Getting Healthy Before You Get Pregnant Leads to a Healthier Pregnancy and Baby

I found that many teenage girls were seductive and puffy compared to food and I am included in this category. But once they begin to learn to cook, the rich recipe of the mother is interesting if the girl cooking it herself. Some women start eating all the vegetables and fruits that they once hated when they were pregnant. This gives rise to an interesting fact that if young girls can cook their own food in a healthy way and begin to consume it, they may be in good health before they even become pregnant. I do not know how true the idea is but being healthy at the moment you become pregnant is very essential to have a baby according to the experts in the health field.

It is simply not that eating healthy foods is sufficient to conceive, but you must follow a series of steps to be healthy before giving birth to a baby by Good health because it is obvious that 1 child out of 33 born in the United States presents a kind of birth defect that can be fatal sometimes The first year of birth of the child. As it is obvious that healthy mothers have healthy babies, women are less likely to have various problems in their pregnancy, such as miscarriages, premature labor, GD (gestational diabetes) . Babies are not equally vulnerable to premature birth, birth or low birth weight.

PCH (Pre-Health Design): Consider first health pre-conception by the virtue of nature, femininity is deployed with patience and are Ready to transform themselves for the new role with all the necessary sacrifices. PCH focuses on screening for pre-pregnancy illness and encourages medical care for women in their 18-44 year old years. This event improves their health and responds to the elements that could influence their pregnancy in the future.

· Increase folic acid in food : Studies have revealed that women should take vitamin B throughout pregnancy and at least one Times per month before pregnancy because this vitamin helps prevent massive congenital abnormalities related to babies spinal column and brain. Dark green green vegetables are external sources of folic acid. Enriched whole grains and cereals and citrus fruits are also good sources of this prenatal vitamin.

· Balance your BMI : Obese women tend to have an increased risk of pregnancy complications such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems and some types of cancers. Similarly, people suffering from underweight are also prone to serious problems during pregnancy. It is important to maintain the BMI (body mass index) before planning a pregnancy. Regular exercise and eating healthy foods can get your BMI up.

· Quit alcohol, smoking and drugs : Abuse of alcohol, smoke and drugs can turn your disastrous pregnancy. It is recommended to leave these habits much before conception because apparently they cause birth defects in the child and often also cause intrauterine deaths. Look for help to quit these habits to have a healthy baby.

· Oral health is also important : People may wonder about the relationship between pregnancy and oral health. However, your oral health speaks a lot about your overall health because inconsistency in your hormones during pregnancy causes bleeding and swelling of the gums. So it is important to continue to monitor oral health before and during pregnancy.

This care is supposed to continue even after delivery because you have to feed the baby and staying healthy is the key to having a healthy and sufficient breast milk diet. As maintaining healthy habits extends over a long period before pregnancy until childbirth, staying healthy should become a habit for life. It is simply not important to stay healthy for your baby, but it is essential to stay healthier for you!

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