Help For The Weary Mom

And when I say Mom, know that I'm talking about Dad too. Sometimes dad is the person of the family who spends most of the hours each day to take care of a child sometimes hard to bear. Children all have degrees of difficult behavior, and we, as parents, have days when it can be easier or less easy to bring the best of ourselves to the task. What is the parent who is the one of your house who needs help to take a step back after putting his pushed buttons for the third time, that is for you.

Kinship is not for the sisters. This is hard work and requires all the emotional strength that you can muster. As human beings, we trigger ourselves to react according to the ways in which we were conditioned as children. Sometimes we repeat the answer that our own parents would have had some challenge, and other times we go to the seaside to avoid saying or doing what the adults have told us or done as that & # 39; infant. The only way to get out of this hamster wheel is to get the self-care we need to deal with the problems that are triggered by the stage of parental life.

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some things you can do.

1. Know that you deserve it and that you have the right to help! The work of raising children has never been as insulating as it is today. A few generations ago, we usually have large families around us, whole communities that have participated in the lives of our children. This may not be possible, but we can build something to take part in this support community. Who can be part of your child's tribe? Do you think of relatives, neighbors, co-workers, friends or members of your worship community whom you could call for an hour or two of babysitting (or mentoring in the case of? 39; a child of school age)?

2. Take time to do what you need to do in order to be able to think, whatever it is. Maybe there is an older child somewhere that you could pay to play with you for an hour a few times a week? How about a meal cooperative where you do a double batch one night to share with a family who in return provides a weekly meal that you do not have to do?

3. Meditation is a remarkable technique that exists in countless forms. My personal favorite is Vipassana meditation (visit ), but another well-known approach is called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. You can find many different guided meditations online, including those on the Deepak Chopra website, .

4. Breathing of the abdomen (inside and outside the nose) is an excellent technique for lighting your "parasympathetic" nervous system, the part that controls all relaxing functions Of your body. When we are stressed, we are stuck in the state of being "on" all the time, and we need help to turn you off. Just breathe slowly and make sure that instead of allowing your chest and shoulders to rise and fall, you take the breath in your stomach. Try this for 60 seconds, even if you have to go into the bathroom and close the door to get a minute for you!

5. EFT – also called tapping – is a very ingenious thing to learn to do. It is a combination of points of consciousness and acupressure that allows our nervous system and our consciousness to hear each other to unravel the deep feelings in our unconscious mind. This is very easy to learn, there are many quick video tutorials on YouTube.

If you have ever heard a cabin operator ask you to put your own oxygen mask before helping a child, the principle is the same. You have to do whatever it takes to gather energy for parenting even a medium-sized child, let alone a stimulant. Give yourself a break!

Source by Tracy Poizner

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