To Be A Mother And A Filipina

"One is not born, but rather becomes a woman". -Simone de Beauvoir

Being a Filipino is not an easy thing. Being a Filipino mother is an almost impossible task. Almost but not quite … I'm a Filipino, soon a mother of two and a working mother. I became a woman for a wonderful husband and a mother for a beautiful girl at the age of 22, a young age you could say. Be young and free from all responsibilities, live only for yourself. That was what I was doing before the bomb fell, and in nine months I was ridden from a baby, I do not know how to occupy myself in a rented apartment with a Husband trying to provide us with everything we need, miles and kilometers of our respective families. It was not easy, it was absolutely difficult and, a few days, you find me wanting to want things to be different in wishing that I could undo the past. But the past is past and there is nothing I can do about it.

It was an ordinary day when I had an epiphany, it opened my eyes and I suddenly suffered the fear of returning to the way I Was before. You see, if I could undo the past, I would not have my daughter and my husband. I would not feel happiness like the first time I retained it after 36 hours of dying work, I would not have the pleasure of seeing my best friend, my husband every day, I get up. It was then that I understood that everything was happening for some reason. This may not be quite clear to me but now I know and I am very grateful for the life I live right now.

Now I'm still a working mother. The work, as all filipino are aware, is hard to find in our country, you have to work your butt for 8 to 9 hours for a delicate amount. But the work we need to have, especially for moms and dads out there hoping to give their children a decent life and an education. And I tell you, it 's not easy. It is not easy to let your child cry and scream for you to come back when you go to work every day, it is not easy to go home at night exhausted barely enough strength to Kiss your child goodnight and more often than not sleep them Tired of waiting for you to finally get home, it is not easy to try to maintain a decent conversation with your husband when you Are both worn out for the day, it is not easy to be a mother, it is not easy to be a Woman, it is absolutely not easy to do, Being a mother and a woman who work. Can you think of something extremely difficult? I can … This is to work the Filipino mother and wife.

Why? Because to be a Filipino, you must endure all the trials with a smile, be ever willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of your loved ones, always help you even if you do not have enough for you, To comfort Others when you have to comfort yourself, smile and let everyone see you be happy even though your heart is screaming in pain. Being a Filipino is about sacrificing everything you have, to be a Filipino mother, you must meet all the challenges and problems that life throws you in order to keep your family intact. These are qualities inherent to all the Philippines. These features she carries with her wherever destiny brings her. That is what makes her unique, that makes me unique and proud to say that I am a Filipino mother. Maybe I'm not all of the above, but I'm a Filipino and I'm a mother.

Source by JC Mae Palmes

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