5 Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

There are still many people who do not understand all the benefits that a chiropractic doctor can provide or how they can actually help you improve your overall health. Although even the traditional medical community is beginning to understand the benefits that chiropractic doctors can provide to the medical field as a whole, many average citizens still look at chiropractors and chiropractic treatment with suspicion. There seems to be a lack of understanding of how chiropractic treatment can be beneficial. For those who want to be informed about what chiropractic medicine can do for you, here are the 5 most important benefits that you can get from a chiropractic care provider.

Increase the function of the immune system. Perhaps the greatest benefit that chiropractic care has to offer is that it can improve your immune system. Since a healthy immune system is required to maintain your overall health, the function of this system is a huge benefit to your health. Studies have shown that people who use chiropractic care regularly have less cold and when they do the symptoms are less severe.

Helps to manage pain. Chiropractic care can also help you manage your pain by helping to locate and correct severe nervous system stress, strengthen your muscles surrounding your nerves and advise you on proper care of your body.

can increase your range of movement. By helping you manage and control your pain and strengthen your muscles, chiropractic treatment can often help increase your range of movements following an accident or injury. Chiropractors will work with you to find exercises that will continue to help you recover some or all of the range of movements you had prior to the injury or accident.

Avoid the harmful side effects of many medications. Since chiropractic care is based on natural care they can help you avoid the use or overuse of pain medications and other medications that often have serious side effects and can increase your health problems. The less medicines you take in less dangers await you on the road.

Get the right medical attention you need. Since chiropractic medicine deals with your overall health and well-being, a chiropractor often discovers health problems or conditions that are outside his or her area of ​​workout. When this happens, your chiropractor will refer you to a health professional who can help you cope with these needs, which allows you to ensure your continued health.

A chiropractic doctor is one of the options available for those of you who are concerned about your health.

Source by Ryan Weisgerber

Body Basics

The human body is the beginning and the end, without a healthy body and fit, our lives are reduced to a series of medical misfortunes. This is also what we tend to take the most for granted and neglecting. But taking care of a wonderfully designed body is a priority and not an option.

Health is wealth, it is an old adage that we hear and dribble so often that it has lost all importance to us. Until this unexpected and unexpected visit to the nearest doctor. And at that moment it is already too late. At the time of consumerism and conspicuous consumption, health is an anomaly. You can not buy it. At all costs. Health is defined as the condition of the body or mind of a person and it must be nurtured and maintained in a continuous process that affects all aspects of your life or to use a new term of 39 Age, lifestyle. This is much easier said than in the world today and the lifestyle generated by this world.

Seriously stressed

Modern lifestyle brings its own luggage: stress, tension, work environment has generated problems – posture , Carpal tunnel syndrome, noise, pollution, and so on. Each of these minor irritants in their own right contributes to their size until the aggregate is superior to the parts and unfortunately we tend to realize it only when it passed the point of no return. The image of urban health is really dark. But, before you inevitably decide that since you are condemned anyway, you may have fun and reach that cholesterol pool, eat calories and decide to skip the walk to watch your favorite TV soap , Consider the alternate options. The range, variety and possibilities will delight you.

Food First

Finally, it all boils down to food, the fuel of life. Food affects our health in the most primary way, being the basic block. A change in eating habits and a mismatch between lifestyle and lifestyle to live is the biggest culprit. From the fundamentally active physical lifestyle of previous generations, the urban world has become a sedentary space. We no longer have the time and space to burn our calories. Long hours of work, urban traffic and urban housing conspire to keep us seated for the most part of our lives and the result is weight gain. Eating healthy is the simplest step for health. This does not mean starving or denying. Just move on to healthier options. Opt for whole grains to refined. Use natural, cholesterol-free cooking oils such as olive oil. And remember the basic equation: what you eat should not be more than what you burn as fuel for the body.

Fighting Fit

If lifestyles have changed, fitness options. Some are your daily and basic variety. Whenever possible, go for stairs rather than elevators. If the distance is short and there is a good walk, use two feet instead of four wheels. Your health and the environment will both benefit.


The gymnasium, your friendly neighborhood variety or the multinational variety in fashion, abruptly to the gym, evolved Many of the original Greek style. Then, it was a place of mental development alongside the physical prowess of young men. Today half of the tradition is maintained with gymnasiums become altars where the average man and woman spread large amounts of sweat and cellulite to soothe the gods of health and musculature. There are countless options, from ancient techniques such as yoga and Tai Chi to modern corruptions such as Krav Maga and Kick Boxing, from brilliant buildings to technology such as treadmills, nautilus trainers to cross trainers to dances as That fitness fountain, gyms cover the Horizons. Well-trained acolytes, also called trainers, are always ready to help not only design an ideal training program for your body and your problems.

Spa Style

The other way to holistic health is the most luxurious spa track. Traditionally, the spa represented a health itinerary that depended on nature gifts in the form of geysers or hot springs where the water and mud are saturated with minerals. Water consumption, bathing, mud baths and body wraps help improve health directly by curing certain types of diseases and indirectly by compensating for certain types of mineral deficiencies and by detoxifying the body. Spa treatments are now a continuation of the same principle. Massages that use aromas to remedy health problems, skin treatments that seek to undo the damage caused by pollution and urban life, and a holistic assessment of the body are one of the characteristics of treatment spa. The focus is less on body physicity and more on the internal health of the body.

Or you can have both. The Addiction gym and spa combines perfectly the two, luxury alongside fitness equipment. Restoring lifestyle pressures, gyms and spas offer innovative features such as flexible calendar and customized training programs.

Solo Star

In the end, health is in the hands of oneself. All the trainers in the world or the massagers or the world leaders can not give you good health, unless you want it yourself and they are ready to burn. They can only make the path more gentle and targets more feasible. If you take your health seriously or want a perfect body or to increase your stamina and endurance, it is time for you to sit down and make a choice. Choose a path you like and continue to stick with it. Remember, the healthier you will be, the more you will enjoy your life.

Source by Andy Gibson

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Facial Peels

There are not many people who are anxiously awaiting the concept of aging. This is because no matter what age we get, in depth, we always feel the same.

That is why we are afraid to see ourselves in the mirror, with wrinkling skin and wrinkles, when we do not feel otherwise different from how we felt when we had Baby faces and skin powder.

This is the reason why there is a boom in anti-aging skin care industry. Young and young at heart, there is a crazy attack for products that promise the fountain of youth.

Facial skins or peels are one of the options available. These are usually quite effective, unfortunately they have disadvantages, and I would like to briefly list the advantages over the disadvantages of taking the skin of the face against the anti-aging skin care.

Advantages of using the Facial Peels:

1. The effects of these peels are discernible almost immediately after

Effects can also be quite significant

3. Facial skins work to alleviate fine lines, make the skin smoother and discolor aging spots and other skin discolorations

Disadvantages of the use of facial skins:

1. Procedures such as these are usually very expensive and must be administered in a spa, dermatologist or salon

2. Just the word "peel" can give us an idea of ​​what will be done exactly for your skin. And yes, it tends to feel as painful as it sounds.

3. If there is pain or discomfort, there will probably be a recovery period or shutdown times

. The effects of these skins, although generous, also tend to be temporary, requiring regular maintenance.

I think it is obvious that the disadvantages of facial skins actually outweigh their benefits. This is why, personally, I prefer to use skin creams to achieve the anti-aging result that I try.

There are a number of effective skin creams, the most effective of which would be the kind that contain clinically proven substances that can increase the natural production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are essential proteins that are responsible for smooth, supple and healthy skin.

There is, however, one disadvantage to the use of skin creams. Even really effective anti-aging skin creams require some patience in the application before significant results are achieved. I think this is a small price to pay for a cost effective, natural, effective and permanent solution to get younger skin.

Source by Vanessa Hendersen

Can You Stop a Gag Reflex?

The gag reflex is an important part of the human body that is designed to protect the throat from the ingestion of objects or substances that are not intended for the human body. This reflex is also used to prevent a person from choking to death. People should exercise extreme caution before trying to stop their gag reflex.

Although this grunt is an important function for the human body, it can sometimes hamper routine dental care and simple tasks such as brushing teeth. In some cases, this reflex action can make it extremely difficult for a person to take medicine to save lives because they can not swallow the pills. There are ways in which a person can prevent their gag reflex from reacting whenever they have something unwanted placed in the back of their throat.

Most people do not like visiting a dentist office and when they go to a The appointment they want to worry about is gagging the instruments that a dentist or hygienist Dental uses to take care of their mouth. One way they can work around this problem is to numb the mouth and throat of a patient. A person can actually perform this procedure with the use of an over-the-counter medication that is used to relieve the pain of teeth and teeth.

People can use a toothbrush to help stop their gag reflex. This works by taking the toothbrush and placing it in the throat to where the reflex begins to hit. When a person constantly performs this action, it will make his reflex less sensitive over time. Most people who use this method will notice a significant change in their gag reflex in about a month.

There are people who claim that if a person takes his left hand and places his thumb inside a tight fist, this is supposed to somehow prevent the Reflex gag to occur. It is a method that people will have to try for themselves because it does not work for everyone.

Some divers have been known to suffer from this gagging related to the type of equipment they use for underwater movement. Doctors prescribe breathing techniques and exercises that will help eliminate or reduce this problem. These techniques include breathing and counting up to 4 and expire counting up to 6. This technique is supposed to help relax the throat and allow the diver to use his tips for diving procedures . Some doctors have claimed that wearing tapes and watches can help stop the problem. Once again, it is something that could work on an individual basis and not for everyone.

There are prescribed medications that can be used to stop the gag reflex. These drugs include viscous lidocaine and benzocaine. People should consult a doctor before taking any type of medication to stop the gag reflex. A doctor or doctor will prescribe medication for this problem if they find that there is a serious need to be administered to a patient.

Source by Angie Walters

Are Horse Liniments Safe For Humans?

For more than a hundred, horse liniments have been used to treat horse diseases, such as muscle aches, joint pain, arthritis. The horse seems to suffer from many of the same conditions as humans.

Since humans have descended from mammals long ago and horses are mammals, their body structure is somewhat similar. Obviously, a human will not be confused with a horse but with ligaments, tendons and joints, they will suffer from pains associated with strains, sprains, muscle pain and joint pain.

This is especially true with the horse used for jumping, running and even the ranch horse which spends a lot of time on the trails. Humans that are very athletic are also exposed to the injuries that the horse gets! Muscles and tendons work the same way on both species and when they have managed to react, resulting in pain.

Most of the pain is caused by inflammation of the particular ligaments and tendons that have undergone the lesion is of minor nature and can be treated with ice, rest and stretching when the lungs, Inflammation decreased.

If the injury is minor, many breeders and racing horse owners will apply liniment to the affected area to speed up the healing process. The key point for humans is to read the label of any equine liniment before using it. Make it a point to read the ingredients label on the flax container.

Always look for equine liniments that contain herbs and essential oils made from natural and botanical herbs. Do not use horse care products that contain DMSO which is an ingredient found in many horse liniments and is not FDA approved for human purposes. DMSO absorbs through the skin in the blood, carrying with it chemicals and synthetic preservatives contained in the care product of the horse.

Since the horse is obviously an animal larger than humans, it can tolerate higher concentrations of DMSO even though it may cause adverse effects on the health of the horses and myself Would stay away from any use of horse care products that contain DMSO.

In fact, my recommendation would be to use only an all natural equine liniment that does not contain synthetic compounds or artificial preservatives that can compromise the long-term health of your horse.

The only effective products of natural horses are those that have plant-based compounds and essential oils as the main ingredients. These oils and herbal compounds are effective for minor strains, sprains, muscle pain and joint pain. The differences in the various products on the market will be the exact type of botanical compounds and essential oils and their concentration.

Some companies that manufacture all natural equine products are Linine Natural Equine Horse, Liniment and Horse Horse Premium Drman

All these companies adhere to the all natural approach In terms of ingredients that may include arnica, capsicum, eucalyptus, menthol, hamamelin and even sweet birch. Look carefully at the labels to see what is in each horse care product.

The equine care product with the most natural ingredients seems to be the Flocking of the Miracle Horse of Dr. Fleming, although the Born evokes the image of some Type of Snake Oil . It seems to be a very viable horse liniment despite its catchy product name.

Now, if a human wants to use one of these products, I suggest diluting the liniment up to the individual tolerance of the user. The easiest way to dilute a horse liniment is to add a support oil to the mixture such as grape seed oil, safflower oil and even an olive oil High quality. These oils are light enough to mix well with the liniment of the horse and not affect the liniment itself. The liniment should be thoroughly mixed before use and it may be necessary to dilute it several times before it can be used.

The main point is that humans can use horse liniments, but the recommendation would be to use only all natural products for the care of the horse.

Source by William Cianelli

Pros And Cons Of Medicated Childbirth Over Natural Childbirth

In today 's day and age, it is rare that a woman wishes to live a natural childbirth. Instead, it is automatically assumed that there will be an epidural waiting at the hospital, where she can give birth without any pain at all. However, it is rarely the case.

Women choose to take birth with medical intervention because they think that they can not or do not want to deal with the pain associated with childbirth. Even women who have a strong tolerance to pain may not consider natural childbirth because the drugs used in the modern world today are so common.

Types of drugs:

• Epidural: anti pain medication used During labor, an epidural is administered by a needle in the area around the spine and usually numbs a mother's Belly to his knees. The antiseptic is used to minimize the risk of infection, and a small area in the lower back is injected with a local anesthetic to numb the place; A needle is then inserted into the area surrounding the spinal cord in the lower back. A catheter or a small tube is threaded through the needle into the epidural space and then the needle is removed and the drug is administered through the catheter by periodic injections or continuous dosing.

The goal of an epidural is to provide relief pain rather than cause total lack of feeling; This works by blocking the nerve impulses of the lower segments of the spine to diminish the sensation in the lower half of the body. The epidural is administered by an anesthesiologist, obstetrician or nurse anesthetist while lying on the side or sitting with an arched back, vital positions to prevent problems and increase epidural effectiveness.

• IV narcotics / Systemic drugs: intravenous narcotics, also known as systemic analgesics, allow the mother to be more mobile during labor than an epidural, but they present an increased risk For the baby and the mother because of the possible side effects. They can be administered in the form of a tranquillizer or combined with a narcotic and are delivered by a IV line to the bloodstream or injected into a muscle. They affect the entire body rather than just the pelvic area and the uterus and can make the mother asleep but not oblivious.

• Spinal Injury: Similar to an epidural, a spine is administered directly into the spinal fluid in a single injection, allowing rapid relief that lasts only a few hours.

• Combined Epidural / Epidural: Often referred to as epidural on foot, it is a more recent technique that offers rapid and continuous pain relief.

Advantages and risks

When medicines are used during childbirth, the result varies wildly among the different mothers. While some women swear that their pain has been totally mitigated by the use of epidural anesthesia, others are struggling to take the medication and are still able to feel both pain and pain. The pressure as there was no medication.

Statistics show that a woman who receives medication during childbirth has a longer job with more complications than a mother who chooses to be born naturally. However, there are benefits to the use of pain medications during labor.

For example, a mother who has a very long workforce can use pain medications to rest before pushing. Pain medications can also help a mother relax her body if she lies down during the contractions so that her body does not fight against work, and it is also useful in situations where a mother has a lot of pain. Anxiety or fear of birth or problems The past that can affect how the work progresses.

Among the disadvantages of epidural anesthesia, it is possible that blood pressure drops sharply, causing routine checks to ensure that the baby receives the right amount of blood flow. It may be necessary to treat with oxygen and IV fluids because of the sudden drop in blood pressure. Epidurics are also known to cause headaches due to spinal fluid leakage, with chills, whistling in the ears, nausea, difficulty using the bathroom, back pain And pain instead of insertion of the needle.

Because an epidural makes it harder the difficulty to feel strong contractions, more medical interventions like Pitocine, episiotomy, forceps, aspiration and caesarean section may become necessary. Other disadvantages are permanent damage to the nerves, inability to feel your legs after birth and problems with the baby's ability to hang during breastfeeding, respiratory depression and an increase in Fetal heart rate.

Source by A. L. Jones

Why Infant Mortality Rate Is an Important Health Indicator?

There are different indicators of the overall health status of a country, a region and a community. Health indicators are used to know the health status of a country, a region and a community. Some indicators are widely accepted, while others are not as widely accepted by health authorities. Infant mortality rate (IMR) is an indicator of the state of health of the country, region and community and is widely accepted as a good indicator of health status by governments And international health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

What is the infant mortality rate (IMR)?

Infant mortality rate is the number of infant deaths (less than one year) less than one year per 1,000 births. For example, in a town / city, 2,510 babies were born in 2010. Out of 2,510 babies born, 10 were born dead. In 2010, in the town / city mentioned above, 20 babies died below the age of one year. To calculate the number of live births, we have to calculate the number of live births: 2510 (total births) minus 10 (death born) = 2500. The number of live births in one year (in this example 2010) is divided by Number of babies who died from one cause to the other by congenital malformations, less than one year old, which is 20 in this example.

For the calculation of IMR, the number of infant deaths (for any cause) less than one year is divided by the total number of live births per year, multiplied by 1000 and in this case it is 20 / 2,500×1,000 = 8

Why is the infant mortality rate considered an important indicator of health?

It is most widely accepted as one of the most sensitive indicators of a country / region's health status for several reasons. The IMR always reflects the overall health scenario of a region / country. The rate is low in developed countries and high to very high in underdeveloped developing countries. If the health infrastructure (preventive and curative infrastructure) of a region of a country is very good, the IMR is always good.

What factors can modify IMR?

There are several factors that can influence IMR in the short term or long term. Short-term factors influencing RMF include disasters such as floods, earthquakes, war (which may have a long-term effect depending on the duration of the war), civil unrest ( Civil war), and so on.

IMR may be different in different regions of the same country, for example In the United States it is the lowest in Minnesota at 4.78 and the highest in the District of Columbia at 14.1.

Some countries with the best IMR in the world:

  • Singapore: 3.0
  • Some countries with the worst IMR in the world:

    • Sierra Leon: 160,3

    • Afghanistan: 157
    • The infant mortality rate for the world at present is 49.4

      The infant mortality rate for the whole world at present is 49.4

      The above list of IMR originates from UN World Population Prospects.

      Source by Jupitor Chakma

    Getting Healthy Before You Get Pregnant Leads to a Healthier Pregnancy and Baby

    I found that many teenage girls were seductive and puffy compared to food and I am included in this category. But once they begin to learn to cook, the rich recipe of the mother is interesting if the girl cooking it herself. Some women start eating all the vegetables and fruits that they once hated when they were pregnant. This gives rise to an interesting fact that if young girls can cook their own food in a healthy way and begin to consume it, they may be in good health before they even become pregnant. I do not know how true the idea is but being healthy at the moment you become pregnant is very essential to have a baby according to the experts in the health field.

    It is simply not that eating healthy foods is sufficient to conceive, but you must follow a series of steps to be healthy before giving birth to a baby by Good health because it is obvious that 1 child out of 33 born in the United States presents a kind of birth defect that can be fatal sometimes The first year of birth of the child. As it is obvious that healthy mothers have healthy babies, women are less likely to have various problems in their pregnancy, such as miscarriages, premature labor, GD (gestational diabetes) . Babies are not equally vulnerable to premature birth, birth or low birth weight.

    PCH (Pre-Health Design): Consider first health pre-conception by the virtue of nature, femininity is deployed with patience and are Ready to transform themselves for the new role with all the necessary sacrifices. PCH focuses on screening for pre-pregnancy illness and encourages medical care for women in their 18-44 year old years. This event improves their health and responds to the elements that could influence their pregnancy in the future.

    · Increase folic acid in food : Studies have revealed that women should take vitamin B throughout pregnancy and at least one Times per month before pregnancy because this vitamin helps prevent massive congenital abnormalities related to babies spinal column and brain. Dark green green vegetables are external sources of folic acid. Enriched whole grains and cereals and citrus fruits are also good sources of this prenatal vitamin.

    · Balance your BMI : Obese women tend to have an increased risk of pregnancy complications such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems and some types of cancers. Similarly, people suffering from underweight are also prone to serious problems during pregnancy. It is important to maintain the BMI (body mass index) before planning a pregnancy. Regular exercise and eating healthy foods can get your BMI up.

    · Quit alcohol, smoking and drugs : Abuse of alcohol, smoke and drugs can turn your disastrous pregnancy. It is recommended to leave these habits much before conception because apparently they cause birth defects in the child and often also cause intrauterine deaths. Look for help to quit these habits to have a healthy baby.

    · Oral health is also important : People may wonder about the relationship between pregnancy and oral health. However, your oral health speaks a lot about your overall health because inconsistency in your hormones during pregnancy causes bleeding and swelling of the gums. So it is important to continue to monitor oral health before and during pregnancy.

    This care is supposed to continue even after delivery because you have to feed the baby and staying healthy is the key to having a healthy and sufficient breast milk diet. As maintaining healthy habits extends over a long period before pregnancy until childbirth, staying healthy should become a habit for life. It is simply not important to stay healthy for your baby, but it is essential to stay healthier for you!

    Source by Richa Verma

    The Health Benefits Of Using Nutmeg For Your Newborn

    Les six premiers mois sont une période cruciale pour la vie d'un nouveau-né. Les parents prennent beaucoup de soin et d'attention, ce qui ne laisse aucune pierre pour assurer le bien-être de leur bébé. Dans les maisons indiennes traditionnelles, les remèdes simples, qui ont été transmis depuis des générations, servent à favoriser la bonne santé du nouveau-né. L'un d'entre eux est l'utilisation de la noix de muscade populaire.

    La noix de muscade possède beaucoup de propriétés médicinales. En plus d'ajouter de la saveur à la nourriture, elle sert de remède contre diverses affections. On pourrait se demander comment la noix de muscade peut bénéficier à un nouveau-né. Voici la réponse:

    La noix de muscade est un sédatif efficace, donc il est utile dans le traitement des douleurs abdominales, des ballonnements, des flatulences, de la diarrhée et de la constipation. Au cours des six premiers mois, la plupart des nourrissons ont du mal à digérer le lait maternel car leur système digestif est encore immature et leur système gastro-intestinal apprend à fonctionner. Beaucoup de bébés en raison de cette raison ont des douleurs abdominales, des ballonnements et des constipations. La noix de muscade aide à soulager leur douleur et leur gêne assurant une bonne santé.

    La noix de muscade est très efficace pour traiter l'indigestion. Il soulage les maux d'estomac et les crampes, enlevant l'excès de gaz des intestins. La plupart des bébés, même ceux qui sont allaités, crachent de temps en temps. Le crachat survient généralement lorsque le bébé ne tape pas correctement. Mais quand un bébé crache excessivement et fréquemment, il est principalement dû à une indigestion. L'utilisation de la noix de muscade aide une bonne digestion chez un nouveau-né.

    La muscade améliore également l'appétit. L'utilisation de la muscade peut améliorer l'appétit des nouveau-nés favorisant le gain de poids et la croissance.

    La noix de muscade est un tonique efficace pour le cerveau. Cela contribue à la relaxation et induit un bon sommeil. Les nouveau-nés dorment très moins et pour de courtes périodes. L'utilisation de muscade peut les aider à dormir bien, à rester calme et détendue.

    Méthode d'administration et de dosage:

    Prenez une noix de muscade entière et faites-la vapeur avec le riz que vous cuisinez à la maison pour au moins quinze minutes. En Inde, nous n'utilisons pas de muscade brute pour les bébés, et la vapeur est essentielle. Utilisez une pierre de meulage (une petite avec une surface plane utilisée pour faire de la pâte), assurez-vous qu'elle soit bien lavée à l'eau tiède et essuyez-la avec une serviette.

    Ajoutez quelques gouttes de lait (lait maternel De préférence) à la pierre de meulage et frotter progressivement la noix de musc complète dans un mouvement circulaire (4-5 fois) pour former une pâte lisse d'environ 1 ml. La pâte doit être d'une faible consistance semblable à celle du sirop.

    Cette potion de muscade au lait doit être administrée au bébé avant le coucher. Vous pouvez donner cela pendant quelques jours ou jusqu'à un mois, chaque fois que l'enfant développe une indigestion ou a du mal à dormir. 0,5 ml pour tous les nourrissons jusqu'à 6 mois. Cependant, les résultats peuvent varier d'un enfant à l'autre.

    Une formule éprouvée, cette potion améliore non seulement la santé et l'appétit des nouveau-nés, mais renforce également l'immunité et favorise la croissance. Quand un nouveau-né se nourrit bien et dort bien, les parents se sentent vraiment heureux et les mères sont particulièrement moins stressées. Voici donc le secret d'un bébé heureux et sain. Essayez-le et partagez-le. Happy Parenting!

    Source by Saraswathi M V

    The True Meaning of Motherhood

    I remember when I did not yet have my child, and I would always write the mothers who were talking about the things their children had done. Sometimes I engaged in conversations, but always from the point of view of the one whose experience had taken care of a cousin or a friend. At the time, it was almost annoying to find an individual in the company of a group of mothers, because all they ever did was talk about their children. Conversations would be appropriate; What the child did at any age, the foods they liked or disliked, the sleepless nights that mothers did when a child or child fell ill and and so on. So many times, the rest of us, without children, would be left out and start our own conversations, or we would walk around to find something better to take care of.

    Later, when I had a child, I realized that these mothers did not intend to leave us out of their conversations; This has occurred naturally and unconsciously. Without wanting to, I found that I could not stop thinking about my child, whether it was well, whether she was well fed well and at the right time, or whether her diaper had been Changed and something else. When these are the dominant thoughts in mind, the conversations that follow automatically focus on that.

    Maternity does not stop at childbirth. From the first day of the child 's life, a mother begins to be formed by an invisible power, to feel when a child needs to be fed or if the layers need to be altered. What amazes me today is how a mother will know the sound of her child 's voice among many other voices. For example, I would always feel intrigued when, in a sea of ​​babies, on the day of a vaccination at the hospital, a mother left her child to the caretaker and went to the counter for some thing. Then suddenly, a number of babies begin to cry and get out of those, she underlines the cry of hers. Another example is when visitors would come home, there would be a lot of gossip and noise, but by that I could tell when the baby cried in the room. By checking, she would have woken up.

    Then come days and nights of stress when a baby has a fever or infection or has a blocked nose. Oh! Every mother goes through these moments and it is intriguing to find that even without prior training she will always be alert and on her feet to ensure that the baby is as comfortable as possible. I remember one of those days when my child had a higher than normal temperature; 39 ° C (degrees centigrade). The normal temperature of a baby is 36.4 ° C / 37 ° C, depending on whether the thermometer is placed in the ear, tongue or under the arm. That day, like so many others who followed, I always controlled the baby's temperature, placing a damp cloth on his forehead to lower "burning". Now, I have learned that even when the doctor has assured me that everything will be fine, that did not prevent me from being anxious. Usually, a baby goes well during the day and seems to fall asleep at night; So the stress levels of the mother.

    It is a duty of the mother to stand almost all night to continue checking the baby. All her baby's light sound will wake her up even if the baby sighs. When one goes through so many sleepless nights because of the welfare of a child, it is a true maternity. This does not stop here, as the baby develops through the different stages, there are other challenges in the sense that a mother finds herself mixing. This does not mean that motherhood concerns the child who cries and falls ill. There are many happy moments that are more than the tough times.

    For example, watching a baby smile for the very first time is a joyful feeling for the mother. I do not take this for granted because it gives a warm and comforting time that lasts forever. The first teeth of a child grow, first time to crawl, first time to stand, the first steps, the list goes on. When you experience all these things first hand, they stay with the person and can not be exchanged for sure.

    I also learned that after childhood, a mother worried about knowing that she / he is receiving a balanced diet. She worries that her child has the best education, wearing the best clothes, interacting with the right people and learning good morals. Everything the mother tends to be for the child in that if one does not pay attention, she begins to neglect her own well – being. I have seen this happen many times when I would sacrifice the purchase of a good perfume and would choose to buy shoes for my child. Or do not buy a type of food that my child does not eat, but rather get something that he will eat wholeheartedly.

    It is true that the experience is the best teacher because even motherhood teaches skills and lessons that are not learned in a classroom.

    Source by Suzan Adong