. All puppies are cute and adorable, even the most breed was small and cuddly at one time.

Researchers have found that humans have developed a biological response to 'cute' 'Things, especially baby animals.

This is where the problems begin; The owner over protects the dog, may carry him round, let him sleep on the bed or jump on the furniture when he chooses, and picks him up in the presence strange dogs, and gives in to his demands for attention.

So how is this all worked out in the dogs mind? Although our domestic dogs are very different in many ways to his ancestor, the wolf, he has inherited much of his ancestors instinctual behaviors. A part of this instinctual blue print, comes the desire to be part of a group or pack. Although most dogs are more than happy to be the follower in their human pack, if their is no obvious leader, or the dog is getting signals from his owner that he is the leader of the pack, then the dog will have no option but

Over time, the dog may be considered dominant, however, to the dogs owner these behaviors are "Chihuahuas are," or "part of the dogs personality," for example, "he's always been this way."

There are a number of behaviors that are common to small dogs acting dominantly , So much so, that this type of behavior has been observed in smaller breeds, has inherited the label 'small dog syndrome' or 'little dog syndrome'. Some of the common behaviors that characterize 'small dog syndrome' are listed below.

  •  Your dog has developed the habit of sitting on you, or next to you, when he pleases.

  • Your dog does not allow you near him when he is eating or having a toy he is playing with

  • Your barks excessively to get your attention.

  • Your dog is over protective when other dogs or humans come near you.

  • Your dog growls when you try to move him from his favorite resting place.

  • Your dog is generally stubborn and refuses to follow commands given to him.

  • Your dog displays an exaggerated reaction to being left alone, characterized by constant barking, or destructive behavior.

Much can be done to turn this problem around, however, owners must first consider the role they play in incurring this type of behavior in their dogs.

Secondly, owners must understand that it is natural for dogs to be a part of a pack and more importantly, a Pack in which they would much prefer to be a follower, than a leader.

In terms of retraining, owners must communicate to their dogs that they are the leader, provider, and protector of the team.

All demanding behaviour

All requests for behavior, ,

Aggressive and possessive behavior towards other humans by the dog can be dealt with by having a place The dog to go to when the owner is interacting with others.

This article is a translation of the original text of this article. For a long time. With patience and repetition however, the dog will be glad to become a follower, rather than the leader, of his human pack.

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The Purpose of a Spiked Dog Collar

Le vrai deal

En effet, les premiers colliers de chiens à pointe ont été utilisés dans les temps anciens par la garde et les chiens de guerre.

Beaucoup de chiens sont utilisés à juste titre pour la protection personnelle, ou utilisé pour protéger les biens et objets de valeur qui sont des cibles pour le vol.

Bien sûr, comme avec toute autre chose, les colliers de chiens à pointes viennent de toutes sortes et les gens les utilisent d'autres Des raisons telles qu'une déclaration de mode.

Il ya les wimpier, faites de fibres synthétiques et en plastique à ces fins.

Ces types de colliers sont plus d'une déclaration de mode générique plutôt que d'un outil utile. Pour le chien de travail – Obtenir la qualité

Je recommande d'obtenir un collier en cuir brut rugueux et prêt plutôt que l'un des modèles moins chers. Ils viennent en noir, brun, bleu, et même rose pour le chien dame dure.

Le cuir est lisse et a un revêtement protecteur contre toutes les conditions difficiles que le chien met à travers. Vous pouvez également obtenir des colliers à pointes avec simple, double et même triple pointes en rame. Ces colliers peuvent traiter un traitement plus brut, et ont un look plus sophistiqué pour eux. Lorsque vous choisissez le collier de chien à pointe droite pour vous et votre animal de compagnie, assurez-vous d'en obtenir un qui répondra à vos besoins.

Je dis que vous devriez obtenir un collier qui va durer assez longtemps, ne sera pas détruit Par votre animal, et les pointes sont sécurisées. Le plus fréquent défectueux avec un chien à pointe de collier est que certains pointes visser et sortir, ce qui les rend faciles à tomber et / ou à l'extérieur. Un autre défaut commun avec les colliers de chien est le tissu.

Colliers spécialisés

Certaines choses vont naturellement bien ensemble , Comme le beurre d'arachide une gelée. La tradition rude et prête de l'aventurisme américain s'exprime dans la légendaire moto Harley Davidson. Aujourd'hui, il ya toutes sortes d'accessoires qui vont de pair avec l'individualisme robuste que Harley est venu pour représenter – comme la coutume Harley Davidson correspondant à lui et à ses colliers de chien en cuir pointu.

Beaucoup de motards porter des bracelets pointue déjà, alors pourquoi Pas le pont de votre Pit Bull ou Rottweiler ainsi!

Les gens aiment les pointes aussi!

N'oubliez pas que ce ne sont pas seulement les chiens qui Comme pour regarder cool dans les colliers de chien pointu; Les chats les portent et donc les gens!

Mais quand est-ce que la mode est en train de changer, il est plus courant dans le monde punk plutôt que dans le monde des motards. Il approprié d'avoir un collier de chien spiked et quand n'est-ce pas?

Les épis vont très probablement effrayer les petits enfants encore plus qu'ils ne le sont déjà d'une année à l'autre. Nouvelle maison, famille et chien. En outre, si vous et votre conjoint êtes de nouveaux parents à un jeune bébé, les colliers de chien pointues sont une mauvaise idée.

Surtout quand l'enfant commence à ramper, debout et marcher les pointes sont un danger pour la sécurité.

Cependant, quand le jour vient d'être un vieil homme grincheux sur le porche, les colliers de chien spiked sont grands pour obtenir ceux-ci

Porter un collier pointu aussi faire un chien de garde ressembler à un garde un chien de garde réelle. Cela aide à décourager tout intrus potentiel de suivre à travers avec leur projet projeté. Ils voient le chien et vont dans l'autre sens. »

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What Is The Most Important Machine In Your Life?

What is the most important machine in your life – car? Computer? Cellphone? Television? Something else? On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you? Why?

If you believe that the car belongs to the top of your list, how much time and money do you spend taking care of it? Do you use an old fuel, consider the controls as a waste of time, ignore the car wash, etc.? You probably have your own special rules for any machine you have chosen.

Next question, you treat and care for your own body with the same amount of effort? For example:

What quality of fuel (food) do you give it? Do you give him an adequate supply of water? Do you spend boring routines like annual checkups because there are other things you would rather do? Do you continue to do what you've always done (too many calories without exercise) and you expect to get different results? Do you expect the doctor to order a "magic" pill to take when you are sick, provided there is no change necessary in your usual activities? Do you avoid making new healthy habits because the old way is so comfortable?

We can not exchange our old body for a new – life does not work that way. As Mickey Mantel once said: "If I knew that I was going to live that long, I would have taken better care of myself."

There has been a change of attitude these last years. It is rare to find articles from magazines promoting the latest diet guaranteed to erase all the extra weight of holiday indulgences or how to prepare to wear this new bikini to the beach.

We now recognize that diets, Diets, are no longer acceptable. Lifestyle plans are the most recent buzzwords. Sometimes it sounds like another variant of the unique idea. Of course, the same basic principles are needed – more fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, legumes, nuts, lean protein, less sugar and fat, portion control, Exercise, fitness and water instead of soft drinks. Unfortunately, not enough attention is given to the uniqueness of each person. We start with different bodies, jobs, family situations, personal and family history, likes and dislikes.

The biggest challenge is to decide how important we consider a healthy lifestyle and what we are willing to do to achieve it. Honesty is the first step. Whether we like or hate what we see in the mirror, it is our own past choices that have brought us to this point. No one else can be blamed for the strength of feeding us with junk food or rope us to a chair in front of the television. And no one else can make choices every day that lead to better health in our future!

Start by deciding how you want to look and feel. All things that make life rich and enjoyable – vigor, vitality, optimism, strength, lack of disease and illness – deserve superior billing. It may seem trivial, but having deep and meaningful reasons is essential for your success.

You are the only person who can make lasting changes in your life. Recognize at the outset that it will take time. After all, no one happens to be a star athlete in a floating potato in one or two months – and it does not work faster in the opposite direction.

A sudden and drastic overhaul of everything in your life will simply not work! More can be accomplished by making small changes – one step baby at a time. Once the first changes become habits that feel comfortable, you can be sure to move on to the following goals. Trust yourself and your ability to change. Soon you will have concrete evidence of progress.

Who has more sense – lose 15 pounds in a month, but bring it back before the end of the year? Or, avoid feeling like a kind of martyr, lose 4 to 6 pounds a month and keep it for the rest of your life? Remember also, there is more than one way of exercising and finding what you really, really like and like to do.

Success lies in the united effort of the mind, body and emotion. You may find that writing a personal diary reporting your before-and-after story is an excellent incentive to stay on track. Start your book with photos and the usual recordings of weight, measurements, health and fitness profile. It will be good to add new data as you progress. Statistics are needed, but probably more important is the part of the log recording your feelings about the changing results.

What you experience along the way becomes as interesting as where you think you are going. Note the pleasure you discover by discovering a new flexibility when you stretch, enjoying to find foods that taste as good as they are good for you, freedom to live without these troubles and annoying pains and, Of course, the new energy that lasts throughout the day.

We can not turn our bodies into for new brilliant models, but we can feel and look younger than the calendar suggests. The important thing is to take care of our most precious machine – our own body. Picasso said: "Only put off tomorrow what you are willing to die after losing."

Enjoy the journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Source by Gloria Hansen

Creative Marketing Ideas For Shoe Stores

During an economic recession, the retail industry has taken a big hit as customers simply do not have as much income Discretionary as they usually do. If your shoe store is part of a big chain or is just a small independent retailer, you should always be looking for interesting new marketing ideas that can boost business. Here are some great ways to put your best foot forward.

  • Store Events – Customers need to know the benefits of your shoes, whether they are nervous or fashionable or offer a comfortable walking experience. Hosting an event in store like a fashion show or a teaching session will not only generate buzz and awareness from your store, but also sell a lot of shoes! Make sure your featured products are fully visible by using a vertical banner or even a hung window so customers know what shoes they will learn.
  • Fidelity Cards – Most women have a shoe fetish, so create a loyalty program that keeps it back for more shoes. This could be a punch card or you could even use a computer tracking system. After a certain number of pairs purchased, your customer will receive a free pair (or at least at reduced price). Not only do you sell more shoes, but you also keep loyal customers.
  • Shoe Care – A great way to make your store more marketable is by offering shoe care services such as shining, stretching and even minor repair. If you really want to offer a first-class experience, offer free shoe repair services. You probably will not be able to do it in-store, but make an agreement with a local shoe hospital or shoemaker. Your customer will appreciate the VIP treatment, which ensures that they will visit your store at least twice (once to drop the shoes and again to pick them up). Chances are that they will find a new pair in at least one of these tours. Display vinyl stickers to your cash envelopes by letting customers know what special services you are offering, and make sure your sales team also mentions them.
  • Sponsoring / donation – Sponsoring local events is a great way to build a positive commercial reputation. In exchange, you are usually able to advertise at these events with a vinyl banner or in the program. Another unique idea is to create a shoe donation program. Work with charity groups such as the Salvation Army to donate a pair of shoes for every X amount you sell. This is a huge PR [boosting] and makes your business socially responsible. He certainly worked for TOMS.
  • Family Bundles – If you are a shoe store that caters to all customers (men, women and children), create a family package. Offer a special discount when customers buy a pair of shoes for each family member, or even have a buy one-get a special. You are a one stop shop for the family, but it can take a special deal so that customers realize that.

    Source by Michael K Allen

    Creative Marketing Ideas For Toy Stores

    Toy stores must market to two distinct audiences – children, who are end users, and parents, who are the buyers. Having only one marketing strategy will not prove very effective for your toy store because you will only reach a part of your market. It is best to use a mixture of mediums and messages to attract children and their parents. At least one of these suggestions could be a great choice for your toy store.

    1. Wish Lists – Every child has a toy list they want for Christmas or their birthday. Encourage your clients to get their child to create a formal wish list, whether on paper or electronically (such as a wedding registry). It is a fun process for the child, and it gets customers in your store at least twice (once to sign up, and once to buy). They can distribute the list between family and friends, which could bring you even more customers.
    2. Anniversary specials – Similarly, every child likes to feel special on their birthday. Print vinyl decals to display at your cash station that tell the parents that you are sending them a special coupon on their child's birthday. The child can come and pick their choice of merchandise that they will receive for free, or at least reduced. This makes the child happy, and the parents even happier, because they are saving money.
    3. Used Toy Players – Show that you care about the community by welcoming the toy readers used in your store or even around the city. By donating toys smoothly, potential customers will then need a replacement, and as they are already in your store, they are likely to buy! If they need additional encouragement, give them a discount coupon to make a donation.
    4. Parenting seminars – Here is another great way to attract parents. Organize conferences and seminars in your store that parents will want to attend. Make sure to present these classes in your store with large easy-to-read banners so that parents will know when and where the classes are. Use your employee's knowledge, or even work with your suppliers to inform parents of the latest products for child safety, current reminders, or even fun ideas for party planning. Of course, you will need to provide childcare services during these events, but that is an advantage for you. What parent takes her child to a toy store and does not buy them something ?
    5. New toy launch events – There is a "it" toy each season. From Furbys to Tickle-Me-Elmo, toy manufacturers are working very hard to create a "gotta-have it" mentality in the minds of children and their parents! Use this to your advantage. When the new hot toy is about to be released, throw a party in your store. Customers will hope to be the first person in the area to get their hands on the new toy. The print window hangs to display in your window the images of the toy and when it is going to be published, so that customers will be well prepared for the launch.

    Source by Michael K Allen

    Toys That Are Safe and Ideal for Your Bearded Dragons

    Since bearded dragons are social creatures, they too, need to support their lives and that is to live happily. For them to be happy, they must be entertained and one way to achieve this is to give them toys. Do not let your bearded dragon sleep all day, let your pet work its muscles by engaging it in exercise. Try to entertain them as much as possible. One way to encourage them to be happy is to give them their attention by playing with them.

    Soft materials or pillowcases You can try to check out these safe materials for your bearded dragon.

    Bearded dragons love to hang out in dark places. They choose to hide in different dark areas of their enclosure. To add fun and color, you can put soft fabrics or a pillowcase that it can scratch and play with. These are great ideas for fun. Do not forget to give plastic bags like toys as this can cause suffocation.

    Toy Balls Toy Balls This is a picture of the following items:

    Another great idea of ​​toys for your bearded dragon are balls. Whenever you bring your pet outside to play, give him those balls. He can use his head by pushing and playing with it. This will be a fun show to watch. You could give him inflatable balls, big balls, plastic balls, and toys for cats and dogs with which to play. Do not offer small toys to your bearded dragon as it might swallow it and could cause danger. Make sure the balls are not so heavy for your pet to push around.

    Paper towels Social creatures like strong noises and bright colors.

    The adage "the simplest, the best" also goes with bearded dragons. Your pet will surely like simple things. The simple toys you can give them are paper towels. Put a leaf or two in their vivarium. The fabrics are good for scratching and do not cause damage to your dragon, but the torn tissue papers could be dirty.

    Mini Pool Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Add to Compare [

    This is the time of the pool! It is rather ironic that bearded dragons love water despite the fact that they have a dry habitat. Bearded dragons love water! So when it is time to swim, provide him with a mini pool using a dish that has water on it. Put it in its enclosure. Make sure your dragon fits on the flat. Get the right size. Keep an eye on your pet while it plays on the water. Never use a dish that is larger than the size of your dragon as it can drown inside. Box with sand

    Box with sand

    Box with sand Box with sand [

    Apart from sand being a substrate for bearded dragons, it can also be used as a toy. However, you must supervise your pet while playing. They like to dig and play with the sand. Be careful as the sand can be mixed in their food and cause impaction that could be fatal. The ideal way to provide your dragon with sand as a game is to put it in a box and separate it from its dining area inside the vivarium. Put a journal under the box so you can easily clean and discard once your pet is done playing.

    Other ideas for your pet to have fun are to make them run inside their enclosure. Make sure that the input and outputs are closed. The addition of music is also a great idea so that they can listen to the rhythm and melody. If you are not around but you still would like to let them play, you can turn on the television as they like to watch.

    But the best of all these ideas is to hang out with your pet; It means something to him as he will know that you build trust and relationship between you two.

    Source by Jesimpais Brown

    Why You Should Choose Hydroquinone Free Creams For Skin Lightening – The Dangers of Hydroquinone

    Hydroquinone is an ingredient commonly found in skin lightening creams and is used to treat hyperpigmentation and fade dark marks. It works by limiting the action of melanocytes (melanin producing cells) in the skin so that less pigment is produced.

    You may be worried about the associated dangers of hydroquinone based products and looking for hydroquinone free creams to treat your pigmentation woes.

    Why is it Dangerous?

    Prolonged use of hydroquinone has also been shown to cause a condition called Ochronosis. Ochronosis is a condition where the user develops patches of thick dark brown skin or blue-black patches on darker skin.

    It has also been said that hydroquinone is carcinogenic, meaning it can cause cancer. This has been revealed in laboratory tests on rodents but there is not yet any real evidence to show that it is carcinogenic to humans.

    Does That Mean I Shouldn’t Use It?

    Using skin lightening creams with low concentrations of hydroquinone (less than 2%) for short periods of time minimizes the risk of these dangerous side effects. Using higher concentrations such as 4-6% or using any concentration for several months or longer means you are more exposed to the risk of skin cancer or developing worse pigmentation problems.

    It is also important to remember that the sale of hydroquinone based creams is banned in most parts of the world. You can buy creams containing low concentrations of hydroquinone over the counter in the United States where you can also obtain higher concentrations by prescription from a dermatologist.

    Although there is no concrete evidence to show that it can cause cancer in humans, you might not want to take that chance! If you require a skin lightening cream for use over a longer period of time (more than a few weeks), you are better off looking at hydroquinone free creams as an alternative.

    What Hydroquinone Free Alternatives are Available?

    There are many safe, natural ingredients that can be used for skin lightening. Common ingredients are arbutin (bearberry extract), kojic acid, lactic acid, licorice extract and citric acid. Finding a product that contains these ingredients is a safer way of giving you the same end result.

    The well publicized dangers of hydroquinone mean that many more people are looking to safer, hydroquinone free creams and the market for these is rapidly growing.

    Source by Anita Greenwood

    The Use of the Ultrasound In Everyday Life

    An ultrasound is a simple diagnostic procedure used all over the world. The technique employs high frequency sound waves. These waves are sent through the tissues of the body. The device used for this is known as a transducer. Before the test, a gel is applied to the surface of the skin and the transducer is placed on top of the skin. The sound waves sent by the transducer are reflected by the internal organs. These reflections are known as echoes. The echoes return to the transducer and are transferred to a monitor and the corresponding image is generated on the monitor. The images can then be examined by a doctor.

    The technical term for ultrasound is ultrasound. An ultrasound is painless and harmless and does not involve any radiation. It is therefore a safe diagnostic tool. Normally, the preparation for ultrasound is minimal. If some internal organs are to be examined, there are guidelines to follow. Patients are advised to avoid eating and drinking before ultrasound, for at least six to eight hours.

    Patients can only drink water. This is because food causes the gallbladder to contract, which will be visible in ultrasound. When pregnant women undergo an ultrasound, they are asked to drink four to six glasses of water one or two hours before ultrasound. Water helps fill the bladder and the extra fluid in the bladder helps to make the baby and uterus more visible in an ultrasound.

    Ultrasound is performed by a qualified technician. The technician informs the patient of the primary structures that are noticed by the technician. The detailed reading of an ultrasound is given by a radiologist. From the radiologist, the information is then transferred to the corresponding physician who requested the ultrasound. The doctor then uses the reports to make a diagnosis.

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    Keeping Dinosaur Eels (Bichirs) In Tropical Freshwater Fish Tanks or Aquariums

    Dinosaur eel

    The dinosaur eel is the common name for the Grey Bichir, Polypterus Senegalus, though it is a fish and not an eel. There are more than a dozen species of this fish but the Grey Bichir or Senegalus Bichir is the most common and is popular among aquarists. This Bichir is covered in dark grey horizontal bands that become paler as the fish grows. Some Bichirs can reach over three feet in length, although most species, including the Senegalus Bichir, grow to around one foot.

    Natural habitat

    In their native habitat they can be found in lakes, rivers, floodplains and swamps in Africa, especially the Congo River and Nile. They are capable of surviving in waters with low oxygen content and can move in search of food or to find other wet areas in their home dries in time of drought.

    Characteristic features

    The misnomer of dinosaur eel (hereafter referred to as Bichir) comes from the prehistoric appearance of this elongated fish. Its snake-shaped body is covered by thick, bone-like scales made of an enamel-like substance called ganoine, which resembles the now extinct earliest ray-finned fishes. It has a distinctive series of up to 18 dorsal finlets, each one with a sharp spine, which are erected when it is agitated. The fleshly pectoral fins, which control the slow movement of the fish, are attached behind and below the gill openings. It is also able to travel over land using its strong pelvic fins. Bichirs can also breathe air via a lung-like modification to their swim bladder. Other characteristics include a pair of blowholes, a long lower jaw and external nostrils which protrude from the nose to enable the Bichir to hunt by smell since its eyesight is poor. Females tend to be larger than males, while adult males have thicker dorsal spines and broader anal fins.


    Bichirs are predatory and essentially carnivorous and will attack and feed on small fish that are easy to swallow as well as slow-moving fish. They will also eat insects, crustaceans and frogs. Since they are nocturnal they will feed mainly at night.


    After a series of energetic twisting movements, the male Bichir fertilizes the eggs by enveloping the female’s genital opening with his anal and caudal fin. He then scatters the eggs using thrashing movements of his tail. It is difficult, however, to get Bichirs to breed in captivity. Some aquarists have noted that even if a male and female are present, the male is often unresponsive and will not fertilize the eggs the female releases.

    Aquarium size

    Due to the length Bichirs grow and their need to breathe air, it is important they are housed in long tank aquariums that are not too deep, possibly even a fish tank table. Aim for an aquarium that is at least three times the adult size of the Bichir you have or plan to purchase. Choose fish tank aquariums that are no more than eighteen inches deep and do not fill completely with water. This is important as Bichirs need to be able to breathe from the air and therefore have to be able to swim quickly to the surface and back to the bottom where they dwell.

    Being able to use oxygen from the air enables Bichirs to survive out of water for several hours. Given this and the fact that they have the instinct to move out of one place in search of food in another, it is recommended to have a tight-fitting lid on your aquarium!

    Aquarium decor

    A thin layer of soft sand or gravel is fine as substrate. Bichirs also like hiding places, especially as they prefer to stay out of the light during the day. So it is much more enjoyable for them to have robust plants, rocks and tunnels which allow them to display more natural behaviours. Plants attached to wood work best as Bichirs tend to displace plants rooted in the substrate because of their size and when searching for food.

    Water conditions

    As they are tropical freshwater fish, Bichirs require a temperature of 75-85 F. They like a pH of 7 or slightly below and prefer water that is a little hard. Of course, it is important to perform frequent water changes to ensure the quality of water is good in your tropical freshwater aquariums.

    Aquarium lighting

    Bichirs are nocturnal so they will be typically lethargic during the day and active at night. Rather than switching the aquarium lights off complete, provide the semblance of a natural nightfall by installing a blue moonlight bulb so you too can experience some action from your Bichir!


    Being carnivorous, Bichirs love to be fed baitfish, mussels, shrimps and bloodworms. They will also readily accept frozen foods. Some aquarists have tried to encourage them to take dry foods by only supplying them until their hunger overcomes them, and have found they can adapt OK. However, I would mention that this is not their natural diet.

    Tank mates

    Given the large size of Bichirs and their predatory nature, it is extremely important to match them with suitable tank mates. Do not keep them with fish smaller than three inches which can provide a ready meal! It is better to match Bichirs with bigger fish as they will not bother as much with fish they cannot swallow. Siamese Tigerfish, Angelfish, large Barbs, Cichlids and Knifefish are possible tank mates. It has been observed that suckermouth Catfish tend to suck on the skin of Bichirs which irritates them and so it is not advised to keep both types of bottom-dwelling fish. Also avoid matching them with overly aggressive species. In a very large fish tank it will be possible to keep several Bichirs together, provided they are around the same size. They should generally tolerate each other, apart from fighting over the food!

    To keep or not to keep?

    Bichirs are interesting specimen fish but do be aware of all the issues involved in keeping them, especially the size of the tank and the other tropical freshwater fish you have or plan to have. Bichirs also cost more to keep than other fish, though they are a very hardy breed. Keeping Bichirs in a suitable environment requires careful planning!

    Source by Jill Kaestner