EFT for Labor and Birth – 4 Ways to Get Better Results When Using EFT to Prepare for Your Delivery

Unresolved emotional problems can contribute to anxiety during pregnancy and complications during labor. EFT for Labor and Birth – 4 Ways to Get Better Results Users of the emotional freedom technique, most commonly known as EFT, already know what a wonderful tool is to neutralize negative emotions and fears. The ability of EFT to alleviate physical discomfort while relieving frustration and promoting healthy relaxation, makes it a wonderful tool to use during pregnancy and in anticipation of birth.

Using EFT to Respond to Work Fears

If you are pregnant and you feel fearful about work – just solve your feelings by tapping. To use EFT to remedy the anxiety you feel when you think about working at work, repeat the following when you press the Karate Chop point: "Even if I'm afraid to get into work , I completely love and I accept. To help you concentrate while you press the rest of the points, repeat an abridged version of that same sentence, something like "This fear of getting into work".

Getting good results

As a rule, EFT works best when we can be as specific as possible whenever possible. To increase our chances of obtaining general results when using EFT to help publish a common problem, such as fear of getting into work, it is important that we use a Only specific problem at once. It is also important to continually rethink your thoughts during the natural reflection points between the EFT rounds. It may be useful to use the following four techniques when identifying your problem and deciding exactly what to exploit:

1) Be aware of your body

3) Address Specific Aspects

4) Inner Imagery

When we work with an important or global problem like " Fear of getting into the work "for example, we may be trying to focus on too many feelings at once and EFT may not have any noticeable effect. To tackle such a global issue, it is very important to focus on specific issues of the issue. It is usually very useful to use the following four ways to "become specific" when working through a complicated problem.

Get specific with EFT

1. Become aware of your body

Where do you feel the feeling in your body. What is it like physically? How do you feel this emotion in your body? For example:

"Even though I feel fear like a void in my chest …"

"Even if my throat tightens because everyone is always criticizing me … "

" Even if I feel this tremendous nervousness in the pit of my belly … "

Many times, after tapping you will feel changes in the way the body retains the" # 39; emotion.

Sensations can decrease, change quality or even move to a different place in or on your body. When the emotional energy moves around the body, this is known as "chasing the pain", and this is a sign that you are on the right track.

2. Specific Events

Break your problem by focusing on specific events in your life that have made you feel the same as in your life, whether recently or when you Were younger. What you believe about work, childbirth and the ability of your body, is based on specific old events, conversations, t.v. Shows, etc. … As you use EFT to tackle these specific events and memories as they get up when listening, your beliefs about yourself and your expectations of the birth process begin to change . When you tackle specific events with EFT, you can say things like:

"Even though my mother told me that giving birth to me was the most terrible thing that she had Never endured … "

" Even Although the woman working on the television show died during her delivery … "

" Even if my doctor m & 39 said that childbirth would naturally be impossible … "

While you are dealing with specific events, you will probably begin to feel the emotions of the time. By tapping completely for all the details of the memories that feel overwhelming, you will effectively erase the discomfort that comes with the biggest problem you have chosen to work on. Working with specific events is highly recommended and often gets the most remarkable results. Address each detail of your specific memory with as many tapping rounds as necessary – until your emotional intensity is 1 or 0. Address each of your feelings and each of the limiting beliefs you have taken, with its own set Of tapping turns.

3. Address "Specific Aspects"

Every problem we work on has many parts, details and many possible triggers for the uncomfortable emotion we feel. Recognizing aspects and exploiting very precisely for different aspects is another skill required for an effective EFT. For example, if you are afraid to go to work, you might have several aspects of this issue to address:

– Anticipate the pain of your contractions

– Panicker to thinking Of your baby "got stuck"

– Fear that something unexpected happens to you or your baby

You may continue to discover aspects with the question "This Who bother me the most to get to work When I think now? "Finally, there will not be many things that bother you and the fear will go away, unless there are fundamental problems around which the" fear of entering the Work "could be the tip of the iceberg.Many problems involve a complex mixture of emotions.Say you have exploited your injury in a certain situation.The wound has declined but now you feel angry As layers of hidden emotions appear, these aspects are more important to the problem and need to be addressed separately.You are looking for different aspects and then specifically targeting these aspects with listening will be useful for

4. Inner Imagery

Use an image to give your feeling more detail.If you plan to visualize, imagine what the energy of fear feels like , Or Emble to you, and press the details of this picture. Imaging is another way of listening to our feelings. As we use, images often begin to change as our energy changes. After tapping, do you ask that the image has changed in any way? How does he feel now? For example:

"Even though this anger is like a big red ball in the pit of my belly …"

"Even if this fear chokes me like a snake coiled Me firmly. ..

"Even if I feel sadness like a wave that drowned me …"

Change your expectations, change your birth experience

Sit reflective during An instant after each turn tapping and see what comes to mind. Clues about fundamental problems or events may arise spontaneously when you are working on a problem. Just follow your feelings and continue typing until your emotions become less intense.

Using EFT everyday can help you accept that you change and that you develop in order to birth without fear, guilt, anger, resentment or panic. Changing your expectations and beliefs by dropping fear and tension will allow you to be born comfortably. In case of doubt contact a qualified professional.

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What To Wear To A Funeral

How to dress for a funeral is a delicate subject but many people have questions. Taking a few minutes to consider what you are going to wear at a funeral is important because you want to make sure you are respectful. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing clothes for a funeral.

  • Keep it neutral: This is not the time to take out your shiny violet scarf as you just die, or this leopard print cardigan. Think of the colors that are suitable for the occasion. Neutral colors such as black, gray, brown and dark navy are the best. If you want to add color, go with shades like burgundy, dark purple or beige. This rule also applies to your makeup. The red lipstick is okay as long as your eye makeup is degraded, but this is not the time to try your nightclub makeup.
  • Modest dress: This does not mean you should be messy or undressed, but your clothes should not be sexy and appealing. The clothes should not be too tight, the skirts should be below the knee, and the shirts should keep the chest covered. The shirts should preferably cover the elbows. You can wear a short-sleeved blouse or a t-shirt and a black blazer on top. A good rule of thumb is to dress up as you would in a very formal office setting. If you do not have proper attire and you can not afford to go to places like Anne Taylor for office clothes, wholesale clothing is a good alternative.
  • Stay at ease: A small heel is fine, but you certainly do not want to wear your best high heels for a funeral. First, they will become dirty. Second, you will feel much more at ease (and it is more modest), whether you are wearing single black stockings or black pumps with a small kitten heel.
  • For men: Wearing a dark suit and tie is very respectful and a great thing to wear at a funeral, but this is definitely not something you need to do. You can also wear a simple white button shirt with a black jacket, black pants and black shoes. You can also wear tanning pants if you feel more comfortable with a collared polo shirt. This is a little more casual, but still perfectly acceptable, especially if the person was not a person with whom you were particularly close. If the person is a close family member, you may want to opt for a more conservative black suit and tie. If you do not have one available, wholesale wholesale trade may be a good option for you.

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Know More About Dental Health & Care

Health and dental care are and must always be a priority of our daily lives. This is not only important for your health, but also adds to your personality. This is our face that represents our personality to a great extent. A great smile that serves appropriate dental care adds to the level of confidence of individuals. However, several times, certain unfortunate events such as genetic disorders, accidents and diseases lead to its disfigurement. This in turn affects the psychological way of people in one way or another. If you are faced with such a problem as cosmetic dentist professionals, Sydney can help you solve the problem. Dental experts in the Sydney group of dental implants can help you improve your jaw and mouth expressions, which ensures that you get a nice smile that you can evoke no matter when and where you want.

There are still some cases when the disfigurement is in excess and therefore a treatment is necessary. This is when you will need the help of cosmetic dentists Sydney. Cosmetic dentistry helps you to completely eliminate physical disfigurement. It helps to completely improve the physical appearance, that it acts of the face, stomach, back, legs and arms. Cosmetic surgery tends to have a huge positive psychological and social effect on the individual. This helps them look like somebody else and sometimes even better. Thus, this adds to their confidence level. Contrary to popular belief about cosmetic dentistry, it is rather cheap. In fact, there are many affordable dental services that one can use to correct her dental defects. Dental care services in Australia also offer a sinus augmentation. This is a new addition in the field of cosmetic dentistry. It is especially used for people who have lower jaws. The increase in the sinus is a process from which the bone is transplanted into the upper jaw level. This helps to look bigger.

Cosmetic dentistry today because of its advantages has a wide appeal. One reason is that everyone today wants a whiter, stiffer and more attractive tooth when they smile. This is no longer a dream for anyone who wants their teeth to resemble a set of white pearls. The new procedures and technologies today have ensured that you get what you want. Cosmetic dentists can do a lot when you improve your dental health and appearance. The most popular form of cosmetic dentistry is porcelain veneer. It is actually porcelain wafers that are made to measure for each set of teeth that needs to be processed. Now, in order to repair the damage and improve the appearance of the teeth, these porcelain pads are placed on the teeth. Porcelain veneers are actually used to treat a variety of dental problems that are related to cosmetics. It is used to whiten discolored or tinted teeth, repair tooth and fry imperfections, without using curly braces to correct a twisted smile, and also close if there are gaps between the teeth. Thus, cosmetic dentistry helps you to have a younger and more beautiful smile.

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Before You Buy Facial Hair Cream Online Read This

Si vous vous demandez si achète Vaniqa en ligne ou par une pharmacie locale assurez-vous de bien comprendre comment les distributeurs de médicaments en ligne Le travail et les critères qui devraient être satisfaits avant d'acheter des médicaments d'ordonnance comme Vaniqa sur Internet.

Tout d'abord, considérons quelques facteurs que vous voudrez peut-être garder à l'esprit avant de décider d'acheter Vaniqa pour les poils faciaux indésirables.

Qu'est-ce que Vaniqa est et n'est pas

Depuis que Vaniqa est venu sur le marché en l'an 2000 après des essais cliniques rigoureux pour rencontrer les règlements de la FDA avant l'approbation, des milliers de femmes ont trouvé Il réduit le taux de croissance des cheveux, ce qui rend l'épilation à la cire plus facile. C'est un facteur important à noter: Vaniqa n'est pas une crème anti-épilation. Si c'est ce que vous cherchez, vous devez rechercher des dépilatoires – des produits chimiques forts qui dissout réellement les cheveux indésirables sur le visage.

Vaniqa est un retardateur de croissance capillaire. Plus de la moitié des femmes qui l'ont utilisé pendant les essais cliniques ont constaté que la croissance des cheveux a diminué après quelques mois de l'application deux fois par jour de Vaniqa.

Un autre point avant d'acheter Vaniqa – il ne devrait être utilisé que par les femmes et N'est pas recommandé pour les filles de moins de 12 ans

Il existe de nombreux sites Web sur Internet qui dispensent des médicaments sur ordonnance et de nombreux endroits où vous pouvez acheter Vaniqa en ligne très facilement. Il existe cependant le problème.

Lignes directrices de la FDA

La FDA (Food and Drug Administration) met en garde contre l'achat de médicaments sur ordonnance à partir de n'importe quel distributeur en ligne. Parfois, les vendeurs sans scrupules vendent des médicaments d'ordonnance sans vérification de sécurité appropriée. Tout médicament d'ordonnance ne doit être administré que sous la supervision d'un professionnel de la santé agréé et agréé.

Peut-être que vous voulez acheter Vaniqa à des prix bas et trouver un vendeur qui ne demande que de remplir un formulaire en ligne et de répondre Quelques questions pour obtenir votre ordonnance remplie.

L'Association médicale américaine déclare que les praticiens qui fournissent des médicaments d'ordonnance uniquement sur la base d'un questionnaire en ligne ne répondent généralement pas aux normes générales de soins médicaux. Un patient peut alors recevoir un médicament qui n'est pas approprié pour eux.

Donc, si vous souhaitez acheter Vaniqa en ligne, assurez-vous que la pharmacie est autorisée à distribuer des médicaments sur ordonnance et qu'ils ont besoin d'une prescription légale d'un permis américain docteur. Un petit nombre de pharmacies sont certifiées par la pratique de la pharmacie Internet vérifiée (VIPPS) gérée par l'Association nationale des conseils de pharmacie.

Cela réduit le nombre d'endroits où vous pouvez acheter en toute sécurité Vaniqa en ligne mais vous pouvez le faire Donc avec la tranquillité d'esprit en sachant que vous n'obtenez pas d'article de prescription d'une source non autorisée et douteuse. La boîte de ressource fournit un lien vers une pharmacie en ligne qui répond aux réglementations gouvernementales strictes et où vous pouvez acheter Vaniqa en ligne avec la tranquillité d'esprit.

Effets secondaires de Vaniqa

Effets secondaires minimaux avec Vaniqa. Juste quelques femmes avaient une réaction cutanée. D'autre part, il existe des précautions pour les femmes enceintes, les femmes qui allaitent un bébé ou les femmes souffrant d'un cas grave d'acné inflammatoire.

Les cheveux du visage peuvent causer beaucoup d'anxiété à de nombreuses femmes alors qu'elles le considèrent comme Unfeminine. La crème Vaniqa offre un moyen de réduire la croissance des cheveux et de faciliter les séchages. Pour votre propre sécurité, assurez-vous de consulter la pharmacie en ligne en utilisant les directives ci-dessus avant d'acheter Vaniqa en ligne.

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What Are the Types of Photofacials?

Photofacials are a unique way to correct aesthetic defects. These techniques are practically painless procedures used to treat common diseases and imperfections. Understanding the different choices is the best way to choose your path to a lighter and younger skin.

Light-based technology at work

Photofacials use light-based technology to treat common skin problems. The exact technique used varies between doctors. However, most use one of the two most popular methods. The first is the light emitting diode or LED. With this process, a qualified professional uses four different wavelengths of the spectrum without UV.

The other method is called intense pulsed light or IPL. During this procedure, delivery of a high intensity pulse reaches deep parts of the dermis. Although it works at a deeper level than LED treatment, this method leaves the epidermis intact.

LED Benefits

While LED and IPL treatments use light, where the term photofacials, they vary in the way they work. For LED patients, you will see an increase in collagen and possibly less acne. This is because it works to kill the bacteria that lead to acne while stimulating the production of collagen. You will see a thicker and younger skin. Generally, LED treatments are found in a day spa.

Patients with LEDs see their best results after six sessions. The six treatments are spaced from one to two weeks. Once the series has been completed, it is recommended to continue with maintenance sessions every month or two months.

Benefits IPL

While LED treatments work on the surface of your skin, IPL works under the surface. This is ideal for those who suffer from sun damage or broken capillaries. This option is also useful for those who have multiple problems, such as damage and spider veins, and want to treat them simultaneously.

The intense pulsed light actually damages the underlying skin, breaking down the aging spots that you can see on the surface. As the area heals, the spots disappear, leaving you with a uniform tone. Because it works on the dermal layers below, this is not an option for those who are fighting acne, which is caused by bacteria on the surface.

As for LED treatments, you see the best results with IPL if you have a series of three to six sessions placed at an interval month.

Where to get photofacials?

These procedures do not necessarily require a doctor. Many day spas offer LED to their clientele as part of a facial package. There are medical clinics, such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who also use these techniques to help their patients see a lighter and younger skin. At the office of a doctor, you will have more treatment options, even laser treatments.

Photofacials are a good way to fight the signs of aging while having a lighter skin. Each technique has its own specific use. Consult a qualified professional to determine the best choice for you.

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Ringworm Remedies – What Will Make the Ringworm on My Face Go Away Fast?

Although there are several types of ringworm, facial ringworm (facial tinea) can cause shame and embarrassment. Just as acne can cause scarring and large red spots, ringworm on the face can result in unsightly patches. The nose may appear very red. There may be lesions and a typical scaling, which may resemble large white areas. Although ringworm may sometimes be limited to small sections, it is not uncommon for the face type to cover larger areas. Those who have a ringworm on the face are generally eager to get rid of it, tired of feeling uncomfortable in public and worrying about the people watching them.

Although almost every age may have this condition, it occurs most often at home in their early 1920s to the late 1940s. Unfortunately, this often strikes those in their early years of Dating and care must be taken to avoid the spread of ringworm (more about this later). The main concern of most people with ringworm is to treat and get rid of it. There are several remedies to tumors to get rid of this condition.

One option is selling at the counter. The most common include Terbinafine, Clotrimazole and Ciclopirox. If the creams do not work, there are also antifungal pills for treating the dyes. Of course, all drugs have potential side effects, so it is important to discuss concerns with a health care provider or doctor. In addition, patience may be necessary as it may take time for ringworm on the face to disappear completely. It is not uncommon that the full benefits of treatment take four to six weeks.

If you use creams, an appropriate application is very important. Ask the pharmacist for the best times of the day to apply lotions to get rid of facial ringworm. Follow the instructions carefully. It is also essential to avoid spreading the condition to other people, so that certain activities, including sports, can be temporarily banned. Also make sure to check out the rest of the body as the ringworm can spread from the face to other areas. Be careful to check for cracks or creases in the skin as they can hide the first signs of ringworm (chipping, redness, lesions).

During the treatment, before the complete recovery is inserted, the skin can be very itchy. Scales may fall from infected areas. In addition, the facial skin will be more vulnerable to sunburn, so it is necessary to take appropriate precautions to the outside. Some people with ringworms mistakenly believe that sun exposure can quickly get rid of ringworm on the face. They are mistaken, they may find that they suffer from the reverse effect, with more redness, pain and even sunburn.

If the lotions do not help you, make sure you go back to the doctor for more intense treatment. This is when oral medications can be administered. They will focus on the cause of ringworm, an infection of fungi. Despite its name, ringworm is not caused by a worm. Once the treatment is successful, preventing recurrence is a priority.

A crucial step to get rid of definitely ringworm is to understand how it was transmitted. Generally, someone ends up touching a towel, gym equipment or something else used by another person with ringworm. During daily activities and workouts, it is helpful to wipe public surfaces with antibacterial or other lotion and to wash your hands frequently, especially before touching the face.

Shampoos for dandruff may also be useful. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to get rid of objects that have touched the face, including caps, scarves and even mittens and gloves. If these objects can not be washed in extremely hot water, just throw them on the right side. Follow-up care with a good dermatologist or a ringworm specialist are the last step to help get rid of facial ringworm.

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An Introduction to Rice Cookers

Modern technology has offered us an endless array of items designed to make life easier. Indeed, almost all varieties of food now have a specially designed preparation tool to make the process as simple as possible. In this case we look at rice cookers which are, as the name implies, kitchen items or catering equipment specially developed for cooking rice.

Although such an object may seem unnecessary or a rather extravagant alternative to conventional rice cooking methods, they have become an integral and standard feature of millions of homes and industrial environments Throughout the world where they are held with a fairly high reverence level.

Although the term seems to be Suggest just one entity for the work of cooking rice, there actually is a wide variety of tools available for pots, pans, steamers , Containers designed for the use of microwaves and autonomous appliances powered by gas or electricity. The vast majority of rice cookers found in homes for private use these days tend to be electric cookers, which are both incredibly easy to use and very affordable.

Commercial and industrial kitchens on the other hand are much more likely to favor large electric or gas cookers in the form of large-scale "rice boilers" and also fully automated options that manage Each step of the cooking process of the initial rice wash to finalize and complete the cooking and preparation process. Although these devices in large-scale and technologically advanced forms are a truly modern creation, the concept of dedicated "rc" dates dates back to 1250 BC. J.-C. in the form of basic ceramic examples.

The process of cooking rice has long been a process that requires a certain level of care and attention in order to ensure that the rice is properly cooked without the resulting product being Too hard or soft. The automatic rice cookers offered the chef and home kitchen a whole new world of convenience by controlling both temperature and time with little or no input from the person using the device. In addition, as units are generally self-contained as stand-alone, they do not use stove burners, freeing up resources for another use.

Despite what many people think, the use of a specially designated rice cooker does not work Do not necessarily speed up the cooking process but rather provide an exceptional level of convenience requiring Little more than the correct measurements of rice and addition of water, and then press a button. Thereafter, the machine takes over and requires no further attention to produce perfect results.

Safety is a problem that the modern rice cooker also covers reassuringly, typically by featuring an insulated enclosure and exterior walls that remain cool to touch regardless of the current cooking stage. As such the best rice cookers are able to maintain a temperature that can keep the rice cooked warm for a prolonged period without emitting much heat or potentially burning risk.

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How to Make Your Penis Grow Bigger in Only 7 Days

If you want to learn how to grow your penis, whatever your age, you should read this article. Studies conducted by many companies have highlighted that the size of your penis is really important for women, and research has shown that a large proportion of men do not like their size. penis. Therefore, if you do not have huge penis and your daughter asks you often, this article will show you how to grow your penis.

Before you begin, take note that the exercises mentioned below should not be done if your penis feels sick. Wait a bit to rest before each session, and you will see the results faster. Set a feasible calendar, and do it. The key to learning how to grow your penis can be taken into account by your own workout.

The Flex PC is the first exercise you will do. Doing this exercise will make your penis hard as a stone. The muscles of your PC control your urination, and is really simple and quick to do. You could even do it where you are. Try to bend your PC muscle, and you will feel the muscle that surrounds your buttocks. Doing this easy exercise allows more blood to enter your penis and enlarge it over time. Repeat 10 bends per game, for 5 minutes per day.

The second exercise is jelqing. Lubrication is highly recommended as it is a more physical form of exercise. Using a baby lotion or a cheap cream, get about 75% firmness. Surround the base of your penis with your thumb and forefinger by putting it in the correct sign. Hold your penis firmly and pass your hand slowly to your head. The key here is to push the blood up to your penis head. Rotate your hands when you are tired and do this several times. Do not forget that you might not be quite comfortable with this exercise, but you will get used to with time. Do not get too excited and ejaculated, as this will defeat all of this exercise.

These 2 easy exercises have given you the basics of how your penis grows. Be disciplined and stick to it, and the results will come. However, most people do not see significant results (1-4 inches) because they do not know certain "tricks" to maximize their earnings. You might miss some key information on how to grow your penis.

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The Benefits of Wearing Fleece Vests During Winter Seasons

Unlike cashmere, leather or wool, garments made in polar fleece are now favored by many people since Fleece has several exceptional advantages. For example, it is waterproof, but unlike a cotton material it holds only one percent of its water weight and sometimes even much less. That said, this fabric is synthetic, is not heavy to wear and is perfect to be used in outfits that require great physical activity, such as exercise, as well as winter sports such as Such as skating, skiing, snowboarding and winter hiking. Known as the artificial replacement of a much more expensive wool, the components of fleece jackets are really lightweight, plus it has more useful features than wool, despite being worn for long periods, it Is not itchy on the skin and offers comfort to its wearer because of its lightness.

Having said all this, the style should not be sacrificed, even if it is the dark winter season that makes fleece clothing even more desirable as they come in a variety of designs, Hues and even the option To choose trim to use with your jacket or fleece jacket. You may prefer to have a zipped or buttoned jacket, a jacket with a hood or a collar and also decide on the thickness and layers of fleece clothing that you will choose to wear.

If, when looking for a winter coat or vest and you are still confused and uncertain as to what material will offer you both comfort and protection, it would be wise To consider clothes in fleece. No matter who can wear them, including children and teenagers, as they help to avoid skin irritations unlike other clothes that have itchiness when they are worn. Fleece jackets or jackets are now recognized as the winter clothing of choice among people of all ages because of their economy, versatility, comfort and protection from the cold that they lack never. These lightweight jackets are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

These fleece vests and jackets can be great promotional gifts, a perfect product to bring your brand logo or business as they will be worn by your customers and employees throughout the cold season . When these wool products are worn as outer clothing, you will definitely get the best possible exposure you would like to get your name out there. This is an elegant and inexpensive promotion for any business, and so good for public relations.

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The Advantages To Using Black Ink Instead Of Blue


For generations, the color ink chosen in the pens has been blue. The reason for the blue ink comes from the creation of the first pens: blue ink was easier to produce from natural sources, and as more and more colors were developed, the majority continued To buy inks that are easier to obtain and cheaper. Many people claim that blue is easier to read on the white paper, but in this day and age, and in the computer generation is it time that everyone switched to pens With black ink?

Why use blue pens.

The only valid reason for always using a blue ink pen is that many believe that a signature in blue ink is a good way to see clearly that " A document was signed and is an original, not a photocopy or a digital version that has just been printed. It is obvious that these printers can easily reproduce any color and can easily print a letter with a blue signature at the bottom.

Why switch to black ink.

It is very likely that any document you fill, that you put your signature or that you end up being digitized and stored digitally. Black ink is much easier for scanners and photocopiers to detect and read, making a clearer copy.

Important documents – such as government forms or test papers and examination papers should always be completed in black ink for the same reason.

For these reasons it is always best to carry or have easy access to a black pen.


As this article has shown, there is little if any reason to continue to use blue ink. Ascetics in a handwritten blue letter may seem more pleasant and give the impression of a single document, but in reality it can be reproduced and printed from a computer Like a letter of black ink.

Source by Amy Leigh Parker