Your New Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy – A Supplies Checklist

The acquisition of a pet as an addition to the home can be one of the most rewarding things in life. Choosing a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy per se is already a plus. With proper care and attention, Pembroke Welsh Corgis develops to be smart, loving and affectionate companions. However, do not forget that your new family member is also accompanied by special needs. This simple checklist will help ensure you acquire all that is essential to keep your new puppy happy and healthy.

Cover the bases of these items:

Necklace – Necklaces are not just an accessory; they make sure your dog is in control. Sometimes it is also good to have a harness to not hurt your dog, especially when you are doing walks.

Leash – Traditional and retractable, both work well.

Brand name – In case your little one decides to walk alone.

Small bell for the necklace – It always helps to keep track of your new puppy as they are usually very silent.

Carrier / crate- For convenient transport of your new puppy. This will also help you in Puppy Training in the future.

Retaining door – To ensure a safe place in your home.

Healthy treatments – This is especially important because Pembroke Welsh Corgis is prone to obesity.

Toys – To keep your puppy amused and mentally stimulate.

Pooper scooper – To help you conveniently clean up its mess when nature calls.

Health and hygiene needs of your new Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy:

Dog foods – Some dogs prefer to dry pellets, while some prefer canned food. But to begin with, you can always do a combination of both. Simply mix in a teaspoon of canned food with pellets for each diet.

Food and water bowls – To establish a permanent feeding station for your dog.

Spoon and shopping bin – To keep your own food and freshness.

Shampoo – Make sure you have a soft product specially designed for puppies.

Dental Health Products – This includes a specially formulated toothpaste for dogs, a brush and a finger glove for more precise cleaning.

Finishing Keys

Microchipping – maybe one of the biggest investments you can make for your puppy.

The moment you acquire your new puppy Pembroke Welsh Corgi schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a general check-up. Be sure to cover issues related to immunization and other health problems. Take your dog home and settle down. Spend time to help him bond with all other family members and make sure that he fits well with his new home. More importantly, give your puppy the best care possible.

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