Arowana – The Best Foods To Feed Your Baby Arowana

Arowana fish have a varied and varied diet, and anything that will be there is considered a food. But when we take care of a baby arowana, we need to be more aware of the foods we provide them. Personally I do not recommend live bait to a young arowana because of the vulnerability that they will be to disease and the live bait is the main cause of spread of the disease in the arowanas d & # 39; aquarium.

Here is the rush of the types of food that suits an arowana baby that it is money, red or gold. I class a baby arowana as any arowana below 15 cm in length. This size of arowana fish should be fed up to 3 times a day.

Frozen / freeze-dried lombrices:

This is a very healthy and nutritious food for a baby arowana and it is a food that is usually and easily accepted from the beginning. This is good because arowanas are known as difficult eaters.

In addition, bloodworms float for a period that will give your fish time to eat them.

Baby Crickets:

Another healthy food that most baby arowanas will take right away. Make sure that it is baby crickets that you use as the large crickets have a hard outer shell that could cause intestinal injuries in a young arowana. Some people feed the baby cricket carrots or other nutritional foods before feeding them to arowana. This is another way to get extra nutrients in your baby arowana.

Freezing Plankton:

This is another good food that contains a lot of carotene. This food also floats that will allow the young arowana enough time to eat it, but do not forget to break the hard and sharp pieces before dropping it into the tank.

Chopsticks / pellets:

If your arowana eats well and seems happy, you might try to present it with a stable food like a cake or a lozenge. Do not forget to break the bottle of products and pellets for that arowana to eat.


The shrimp market can be fed to a baby arowana as long as it is cut small enough and able to insert into its mouth. Do not forget to just peel off the hard shell / skin and make sure the shrimp are properly thawed if they are frozen before hand.

Flake of high quality

Can be used to mix out a diet there when young, but is not worth being used when they increase because they do not fill them.

Feeding different types of food to a baby arowana is very important as it makes them less prone to reject different foods as they increase. It is also very important to feed an arowana baby at least three times a day as they grow but try not to feed them every time.

Source by Dr John Smith

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