How to Breed Red Devil Cichlids

Red Devil cichlids are beautiful fish, but they are kept alone because of their very aggressive nature. For aquarists who have previous experience in cichlid farming, they will find that breeding Red Devil cichlids is not serious. To prepare the breeding process it is best to keep your Red Devil cichlids in a large aquarium and decorated with the ideal water conditions and feed them with proper foods. An excellent method to induce spawning in Red Devil cichlids is to increase the temperature of your aquarium to 24-28 ° C (75-82 ° F).

Creating a spawning environment for cichlids is the first important part of the Livestock Process. What happens in nature is that the Red Devil cichlids choose rocks, logs or ceilings from a cave as a breeding site and, therefore, Include such objects in the cichlid aquarium.

How do you distinguish the masculine and feminine cichlid? You will find that the adult male cichlid has a very obvious bump on its forehead and also a pointed genital papilla. In addition, the male Red Devil cichlid is usually larger than the female. The cichlids form a male pair and a female and both parents are still involved in taking care of their babies.

Before any breeding, the male can become more aggressive towards the female. Therefore, it is important for female cichlids to find many appropriate cachets in the aquarium to hide from the male cichlid. So to help with this you can put a net into the fish tank with an opening that is too small for the male cichlid to be able to swim. This allows the female to escape to a safe place in the aquarium. Otherwise, she may die from an injury or become very ill due to the stress caused by the male cichlid.

On the other hand, once a bond is formed for a pair of Red Devil cichlids, they must be moved to the breeding tank. The parents will dig a pit together. After the female lays the eggs, about 600 to 800 eggs, the male will fertilize the eggs. Once the eggs are fertilized, both parents will participate in the breeding of their young.

At this time, it is best to leave the family alone. The Red Devil cichlids are famous for their aggressiveness by attacking anything that enters their territory especially during this breeding season. The male will monitor the territory and the female will tend towards the eggs. The eggs hatch in about 3-5 days.

Parents of cichlids will quickly move their fry to various wells they dug around the reservoir. These newborn cichlids feed on mucus that is extracted through the skin of adult fish. Five days later, the fry was dug large enough to swim around the aquarium. Now you can feed these baby cichlids with live food.

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