Taking Care of Your Office Equipment Properly to Avoid Malfunctions

Just like the machine that our human body is, your office equipment also suffers from downtime. And just like a sick body, when your copier or fax machine goes down, many office tasks are put on hold. This means reduced productivity, not to mention stress and missed deadlines. This can be avoided.

Downtime, whether in the short or long term, ultimately leads to a loss of income. There are techniques and tips that can be used to help you avoid downtime. There are several ways to avoid this:

1. Proper Practical Knowledge of Office Staff – It does not take a genius to solve common problems with office equipment, especially when the staff has sufficient technical familiarity, common sense will also do with these equipments.

2. Regular maintenance checks – Prevention is better than cure. The usual controls on your office equipment keep them well oiled, so to speak, and avoid any possible downtime. Although, of course, this does not make it really foolproof, you definitely reduce downtime.

3. Quality Office Equipment – Quality comes with a price, it's a fact. However, in the long run, this could prove to be a more practical choice than buying a cheaper counterpart.

With these tips, you will be sure to have fewer occurrences of downtime and a longer life for your office equipment. You save money by not calling for maintenance for every little technical problem that arises. You can also save money when there is less time off at the office.

What happens if your photocopier suddenly displays all the documents you send to it and you need all the copies? Can you wait for the maintenance team to come forward and repair?

When it is an emergency like this, you have no choice but to do the work yourself if you want your tasks to be completed. And it really helps to have knowledge on how to handle urgent situations.

Here is a simple step-by-step procedure on resolving the urgency of your photocopier:

1. Try to feed the copier with different sizes of paper. This may be due to the fact that one of the paper sizes is blocking the machine. Does the paper stop or is it wrinkling?

2. Listen to the machine. What kind of noise does it whine, does it seem to spin its rolls or does it seem to go out?

3. If a single size blocks the copier, it means that the problem lies in one of the cassettes. All you need to do is change the position of the cassette and it is gone.

4. If possible, clean the cassette as well as the rollers that turn the paper.

5. However, if all the cassettes seem to get stuck and the paper stops in the machine without getting wrinkled, it is probably because of worn rollers. You can perform the same procedure as above to clean the rollers.

6. If the machine is stuck and the paper is wrinkled, carefully follow the path of the paper and determine if there is something inside that causes the paper to stop.

7. Listen to your machine this can save you a lot of time. If it seems like it's just spinning its rollers, then watch them as they move the paper through the machine. If the copier moans or whimpering just before it hangs, you will need to call the after-sales service.

It will be very helpful if you are able to solve the problems of office equipment yourself. Saves you a lot of time and money and helps you to meet your deadlines without waiting for the maintenance team to arrive and repairs these fallen equipment.

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